Write a Haiku for 35 Contest Entries!

There’s just 1 week remaining in the Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash – now with a prize pool of over $9,100 including $3,150 in cold hard cash!

Now we’d like to release the final contest action – it’s a fun and quick one.

Write a personal finance related haiku on Twitter.

It can literally be anything about money – saving it, making it, getting out of debt, an anecdotal story, the list goes on. You’ll get 10 entries just for writing a haiku and the best 5 haiku writers as judged by our team will get an additional 25 entries each.

In case you’re not familiar with what a haiku is, it’s basically a form of Japanese poetry that consists of 17 syllables broken up into three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables in that order (no rhyming necessary).

Here’s an example we put together where each slash signifies a new line:
“New Year has begun / Let’s save, invest, budget…Get / Financially Fit! #moneycrashers http://bit.ly/71Pgs2”

The guidelines are below:

  • Include the #moneycrashers hashtag and link (http://bit.ly/71Pgs2) at the end of your haiku tweet.
  • Once you’ve written your haiku on Twitter, copy and paste the poem itself into the comments of this post, along with the direct URL to the tweet (to get the tweet URL, click on the tweet time stamp).
  • The deadline for this action is Wednesday, January 27 11:59 PM PST. We’ll announce the winners of the best haikus on Thursday, January 28.

We’re looking forward to seeing your literary side. Good luck and have fun with this!

UPDATE: It was really hard to choose the winners because all the entries were awesome and this was a ton of fun for us all to judge, but since we had to…the 5 winners and their haikus are below. Congrats! And everyone out there, you have some serious literary talent!

1. @davisesq212: My resolution / be careful, invest wisely / save for my future!
2. @dmetd42: Always ask yourself / Is this a need or a want / Wait a week… then buy
3. @dementiaNYC: Track your spendings for / budgeting, saving and more / it will reap rewards
4. @cherryontop22: I hate student loans / they make me stay up at night / make them go away!
5. @anormaloperator: I saved a few dimes / Now I am a millionaire / Compound interest!