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Angela Colley

Angela Colley is a freelance writer living in New Orleans, Louisiana with a background in mortgage and real estate. Her interests include animal rights advocacy, green living, mob movies and finding the best deal on everything. She blames her extreme passion for never paying full price on two parents that taught her that a penny saved is two pennies if invested wisely.
Get Security Deposit Back

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving Out

I have many friends who firmly believe that landlords do not give security deposits back at all, or that they will do just about anything to keep however much they can. While I'm sure...
Buying Rental Property Issues

8 Issues with Buying Rental Property and Becoming a Landlord

Do you dream of owning property? Perhaps multiple investment properties from which to earn a monthly stream of income? Ah, the life... But before you contact your real estate agent or browse websites like Roofstock, consider...
Coffee Grinds Spoon

15 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds at Home

I'm a coffee junkie. I make at least half a pot of coffee every morning, and if I'm having a particularly stressful day, I make a second pot in the afternoon. A few months...
Craigslist Selling Tips

How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist Successfully – 5 Craigslist Selling Tips

Recently, while unpacking after a move, I came to a not-so-startling revelation: I had a lot of things that I did not really need. I still had boxes that I never unpacked from my...
Difference Between Bank Credit Union

Credit Unions vs. Banks – Differences, Pros & Cons

At a time when banks are making record profits and customers are paying higher fees, many people are seeking financial institutions that will help them save money. One such institution could be your local credit union. Credit...
Housing Landlord Requirements

How to Become a Section 8 Housing Landlord – Requirements, Pros & Cons

Most landlords don't think highly of the Section 8 housing program. Over the years, I've heard dozens of myths about it. Landlords see it as a hassle; they think the housing authority will breathe...
Best Online Tech Deals Sites

5 Best Online Tech Deals Sites to Save Money on Discount Electronics

I'll admit it: I love gadgets. I'm especially drawn to smartphones, tablet PCs, and plenty of other devices that a frugal person would easily call "non-essential." In the past, my love affair with technology...
Screening Potential Tenants

How to Screen Potential Tenants – Questions, Credit & Background Check

With a good tenant, you can sleep easy at night as a landlord knowing the rent will get paid and the property will stay relatively undamaged. With a bad tenant, on the other hand,...
All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

Advantages & Disadvantages of All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

There is nothing like a cruise. You can spend all day touring an island, laying on the beach, or swimming with stingrays. At night, you can eat four-star cuisine, take in a show, or...
Etsy Buyers Review

What Is Etsy (Review) – Save Money Buying Handmade Jewelry & Crafts

Are you looking for a vintage bag? Or maybe a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to go above your mantel? Look no further than Etsy, an online Internet marketplace where thousands of artists, designers, and crafters...
Veterinary Pet Insurance

Is Veterinary Pet Insurance for Dogs Worth It? – Comparison & Costs

I recently took my dog to a new veterinarian. As I was leaving, the vet handed me a sheet listing the costs of all of his services. While the wellness exam, heartworm medication, and...
Apartment Guide Search

Online Apartment Guide – How to Find and Search for Apartments for Rent Online

Finding the perfect apartment for rent can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. When I first started renting, I drove by every apartment complex in an area, requested a pamphlet, and repeated the entire process...