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7 Best Kid-Safe Skincare, Makeup & Beauty Products for Busy Moms

I talk about my son a lot. I think about my son a lot too. I spend hours researching every little bump that I find on his skin, afraid it might be an incurable or spreadable disease. I search online for toddler recipes, go shopping for the ingredients, spend plenty of money at the grocery store, and make him affordable, nutritious meals. I even have backup meals in case he refuses to eat what I made for him.

If you’re a mother, you probably understand.

Our lives seem to constantly revolve around our children. We seldom take time for ourselves, whether it’s eating well, sneaking in a workout, or grooming ourselves. But to help my fellow mothers, or anyone facing a busy lifestyle, I’ve compiled a skincare and beauty routine that has worked wonders for my busy lifestyle – one that actually nourishes my skin and doesn’t make much of a dent on my wallet.

It’s important to have a thoughtful healthcare routine, especially since there are plenty of beauty products that are a waste of money. Incidentally, that’s why I encourage moms to make their own beauty products when they’re able. This recipe for homemade body butter, courtesy of All For Fashion Design, is a personal favorite.

Of course, most moms lack the time to make every skincare or beauty product they could possibly want. So, here’s how to stay healthy, save money, and ensure safety when using storebought beauty products.

“Mother-Approved” Skincare and Beauty Products

Most importantly, I try to avoid lotions and makeup that are not approved by The Environmental Working Group. As all mothers know, babies tend to touch us everywhere and put their hands in their mouths. They even like to put our hands in there too. Toxic chemicals of any kind shouldn’t be around our kids. These are the necessary supplies to ensure an enjoyable and safe beauty routine.


1. Face Cleanser
Plenty of people spend a ton of money at the dermatologist. I previously used prescription cleansers and they were great. But they’re not always your best option. The Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face Cleanser is almost as good and costs less than $12 for a 32-ounce bottle. It leaves your face feeling completely clean, dissolved of any residue.

2. Mask
A mask isn’t something you need to do every day. I’d like to say I do it once a week, but it ends up being once a month due to my hectic schedule. The good news is that there are extremely inexpensive masks that will last you over a year. I recommend the Aztec Indian Clay Mask. You can add water or apple cider vinegar (highly recommended) to the powder and apply to your face. After 15 minutes, you will literally feel your face pulsate as it extracts the dirt from your deepest pores. At less than $12 a jar (that lasts at least a year from weekly usage), it will not hurt you to try.

3. Toner
This is probably the only thing on this list that can be considered costly ($36 for 4 ounces). Dermatologists would consider my skin “dehydrated oily.” Although naturally oily, my skin needs water based products. That is why skin toners are the most crucial step in my skincare routine, and I’m sure it is for most people. The toner gets absorbed into my skin immediately, and since it is filled with nutrients, it’s literally food for my skin. My absolute favorite is the Whamisa Skin Toner. Korean Beauty has been all the rage and this does not disappoint with its natural fermentation of organic flowers.

4. Lotion
When I ran out of my usual face lotion, I began using my son’s Honest Face and Body Lotion out of necessity. It turned out to be an amazing product. Sure, other expensive lotions felt and smelled great, but the Honest Face and Body wash absorbs and hydrates incredibly well. At $9 a bottle, you can easily make the switch without compromising your skin. Also, don’t forget to slather lotion on your hands as well. Moms are always washing their hands to keep a germ-free household. This often leads to dry and cracked hands.

Face Body Lotion


When the topic of skincare is discussed, it’s usually not followed by makeup. However, there are several all-natural makeup brands worth checking out for your bare minimum makeup kind of day.

5. Foundation
The purpose of foundation is to cover and leave your skin blemish free. Women with flawless skin can skip this step, but many of us need all the help we can get. Luckily, there’s a brand that will leave your face looking naturally clear without harming your skin or clogging your pores. I was first introduced to Meow Cosmetics by my sister. We have similar skin blemishes and when I saw her looking completely flawless one day, I had to ask what foundation she was wearing. Meow Cosmetics is a non-comedogenic and layerable foundation offered in 86 colors, each with a particular coverage level. At less than $36 for a 30-gram jar, this is a great bargain. They also offer eye shadow which is 100% mineral-based.

6. Cloud Paint/Blush
Perhaps this is one routine your child can actually help you with. “If you can finger paint, you can cloud paint” is Glossier‘s slogan for their new hypoallergenic and paraben free blush. Its gel cream formula allows you to simply take your fingers and dab across your cheek bones. Unlike other powder blushes, it will not leave a chalky blot, but will highlight a natural glow that transitions almost seamlessly into your skin.

7. Lipstick
Children love kisses. Therefore, if you wear lipstick, it needs to be as organic and edible as possible. Yes, edible. Bite Lipstick is by far one of the best lipstick brands out there. Not only is it ingestible, but the colors are rich and highly pigmented. It’s moisturizing and infused with food-grade ingredients.

Final Word

Moms are constantly busy, and even if we use time management strategies, we are often prioritizing others over ourselves. Unfortunately, as we age, it shows on our skin and we deserve the time to take care of it. These skincare and beauty products should allow you to look refreshed and sophisticated without looking overly done.

What are your favorite makeup and beauty products that are kid-safe?

Yoojin Lee
Yoojin Lee graduated from NYU with a background in business and worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade before becoming a mom to son, Theodore. Instead of labeling herself as a "stay at home mom," she utilizes her education, experience, and skill sets to learn how to be a resourceful mother and wife while striving to pave a career for herself as well.

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