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    Be grateful
    People remember your kindness. There are many things you can be grateful about, someone who refers business to you, reliable suppliers etc. You can thank people with a special offer, make a personalized thank you card, phone phone call, discounts, flowers, dinner or even a commission.

    • Mlewis1945

      GREat point, Dan, and one I shouldn’t have forgotten. It is always easier to keep an old customer than develop a new one. and people who help you in your business should always be appreciated. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://pccardswipe.com/ PC Card Swipe

    I love tip #3! So many business owners join networking groups and think that will automatically bring them business – until they discover it takes a lot more than just showing up and paying dues.

    What’s great about tip #3 is it’s proactive, which is the only way to be if you want to increase revenue. Meeting with other business owners who sell a non-competing (or even better complementary) product can pay off huge – and often long term – dividends for each party. And, if what you have is truly complementary it even helps your customer. Customers would much rather go to a business which was referred by someone they know and trust rather than looking for advertising about it.

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