• http://change-is-possible.net H Lee D

    It seems reckless to marry without considering financial stability and compatibility.

    • Joanna Crain

      Hi H Lee D,

      You’re right it is reckless to marry without having looked at financial stability and compatibility. When love is involved, it can be difficult to focus on, but well worth the effort in the long run.


  • Olivia

    It may be a tad more subtle than that. You hinted at stability and living within one’s means. Character issues. I think those and transparency about finances are essentials. If a potential spouse is lazy and self indulgent it may well show up in their bottom line. Maybe not right away, but eventually they will be living beyond their means. If they don’t care about cheating creditors of their due they may in the end not keep promises to you as well.

  • S Lee067

    Just remember, a mortgage is debt too. The recent crisis shows how this is one of the most dangerous debts of all. If you are going to judge someone on their $20k school loan debt, make sure you don’t have a log in your own eye with a mortgage.

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