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Write a Haiku for 35 Contest Entries!

By Money Crashers

There’s just 1 week remaining in the Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash – now with a prize pool of over $9,100 including $3,150 in cold hard cash!

Now we’d like to release the final contest action – it’s a fun and quick one.

Write a personal finance related haiku on Twitter.

It can literally be anything about money – saving it, making it, getting out of debt, an anecdotal story, the list goes on. You’ll get 10 entries just for writing a haiku and the best 5 haiku writers as judged by our team will get an additional 25 entries each.

In case you’re not familiar with what a haiku is, it’s basically a form of Japanese poetry that consists of 17 syllables broken up into three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables in that order (no rhyming necessary).

Here’s an example we put together where each slash signifies a new line:
“New Year has begun / Let’s save, invest, budget…Get / Financially Fit! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2″

The guidelines are below:

  • Include the #moneycrashers hashtag and link (http://bit.ly/71Pgs2) at the end of your haiku tweet.
  • Once you’ve written your haiku on Twitter, copy and paste the poem itself into the comments of this post, along with the direct URL to the tweet (to get the tweet URL, click on the tweet time stamp).
  • The deadline for this action is Wednesday, January 27 11:59 PM PST. We’ll announce the winners of the best haikus on Thursday, January 28.

We’re looking forward to seeing your literary side. Good luck and have fun with this!

UPDATE: It was really hard to choose the winners because all the entries were awesome and this was a ton of fun for us all to judge, but since we had to…the 5 winners and their haikus are below. Congrats! And everyone out there, you have some serious literary talent!

1. @davisesq212: My resolution / be careful, invest wisely / save for my future!
2. @dmetd42: Always ask yourself / Is this a need or a want / Wait a week… then buy
3. @dementiaNYC: Track your spendings for / budgeting, saving and more / it will reap rewards
4. @cherryontop22: I hate student loans / they make me stay up at night / make them go away!
5. @anormaloperator: I saved a few dimes / Now I am a millionaire / Compound interest!

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  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    Let us start from scratch
    And save, invest, and contest
    Start earning interest!


    • Jen


      Jobs are hard to find/
      money’s tight and debt scary/
      but love gets us through

      I feel so blessed to have my husband in hard times.

  • http://gossipatthefence.blogspot.com Teresa

    Get a grip on it
    Save it, budget, invest it
    Money is your friend

  • Claudia

    My Haiku is tweeted here: http://twitter.com/davisesq212/status/8179730024

    My resolution
    be careful, invest wisely
    save for my future!

  • Jeff

    The easiest way
    To amass a small fortune
    Is to spend little.


  • Dorian

    Save a little now
    Give it some time and voila
    Spend a lot later


  • http://www.ginasbookkeeping.com Gina

    Put an end to debt
    Spend Cash or live with regret
    Change your ways … build wealth


  • jeccica simpson

    My Haiku

    Save a buck, make wish
    Fill the jar of hope today
    Fountain of success


    jeccica simpson
    [email protected]
    Twitter id: jessa1130

  • http://www.artificialrobot.com Sean

    Oh man, this should be fun, I imagine it will be a ton of fun to judge as well. Thanks for adding new ways to enter and keeping this fun!

  • Melissa Cleaver

    Having money woes / Finances looking dreary / Could use some help now!


  • Chris

    Whoring myself out / with Money Crashers haiku / Got ten more entries!


  • http://twitter.com/1Tennesse 1Tennesse

    “If You Wish Upon A Star”at @Moneycrashers “You’ll Go Far”,”If You Trust In Their “Success” They Will Teach You The Right Way To Invest” And If You Follow Their Advice You Will Earn “Lot’s Of Money” To Look “SUPER-FLY!”

  • Elizabeth I

    My budget was tight
    I spent little and now my
    bank account is big


  • Charissa

    Resolution time
    Healthy, financial futures
    Equal better days


  • Lisa


    Compounding interest
    Started my IRA now
    Wish I was sixteen!

  • http://www.abczoohome.com Amanda

    Money makes the world
    Go round and round, but when you
    Have less it stops short.

  • Bonnie M.

    When financial strife is overwhelming /
    Search for guidance /
    Organize your life /


  • Carol


    Safeguard Your Money

    Money Crashers Shows You How

    Get With the Program!

  • Jacquelyn Hart McCoy

    Debt keeps you shackled.
    Using Money wisely pays.
    Oh the sweet freedom!

  • http://www.smallstepsforbigchange.wordpress.com SS4BC

    money money why
    do you always leave me so
    i want more of you


  • Diamond Emory

    emergency fund
    a must to get out of debt
    and stay out of debt


  • Mrsgrievous

    living on credit
    makes me feel chained put cards in
    freezer for freedom!


  • Trinity


    Our debts and bills are high
    We must pay our bills on time
    Or we’ll be outside
    Get / Financially Fit! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2?

  • bjr

    I saved a few dimes /
    Now I am a millionaire /
    Compound interest!


  • Karmella

    Money- paper, coins
    Do not let the tools surpass
    What you wish to build


  • http://www.biblemoneymatters.com Peter

    Here’s my personal finance haiku:

    investing my cash
    in a low cost index fund
    making good returns


  • http://www.obliviousinvestor.com/ Mike Piper

    My investing haiku:

    Must diversify,
    minimize costs and taxes,
    and ignore the noise.


  • http://greenandgraymatters.com Damilola

    Finance haiku

    Money in and out
    Make the difference larger
    and net worth will grow


  • Caitlin Perkinson


    The poorest people
    who are always last in line
    should be given most

  • Caitlin Perkinson

    Oh to have money
    a little extra each day
    would be wonderful


  • Lauren

    London, Paris, Rome
    Saving for a big big trip
    Must earn extra dough



  • http://crunchygreenmom.blogspot.com Suzanne (Crunchy green Mom)


    My Haiku URL!!

  • http://crunchygreenmom.blogspot.com Suzanne (Crunchy green Mom)

    I forgot to put my Haiku in :)

    School, work and our bills
    Paying off and saving up
    The New Year looks good

  • Jennifer Phillips


    Make this year the one/ Budget, invest, save, profit. / Become money wise! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://onefrugalgirl.blogspot.com One Frugal Girl

    The goal seems simple
    Save today save tomorrow
    Be happy… retire


  • http://money-seeds.blogspot.com Joy

    Give a little bit
    Then you get a lot more back
    Cool, compound interest!

  • Kristy

    bank account balance
    rises and falls like the waves
    watch for tsunamis

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Scott

    My money Haiku:

    “I wish I had more / But until then I will just / Manage it wisely.”

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • gina

    Saving money now /keeps me on track to reach all/ my financial goals #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://deliverawaydebt.com Jeff

    Need money for bills
    Delivering pizzas pays
    All that debt away


  • http://budgetsarethenewblack.com/ Budgets are the New Black

    I work hard for all
    that dough. It needs to work at
    least that hard for me!

  • http://www.smartfamilytips.com Beth @ Smart Family Tips

    Money is a tool
    Won’t learn about it in school
    PF blogs can help


  • Em

    Always ask yourself
    Is this a need or a want
    Wait a week… then buy


  • http://www.moneyaftercollege.com Jocelyn

    Tiny apartment
    Working hard, pinching pennies
    I will be debt free


  • http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php?n=2&r_by=anthy anthy

    A candy heaven,
    built by hoarding piles of gold
    burnished chocolate coins.


  • http://www.artificialrobot.com Sean

    More Entries to Win
    Love all the prizes from you
    Thanks Money Crashers

    more to follow, but seriously, thanks for all the opportunities!

  • Chris

    track your spendings for
    budgeting, saving and more
    it will reap rewards


  • http://paranoidasteroid.wordpress.com paranoidasteroid

    green like the grass on
    the other side, I watch my
    savings start to grow.


  • DG


    Investments are good
    But Twilight dolls don’t count, fool,
    angry mom points out

    #moneycrashers hashtag and link (http://bit.ly/71Pgs2)

  • Efren

    In a days toll I got a penny so small; Saving my penny at the end of my day Got my big payday.#moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2 Send a direct message.


  • http://makingcentsoutoflife.com Kristin @ Making Cents Out of Life

    Saving makes life fun/
    Life Makes More Cents When You Save/
    Make Cents Out Of Life #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Olivia Fox

    Penny pinching ways,
    Though means are tight, yield dreams.
    Cabin among trees. #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://twitter.com/AnnickVer Sidney Cook

    show me the money / for real not being funny / if not so be it #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Ellie W

    Saving dough is tough/ No matter how hard I try/ It’s never enough #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Victoria

    Accidentally posted this on the main contest page but here’s my haiku tweet:

    I hate student loans
    they make me stay up at night
    make them go away!


  • Deb Schneider

    What is a budget?
    Deprivation and pain
    Help MoneyCrashers!

  • Luna

    Budgeting is right / opens our peepers up wide / to the folly buys

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2

  • http://www.ncyathletics.org Nicole Reilly

    chrissam1 My credit soared then crashed/Who was I to deny free cash?/Friends cared, 2010 beware! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2
    less than 20 seconds ago from web


  • Connie


    Clipping of Coupons / And Wrangling of the budget / Opening up my goals

  • http://www.marylandmanor.com/contact.html Christina D

    Here is mine:
    know credit card debt/charge it fast pay it off slow/better to say no


  • August

    Frugality brings // Refreshment to what means most: // The little things shine.


  • brettsota

    money grows on trees
    but always beyond my grasp
    must plan first today


  • http://www.juliespages.blogspot.com Julie

    Since I tend to fail
    Resolutions, this year I
    Plan to SPEND money!

  • Laura A Handy

    construction business is slow
    look to frugality for relief
    hope comes on the dawn

  • Rohrer

    Hiding my wallet/only deturs the spending/I keep finding it

  • Renski

    Sitting here today/ Seeing future tommorow/ Feeling uncertain #moneycrashers hashtag and link (http://bit.ly/71Pgs2)


  • http://grandgiveaways.wordpress.com Mami2jcn

    Tax day almost here
    sorting through my old receipts
    relax, have a beer.


  • Lisa Gregg

    Stay at home mommy/
    Needing extra income now/
    For special needs child.
    (#moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2?)


  • Sherry Bullen

    Personal finance
    can be distasteful unless
    paired with a good wine


  • http://cjmcginnis.nowcasting.com Cj_McGinnis

    necessary gold /
    survive illness job loss more /
    handle with knowledge

    #moneycrashers hashtag http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://cjmcginnis.nowcasting.com Cj_McGinnis

    value investments /
    time in friends and in kindness /
    study money too

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://cjmcginnis.nowcasting.com Cj_McGinnis

    ingots glistening /
    false deities and true trade /
    know the difference

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://cjmcginnis.nowcasting.com Cj_McGinnis

    teach the children well /
    ethical financial goals /
    make happy grown ups

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Lora W.

    Money quest I seek / to remove my current debt / reaching hearths freedom.
    # MoneyCrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2
    about 23 hours ago from web

  • http://www.chasingprosperity.com thriftygal

    Saving is not hard /
    When you live below your means /
    It grows while you sleep

    #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • http://www.chasingprosperity.com thriftygal

    Investing is hard / It is surely not an art / For the faint of heart! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2


  • Jenn Miller

    Credit scores are no/ joke, but can haunt forever/ go to great lengths; SAVE.


  • Audra

    Cutting plastic cards / Sweet victory by the blades / Redemption is mine

  • http://www.chasingprosperity.com thriftygal

    Budgeting is key / To managing finances / And increasing wealth


  • Karissa @VegasRissa

    Read Money Crashers / Learn how to save and invest / Watch your money grow!


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