Watch Out For the Young Indian Generation

This morning, Good Morning America ran an interesting segment about the ferociousness of the young Indian generations (35 and under) that are passionate towards education and entrepreneurship.  It is now common for young Indians to be well versed in English, technology, and business practices.  With these three skills combined, it poses a great threat to young Americans whom they will be competing with for jobs in the near future. 

The challenge to my generation is to stop being so lazy!  We are consumed by entertainment and sleep!  Steve Pavlina has a website dedicated to personal development.  It is a very interesting website about constantly improving yourself intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically.  He talks about honing in on a skill that you are passionate about and spending a certain amount of time on that skill per month.  This is the path to financial freedom!  When you become an expert at something, you are one step closer to monetizing that skill or passion.  We need to realize that we are in a global environment and jobs are not guaranteed, nor are entrepreneurial endeavors.  Put the remote control down and go read a book! 

  • Tim

    I totally agree with you. Our peers are comparitively lazy and apathetic. It’s kind of disturbing that the two countries with the largest populations are positioning themselves to overtake the U.S. economically. And we’re helping them the entire way.

    Anyway, great post.