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Joshua Rodriguez

Joshua Rodriguez has worked in the finance and investing industry for more than a decade. In 2012, he decided he was ready to break free from the 9 to 5 rat race. By 2013, he became his own boss and hasn’t looked back since. Today, Joshua enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with up and comers to help enrich the financial lives of the masses rather than fuel the ongoing economic divide. When he’s not writing, helping up and comers in the freelance industry, and making his own investments and wise financial decisions, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife, son, daughter, and eight large breed dogs. See what Joshua is up to by following his Twitter or contact him through his website, CNA Finance.
Pump And Dump Scheme Stock Market

Pump-and-Dump — Definition & How to Avoid This Stock Market Scheme

Despite stock market regulations designed to protect people, bad actors still try to steal from investors using what is called a pump-and-dump scheme. Read on to learn what a pump-and-dump scheme is and how you can avoid being taken — and what you can do if you identify a fraudster at work.
Investing Bonds Basics Corporate Vs Municipal

What Are Bonds – Basics of Investing in Corporate vs. Municipal Bonds

Bonds may be part of the asset allocation for any balanced investing portfolio. Corporate and municipal bonds each offer different pros and cons. Learn the basics of bonds and find out how corporate and municipal bonds compare side by side to help you choose which is right for your portfolio.
How To Start A Bounce House Rental Business

How to Start an Inflatable Bounce House Rental Business

Considering their popularity at parties and events, it’s not surprising to see many entrepreneurs launching bounce house rental startups. Learn how to start a bounce house rental business, what equipment you’ll need, and the special tax and legal considerations you should consider before launching.
Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Explained

What Is a Ponzi Scheme – Bernie Madoff Scandal Explained

One of the most common investing frauds — the one that made Bernard Madoff infamous in the United States and around the world — is known as the Ponzi scheme. Learn what a Ponzi scheme is, the scheme for which Madoff became infamous, and how to protect yourself from falling victim to a similar scam.
Best Vanguard Bond Funds

7 Best Vanguard Bond Funds to Buy in 2021

Bonds are an important part of any well-balanced investment portfolio, but selecting individual bonds to buy can seem overwhelming. Vanguard’s suite of investment-grade bond funds combine instant diversification with industry-low costs. Here are the best Vanguard bond funds to consider today.
Best Growth Stock Characteristics

10 Characteristics of the Best Growth Stocks (for High Investment Return)

One of the most popular strategies investors employ is known as the growth investing strategy, which centers around investing in stocks that have experienced compelling growth in recent history. But how can you identify good growth opportunities? Learn the characteristics of the best growth stocks.
Stock Share Gift

How to Gift Stock – Reasons You Might Give Someone Else Your Shares

Giving stock as a gift provides something valuable to recipients and sets the stage for their improved long-term financial health. Giving stock to young people can spark an interest in saving and investing. Gifting shares of stock is a simple process. Learn how and why to give stock as a gift.
Investment Vs Speculation Differences

Speculating vs. Investing – Differences Between, Risks & Rewards of Them

The allure of fast money leads many to get involved in the stock market, but it’s important to know the difference between investing and speculating. Both have pros and cons. Here are the differences between investing and speculating, and suggestions on who should speculate and who should invest.
Accountant Banker Calculating Analysis Strategy Building Wealth Coins

Income Investing Strategy — What It Is & Tips for a Successful Portfolio

All investors are trying to make money, but income investors look to accumulate assets that will yield cash throughout the term of the investment. This lets income investors participate in valuation growth while earning a steady flow of cash. Learn what income investing is and how to succeed at it.
Best International Etfs

9 Best International ETFs to Buy in 2021

Chances are your first investments will be in domestic companies, but eventually the promise of international stocks is bound to pique your interest. International ETFs offer a way to gain diversified exposure to overseas markets. Learn about some of the best international ETFs on the market today.
Stock Spreads Trading Investing

Investment Spread – What It Is & What It Means for Trading in the...

The term spread is used in several ways in investing. Understanding what a spread means in various contexts can help investors understand more about the securities they’re investing in and their trading costs. Read on to learn what a spread is in investing and why it’s important to understand.
Multi Exposure Male Hand Pen Working Graphs

Sell In May & Go Away – Should You Follow This Investing Strategy?

The adage “sell in May and go away” suggests investors should sell stocks in May and come back late in the year to take advantage of holiday-fueled gains. But does this advice work? Learn where this idea originated and the truth about how your investments would fare if you followed the theory.