Weekly Blog Round-Up: Remodel Your Home The Smart Way

Spring is here, the weather is great, and many of you will start to think about the home remodeling projects you’ve been putting off since last summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on remodeling your home if you’re smart about it. Focusing on your kitchen and bathrooms is very smart, because you’ll get the most return for the money you put into it, but these rooms are also the most expensive to remodel. There are a lot of less expensive remodeling projects you can embark on and still improve the value of your home and its appeal to buyers. Read about 5 tips for remodeling your home the smart way from Money Ning. Money Ning is a great personal finance blog, and we recommend that you subscribe to their feed to get daily updates.

Here are a few more great articles from around the personal finance blogging community:

Do Resume Blasting, and Resume Distribution Services Work? Are you in the process of looking for a new job? Read this article to find out if resume blasts and distribution services are worth your time. [Bargaineering]

15 Awesome Storage Solutions for Under $10. The spring cleaning bug is here, and you’re probably looking for better ways to organize and store all of your crap. This is a great article with tips for storing stuff on the cheap. [WiseBread]

Last Minute Tax Filing Tips. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of tips and advice for last-minute tax filers. If you haven’t filed yet, you need to read this! [Consumerism Commentary]

Are You Middle Class?
I’m not big on focusing on “classes” and socio-economic status, but it’s a good question to ask yourself. You may be surprised at what defines middle class. [Free Money Finance]

Get Your Cash Flow Up, Baby! This article is about why it’s so important to have some money left over at the end of the month. [Budgets Are Sexy]

Transfer Your Brokerage Account With Ease. It can be a pain to transfer bank accounts, brokerage accounts, or any other financial accounts, but this article outlines how to easily transfer your brokerage account. [The Digerati Life]

25 Common Job Interview Questions Asked. This is another great resource for those of you looking for a job. Read over these questions and prepare answers for them. [Christian PF]

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  • http://www.budgetsaresexy.com J. Money

    Sweet man, thx for the shout out!

  • Claudia

    I know this may seem very simple for a simple and inexpensive kitchen remodel but what I did in my kitchen was 1) fresh coat of paint 2) change out the hardware on all the cabinets 3) new ‘faceplates’ on some of the machines such as the dishwasher . Redoing a kitchen puts so much value back into a kitchen that its worth it to spend a little bit because the rewards back are great. I also learned from my contractorthat I could paint my cabinets if I sanded down the fronts a bit so the paint would ‘attach’.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    When looking for a job, it was always tempting to use the resume-blasting services as I couldn’t possibly send my resume to that many job postins at once. However, as the article indicates, it is probably the wrong path to go down as most recruiters would regard such emails as spam. And rightfully so. I’d still like to think quality over quantity extends to a job search.

    • Winston

      Totally agreed with you. I would never use them for my future job search. Nowadays, with so many looking for a job, you have to smart your job searching. These resume distribution service looks like spams, only on a smaller scale. As the saying goes, one shoe doesn’t fit all. You have to be a bit flexible in what your write on your resume. For some job applications, you need to tweak it to match the needs of that hiring company. In that case, you have to exude more of the qualities that they are looking for and get rid of the stuff that they deem to be secondary.

  • gina

    Even though remodeling can help add value to your home, you have to be careful that you are not improving too much. Think about what the other homes in the neighborhood are like. It may be a better investment to do some cosmetic work like Claudia recoommended above.

    • Winston

      Our neighbors really put my house to shame. Since my family is first-time home owner, there are a lot of home maintenance that we are simply clueless about. Good thing we have very helpful neighbors, so we consult them whenever we want to do something. On top of that, we also have one of the biggest lawns in our neighborhood. Just the weed killers alone cost several hundred dollars per year. But every year, it seems wild flowers like to take turns settling on our lawn. After several failed attempted to get rid of them, we simply give up and just mow them off before they become visible. And that’s just the exterior. Since my family works all the time, we simply don’t have much energy to work on remodeling. I suspect the only time we would remodel our house is the time when we are selling it. Until that time, our house is a mess, with the exception of my sister’s room.

  • Em D.

    I liked reading the “Are You Middle Class?” article. I’m always perplexed by the huge range of people that claim middle class status. I guess it makes people feel secure to say that though.

  • Winston

    The 25 interview questions are indeed too common. Nowadays, some companies like to go for quirky questions. For instance, how many golf balls would it takes to fill up an airplane? That’s the type of question that Google would ask their prospects.

    And for the past few days I have been reading two Dilbert novels. And let me tell you, they have led me astray. Now for every interview question, I have two answers. And I must try very hard to suppress the one that originated from Dilbert.

  • http://www.thedigeratilife.com The Digerati Life

    At one point, I went into a remodeling spree. I’m glad it’s over now as it certainly took a chunk out of our budgets. In some ways I miss it, as I LOVE home design projects! Thanks for the mention my friends!

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