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Mary McCoy, LMSW is a licensed social worker who works closely with individuals, families, and organizations in crisis. She knows first-hand how financial choices can prevent and mitigate crises, and she's therefore passionate about equipping people with the information they need to make solid financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones. When Mary isn't on her soap box, you can find her hiking, jogging, yoga-ing, or frolicking with her family.
Long Term Care Insurance

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance – Pros & Cons

No one likes to think about needing assistance with daily activities, but many individuals require additional care as they age. Unfortunately, family members may not be willing, able, or equipped to manage as caregivers,...
Luxuries Make Financial Sense

Top 8 Luxuries That Make Financial Sense to Splurge On

Have you ever made a bargain purchase and had it backfire on you? Perhaps you bought a cheap pair of jeans, only to have the seams unravel in a few short weeks. Or maybe...
Hospice Care Definition Services

What Is Hospice Care – Definition, Services, and How to Choose

When a person grows tired of fighting a terminal illness with aggressive and often painful medical measures, enrolling in hospice care may be the best course of action. Instead of focusing on curing a disease,...
Find Job Love Still Pay Bills

How to Find a Job You Love and Still Pay the Bills

No one wants to make it to their retirement party after a lifelong career and say to themselves, "Well, that was pointless." But many workers feel tied to jobs they simply tolerate because they're...
Enabling Addictions Relationships

Enabling Addictions in Relationships – Examples & How to Find Help

Many people who are in relationships with an addict - whether the addiction is chemical or behavioral - find themselves in situations where they can choose either to address the addiction, or allow it...
Self Care Definition Tips Ideas

What Is Self-Care – Definition, Tips & Ideas for a Healthy Life

Overworked and underpaid. Too busy and too tired. These phrases are the mantra of an American society that, according to the Institute of Medicine, has the dubious distinction of falling behind nearly every other...
Socially Responsible Eating Drinking Habits

4 Tips for Socially Responsible Eating & Drinking Habits on a Budget

With the rise of globalism and the ubiquity of online news and opinion articles, it's hard to turn on a computer without learning about how consumer choices impact people on the other side of...
Ways Save Cost Prescription Drugs

8 Ways to Save on the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Families often budget for basics such as housing, transportation, food, and clothing. However, sometimes life gets in the way of maintaining a strict personal budget, and the high cost of prescription drugs for an...
Fun Romantic Summer Date Ideas

10 Fun & Romantic Summer Date Ideas on the Cheap

Turn on your radio during the summer, and you'll find no shortage of songs dedicated to crazy, young, fledgling romance. There's something about the long days, hot nights, and short skirts of summer that...
Prevent Financial Hardship Disability

How to Prevent Financial Hardship Resulting From Disability

Many people have preconceived notions about what a disability is and which ones are legitimate. Every one of us has seen an ostensibly able-bodied person whip into a handicap parking space, with the requisite...
End Life Care Family Decisions

How to Navigate End-of-Life Care Decisions When Family Members Disagree

Sadly, many people experience costly and painful conditions near the end of life, which can have serious ramifications on their finances and relationships. These conditions also may require family members to navigate the healthcare...