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10 Best Private Student Loan Companies of 2021

Agreeing to assume tens of thousands of dollars of debt as a teen seems ill-advised. Yet it’s the only way for many students to get a higher education. Private student loans are among the many possible avenues. And if that’s the route you choose, it pays to choose the best company for your needs.
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How to Compare Refinance Rates for Student Loan Offers & Consolidation

Although similar, consolidating and refinancing your student loans aren’t the same. And once you refinance federal loans into private ones, there’s no going back. So before you make that move, compare the benefits and drawbacks of private loan refinancing versus federal student loan consolidation.
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10 Common Student Loan Consolidation Myths Debunked

If you graduated with student loan debt, you've likely got more than one student loan. A consolidation loan combines those into a single loan with one monthly bill. There are advantages to consolidating your student loans, but there are also a lot of misconceptions. Don’t fall for these myths.
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PPP Loan Repayment & Forgiveness – Common Questions Answered

The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act allows borrowers to use up to 40% of their loans’ proceeds for certain nonpayroll expenses without jeopardizing forgiveness eligibility provided they use the remainder for payroll expenses. But many borrowers still have questions. Get the answers here.
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Can I Consolidate My Student Loans and Other Debts Together?

If you have student loans along with debt from several sources, the idea of consolidating all your debts can sound tempting. But there are a few things to consider before you combine your student loans and other debts into a debt consolidation loan. Find out if it’s a good option for you.
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7 Best Home Equity Loan & HELOC Rates for 2021

Homeowners with ample equity have a ready-made source of low-cost capital to finance significant expenses: their home’s equity. If you’re shopping for a home equity loan or line of credit in the hope of taking advantage of low interest rates, get the scoop on the lenders with the best rates.
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Debt Settlement Negotiation – Do-It-Yourself Guide to Beat the Creditors

When you’re drowning in debt with no prospect of paying it off, debt settlement companies appear to offer a lifeline. But that isn’t the only bankruptcy alternative. You can settle with your creditors yourself. Just follow these steps, and you can put more of your money toward your debts.
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12 Reasons You Should Never Lend Money to Friends & Family

It can be hard to refuse to loan money to a close friend or family member. You don’t want to see them struggle. But lending money to loved ones comes with considerable risk. Don’t open Venmo without considering these reasons you shouldn’t offer loans to loved ones.
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14 Best Personal Loan Companies of 2021

No matter the reason you’re looking for a personal loan, you have many choices among lenders competing for your business. If you're in the market for a personal loan, here's a roundup of the most competitive online personal loan providers and referral services for three main types of borrowers.
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10 Best Student Loan Refinance Companies – Reviews & Comparison

Refinancing student loans can let graduates and parents lower their monthly payments, lower their interest rate, or combine several loans into one. If you’ve decided to refinance, the only thing you need to find is the best student loan refinancing company for you. These are the top options.
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Loan Stacking – What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous for...

With loan stacking, business owners can take out multiple loans within days, allowing them to draw on funds quickly and get the capital they need to grow. In theory, loan stacking sounds like a smart strategy for small businesses. But is loan stacking all it’s cracked up to be?
Income Driven Repayment Plan Paper Pen Calculator

Income-Driven Repayment Plans for Federal Student Loans – Guide

Student loans are one of the most significant debt burdens Americans face, and for many Americans, that debt has become unmanageable. But defaulting on student loans can have dire consequences. An income-driven repayment plan can help — and for some, even lead to loan forgiveness.