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Joshua Caucutt

Joshua Caucutt has a BS in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Nouthetic Counseling. He has published or written for several blogs and websites over the past decade. He is a long-term market follower, financial educator and especially interested in looking at money from a biblical point of view. Formerly known as "Stew" at Gather Little by Little, Josh writes under his own name at Money Crashers.
Gap Insurance Cars Worth It

What Is Gap Insurance Coverage for Cars – Is It Worth It?

A new car might be the worst investment in the world. Why? A new car loses 15% to 20% of its value the minute you drive it off the dealership lot! But this phenomenon...
Reasons Debt Problems Fix

The 2 Real Reasons for Your Debt Problems and How to Fix Them

Do you try to cure the common cold by using the best nose tissues money can buy? Of course not. Though tissues help with symptoms, to avoid a cold, you have to go after...
Ways Get Cash 0 Apr Balance Transfer Offer

3 Ways to Get Cash From a 0% APR Balance Transfer Credit Card Offer

Zero percent balance transfer credit cards offers are back. In the past few months, I've talked about how to best use a balance transfer, and I've offered tips for how to responsibly use 0%...
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Why Stop Receiving Junk Mail? 4 Types of Junk Mail I Actually Like Getting

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Zero Apr Credit Card Balance Transfers

4 Ways To Utilize 0% APR Credit Card Balance Transfers

In my last post about balance transfer arbitrage, I pointed out that banks and credit card companies are once again offering 0% introductory rates on transferred balances. Several years ago, it was common to...
Zero Percent Balance Transfer Arbitrage

Balance Transfer Arbitrage: 0% Balance Transfers are Back

Several years ago, in a more naive financial universe, someone discovered the art of "balance transfer arbitrage," where you could basically take advantage of credit card companies offering 6-12 month 0% loans, put the...