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What to Do If You Lose Your Job and Find Yourself...

Suddenly losing your job is a major stressor and leaves many with no idea what to do next or where to start on the road to career recovery. If you’ve found yourself in this position, rest assured, you’re not alone. Here are the steps you should take to ease the stress associated with unemployment.
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How to Find the Right Job as a Physician – Employment...

With a physician deficit and a growing senior population on the horizon, now is a great time to find physician jobs. The biggest challenge may be narrowing your many choices. How can you choose the right employer and effectively navigate the job search and interviewing process? Here are our tips. 
Best Freelance Websites

12 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs Online

According to a 2017 study commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union, more than 50% of the U.S. workforce will work on a freelance or...
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Skills-Based Functional Resume – Examples, Template & When to Use

Every job seeker’s work history and experience is unique. For some job applicants, skills-based functional resumes can highlight their skills and experience better than chronological resumes. Read on to learn the difference between these two resume styles and when you should consider using each.
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How to Write a Great Resume for a Job – Tips...

Hiring managers receive many resumes when they’re trying to fill an open position, so you have about 30 seconds to grab their attention using your resume. These resume tips will make your application shine, upping your chances of landing an interview and getting your dream job.
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25 Common Resume & Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

A lack of response when applying for jobs can be discouraging. It might have to do with your resume and cover letter. A simple mistake could be what’s keeping prospective employers from seeing just how great of a candidate you are. Find out the most common resume and cover letter mistakes to avoid.
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How to Write a Good Cover Letter for a Job Application

An effective cover letter can end up getting you a job interview over other applicants, so making sure yours catches the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is essential. Use these tips to write a great cover letter that will help you on your way from applicant to employee.
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8 Best Online Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students

If you’re struggling to land a job on campus or in your college’s town, don’t fret. There are plenty of online job opportunities for college students that have a variety of benefits over traditional student jobs. Here are eight online jobs to consider as a college student.
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How to Prepare for Medical Residency Interviews – Tips & Questions

Medical residency interviews are exhaustive, often taking up the better part of two days, and can determine whether you land your top choice of residency programs. If you’re preparing for medical residency interviews, learn about the process and find tips and strategies here to give you a head start.
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30 Best Jobs for College Students (Good Part-Time & Full-Time Options)

Working while in college is a reality for many students today, but thankfully, today’s gig economy and the prevalence of online jobs with flexible hours mean students aren’t limited to minimum wage incomes and strict schedules. Here are some of the best jobs to consider if you’re a college student.
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How to Become an Amazon Prime Now Shopper – Pay &...

Amazon is on a hiring spree, adding hundreds of thousands of workers to meet its surging demand. Becoming an Amazon Prime Now shopper can provide good pay and benefits. Learn what being an Amazon Prime Now shopper involves, and how can you land one of these roles, here.
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Signs of Toxic Workplace Culture & How to Escape the Negative...

According to Business Insider, you'll spend 90,000 hours, or around one-third of your life, at work. If your workplace is fun, stimulating, and supportive,...