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Best Desktop Computers

Top 5 Best Desktop Computers of 2012

Desktop computers may seem passe, but for some people, there is just no substitute for a good desktop. Whether you choose a Mac or a PC, there are some truly exceptional machines out there...
Best Budget Laptop Computers

4 Best Budget Laptops under $600

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get a quality laptop computer. While you may be aware that many netbooks can be purchased at a bargain price,...
Best Gps Navigation Devices

Top 5 Best GPS Navigation Units for the Money

When it comes to navigating from point A to point B, I have no idea how I survived so long without a GPS. There's something comforting about the calm, level-headed voice that comes out of...
Best Cell Phones

Top 5 Best Cell Phones of 2012

With cell phone use so prevalent, it's almost as though it's an extension of you. It goes everywhere you go and keeps track of some of the most important aspects of your life. Therefore,...
Best Flat Screen Tvs

Top 5 Best Flat Screen TVs of 2012

Flat panel televisions are all the rage. But with so many models in the marketplace today, it's hard to know whether you are choosing the right TV for your needs and budget. The perfect...
Diy Home Maintenance Tips Ideas

13 Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas

It's tempting to disregard the steep price tag and hire a professional contractor for home improvement repairs rather than doing them yourself. Home repairs can seem complex and intimidating to the uninitiated, and fear that...
Best Digital Cameras

Top 5 Best Digital Cameras of 2012

Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy using a point-and- shoot device, there is a good chance that you are in the market for a quality digital camera. Digital cameras come in...
Good Credit Score Ratings Range

What Is a Good Credit Score – Understanding Credit Ratings & Ranges

When it comes to your credit, it's important to know how you stack up. Do you have good credit? Excellent credit? Poor credit? How can you find out? In most cases, the easiest way to...
Ipad Alternatives Cheap Tablets

4 iPad Alternatives – Best Cheap Tablet Computers

It's no secret that Apple set the bar high when the iPad was introduced into the marketplace back in April 2010. Of course, with the release of the iPad 2, the standards of tablet...