5 Ways to Entertain Kids Without Spending a Dime

Entertaining the masses can be a challenge, especially if you’d like to keep a little money in your pocket. As I type, I am surrounded by 4 children who are home for spring break (one of them is only mine for the week!).  We’re not traveling this week, nor are we planning to spend much money, but we are planning to have a lot of fun! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for free family fun.

The Library: Have you been to your local library lately? It isn’t just for books! In addition to aisles and aisles of entertainment in the form of books, movies and music, you’ll find puppet shows, arts & craft days, story hours and more! It’s on our weekly list every summer – they even sponsor cool events with animal trainers and plan book themed events like Harry Potter Day.

Local Parks: On a nice day, the park can provide hours of entertainment on the playground alone. But, don’t forget to check out nature trails, and look for scheduled free events. In our area, we have a monthly pajama party under the stars with music, stories & games.

Geo-Caching: What kid doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? If you don’t have a GPS or smart phone for geo-caching, you can play along with old school letterboxing instead. Sometimes, letterboxing is even more fun since you have to solve the clues. Plus, kids love to stamp! Spend an afternoon hunting down the treasures – don’t forget the camera to record your adventure.

Museums: Most museums have a free or discount day. Our local art museum is free everyday and the spectacular children’s museum is free once per month. If you can’t wait for the community day (or you don’t want to fight the crowds the event typically draws), considering becoming a member.

It isn’t completely free, but I promise it’s worth it! After the annual fee, you’ll be able to visit anytime with no out-of-pocket expenses. Check out your area attractions and decide which membership purchase will provide the most value.

Indoor Fun: The key to making at-home play fun & exciting is to create a special event out of it. Calling your projects Craft Day or making the usual snack a Tea Party turns the day into something much more than staying home. This week, we’re hosting a doll party. My girls will have a few friends over to style their dolls’ hair, play a few games and enjoy a snack.

Yes, I could have just let them each invite a friend over to play, but calling it a doll party creates a new dimension and makes it an event they’re all excited to attend! So, get creative and be on the lookout for more free activities as the summer approaches! You’ll find free bowling, movies and even more library & park events once school has ended.

This guest blog post was written by Heather Sokol.  Heather is the married mother of 3 beautiful, active girls. She’s raising them on a budget and sharing all her secrets at Inexpensively.com.