Weekly Blog Round-Up: Frugality Doesn’t Equal Deprivation

being frugalMany people assume that living a frugal lifestyle means never letting yourself enjoy treats and luxuries. This is a view point that I’ve never personally subscribed to, so I was glad to come across this article on ‘Frugality Doesn’t Mean Depriving Yourself’ on Free From Broke. This post is keen to highlight the fact that being frugal doesn’t mean denying yourself just because you’re on a limited budget. We often focus so much on the little things in our budget, when it’s the big bills and expenses that are killing the budget. As long as you’re sensible, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy little splurges now and again. In fact, it can be more damaging not to because there’s the definite danger that a self-imposed ban on absolutely anything that’s not deemed to be essential can make you miserable and potentially lead to a big spending spree further down the line if you can’t stick to it.

Here are some more great articles from the personal finance blogging community.

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  • http://www.howtomanagemoneytips.com Brandon Schmid

    I think this is a great point.

    I used to be a financial consultant and I found that most people thought that in order to make a budget balance you had to do basically nothing lol.

    People tend to associate massive pain with having to stay on budget so they just simply don’t do it. If they could see that you can still have a life while making your books balance I think more people would stand a better chance of success.



  • http://freefrombroke.com Craig/FFB

    Thanks foe the mention! It was an excellent guest article from Saving Money Today.

    We really have to figure out what is important to us and allocate our budgets appropriately. Spending on what’s truly meaningful to us is ok (so long as we can afford it).

  • http://www.thegoldandoilguy.com/ Christina

    I believe that being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself but there are blogs I read that actually sounds like it it. I read blogs a lot, most are good ones (like yours) but there are those that I don’t really agree like cutting down cost on the food you eat. Perhaps everybody has it’s own point of view but definitely I won’t cut down the cost of what I feed my family maybe I can switch given a good quality, nutritional health etc. but to actually cut down food expense…I don’t bite, that would mean depriving myself of the food I love eating…good that I’m not a coffee lover. I don’t know what it is with starbucks that people spend too much money on them, yes the coffee is good but I can actually create my own latte…anyway…I love your post.

  • http://MoneySmartLife.com Ben @ Money Smart Life

    I agree, being sustainably frugal means smartly balancing between your needs and wants. An extreme approach to saving money is hard to maintain over the long haul and you can miss out on some of life’s little joys along the way.

    Thanks for mentioning my article on investing your tax refund!