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Chris Bibey is a freelance writer who over the years has honed his personal finance experience by writing more than 100 feature articles on the subject. In his spare time, Chris enjoys sports - West Virginia football in particular!
Unemployed Money Management Tips

Tips For Managing Your Money While Unemployed

With more than 10% of Americans unemployed, it goes without saying that millions are in need of financial advice. Managing your money while unemployed is a unique experience. If nothing else, it is much...
Open Joint Bank Account

Considerations when Opening a Joint Bank Account with a Spouse

Contrary to what many couples believe, opening a joint bank account is a big financial step. This signifies trust in each other, as well as confidence that the other person is going to act...
Extended Car Warranty

Should You Buy An Extended Car Warranty?

If you just test drove a new car and are strongly considering buying it, then you're probably feeling really good right now. But it's not going to be long before you are ushered into...
Tips Doing Business Remotely

5 Tips For Doing Business Remotely

Many people travel for business. Some take off for a day at a time; others spend weeks on the road. If you fit into this group, you probably know how important it is to...
Enroll Online Masters Degree Program

4 Reasons to Enroll in Online Master’s Degree Programs to Save Time and Money

Are you interested in earning your master's degree? Many people answer "yes," but for one reason or another they never act on this desire. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the time...
Ways Free Fun Spring

Five Ways To Have Free Fun This Spring

For many, Spring is the best time of the year. After being cooped up inside during the winter months, you are waiting to get out and enjoy the fresh air. While there are many...
Save Money Auto Insurance

How I Saved $50 Per Month on Auto Insurance

If you watch television, you are sure to see many commercials from auto insurance companies. All of them have the same common theme: they can save you the most money on your policy. This...
College Credit Cards Debate

College and Credit Cards: The Debate between Students and Parents

There are millions of college students spread from one side of the country to the next. The majority of them are strapped for cash. Some of them learn to live with less. Others make...
Hobby Expenses Budget

Set a Budget for “Hobby” Expenses

What is your hobby? What do you do to stay sane in a world that is full of stress? If you don't have a hobby you need to find one. If you already have...
Save Money Auto Insurance

Shop Online to Save Money on Auto Insurance

If you are like most people, you pay your auto insurance premium every month never thinking about how much you could actually save by making a simple change. You may be wasting hundreds of...