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Credit Rating Agencies History

History of Credit Rating Agencies and How They Work

Credit rating agencies have played a key role in the financial world by providing ratings on the creditworthiness of bonds and other debt instruments. Learn the history of credit rating agencies, how they work, and the pros and cons of credit rating agencies.
Art Collector Fine Paintings Gallery Portfolio Artist

Collectibles as Investments in 2021 — Valuable Types, Risks & Rewards

Collecting appeals to young and old alike. Many people enjoy collecting as a recreational hobby, but investing seriously in collectibles has both advantages and risks. Read on to learn about collecting valuables, how to think about investing in collectibles, and the potential risks and rewards.
Currency Investing

Currency Investing — How to Do It, Pros & Cons of Trading Different Types

There are dozens of currencies used throughout the world, and the foreign exchange market is always open. Trading foriegn currencies offers diversification, high liquidity, a low barrier to entry, and access to leverage. Learn about investing in currencies, how to do it, and the pros and cons.
Hsa Retirement Investment

How to Use Your Health Savings Account (HSA) for Retirement Investing

Although health savings accounts (HSAs) were designed to help pay for the high costs of health care, their unique benefits make them one of the most powerful tax-advantaged accounts in the U.S. Can you use an HSA to set tax-free money aside for retirement? Here’s how it’s done.
Cash Management Account

Cash Management Account – What It Is, Pros & Cons of Saving This Way

A cash management account combines many of the best features of checking, savings, and investment accounts into one product. What are cash management accounts, why would you consider one, and where can you find them? Find the answers here.
Umbrella Security Growing Investment Concept

What Is a Security – Definition & Types That You Can Invest In

Securities are among the most important assets to understand when you’re starting to invest. Almost every investment you can make involves securities. Learn what securities are, and how different types of securities fit into your portfolio to help you meet your investing goals.
Bond Mutual Fund

What Is a Bond Mutual Fund – Risks & Different Types of This Investment

If you can’t handle the volatility and risk of stocks or want to diversify your portfolio, bonds are a good way to go. Bond mutual funds allow you to invest in a diverse bond portfolio with a single purchase. Read on to learn about bond mutual funds and whether investing in them is right for you.
Maximize Social Security Benefits

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits – Withdrawal Options & Benefits

As pensions become increasingly rare — replaced by defined contribution plans subject to the volatility of financial markets — the importance of Social Security continues to grow. Learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits, your withdrawal options, and individual and spousal benefits.
Investment Risk Tolerance

What Is Your Investment Risk Tolerance – Definition & Questionnaire

Understanding risk, your risk tolerance, and how to reduce risk in your portfolio are essential parts of investing. Risk tolerance is inherently personal. Read on to learn what your risk tolerance is and questions you can ask yourself to determine how much investment risk you’re comfortable taking.
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7 Best Cash Management Accounts of 2021

A cash management account (CMA) lets investors manage their money and effortlessly transfer it to and from their investment account while earning interest. Some even come with debit cards, all but eliminating the need for a separate checking account. But which CMA is right for you?
Businessman Standing In Front Of Phone Investing App Stock

5 Best Micro-Investing Apps to Buy Stocks with Your Spare Change

Micro-investing is a way to get started investing with a small balance, often as little as $1. Over time, you can build up your savings and move on to investing outside of micro-investing apps. These micro-investing apps are the best to get you started.
Invest Oil Gas Opportunities

How to Invest in Oil Wells & Gas – Types of Buying Opportunities

Despite recent pushes toward renewable energy, oil still makes the world go round. Because oil is such an essential commodity, many people want to invest in oil and the oil industry. Learn how to invest in oil, oil wells, and natural gas, and the advantages and disadvantages of these investments.