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Income Driven Repayment Plan

Income-Driven Repayment Plans – Pros & Cons of IDR for Student...

Income-driven repayment (IDR) plans can be a lifesaver for those seriously struggling with student loan debt. However, not everyone benefits from an IDR plan. Before you decide to enroll, carefully weigh the pros and cons against your own debt and income levels.
Pile Of Mail Overdue Bills Envelopes

8 Best Bill Negotiation Services of 2021

For most of us, major expenses like rent, groceries, and car payments draw most of our attention. While that’s an excellent budgeting foundation, if you want to maximize your savings rate, you need to consider all your monthly bills when trying to cut costs.
Stop Being Ashamed Of Your Debt And Take Control

8 Tips to Stop Being Ashamed of Your Debt and Take...

People with problem debt often feel shame or guilt around it. But there’s nothing wrong with you. As with so much else in life, the first step is acknowledging you have a problem so you can start solving it. Here are tips you can take today to stop being ashamed of your debt and take control of it.
Buying Airline Ticket Planning Travel Flights Vacation Credit Card Calendar

How to Pick the Right Travel Rewards Credit Card

As any frequent traveler knows, there’s no shortage of travel rewards credit cards out there. But the variety of enticing cards makes choosing the right fit an overwhelming prospect. Fortunately, these strategies can help you find the ideal travel credit card for your lifestyle and spending patterns.
Pay Day Money Tag

14 Best Paycheck Advance Apps to Help You Make It to...

Many American workers have trouble making ends meet, which is why payday loans are such big business. Today’s popular personal finance apps that give you access to your paycheck a few days early may offer a better alternative. Here are the best paycheck advance apps to help you make it to payday.
What Is Invoice Factoring

What Is Invoice Factoring – Pros & Cons of Using for...

Some customers take ages to pay their bills. Invoice factoring can help some small businesses bridge the gap between sales and receivables and ensure ongoing cash flow. What is invoice factoring, and is it right for your small business? Learn more here.
Ways A Bad Credit Score Can Negatively Affect You

7 Ways a Bad Credit Score Can Negatively Affect You &...

Your credit score doesn’t just affect your personal finances. Your credit influences many aspects of your personal and public life, including plenty that don’t involve borrowing. Read on to find out how a bad credit score can negatively affect you, and learn how to keep track of your credit score.
Charge Card Definition Vs Credit Card

Charge Cards — Definition & Differences vs. Credit Cards With Interest

Most people think of credit cards as a common way to pay for purchases, but charge cards are another option. They offer rewards and perks and help you avoid interest charges. Find out the differences between charge cards and credit cards, as well as some good charge cards to consider.
Check Credit Score

How to Check Your Credit Score – Subscription Services & Free...

Your credit score may be just a number, but it can have a big impact on your life. So how do you go about finding out what your credit score is? And is it really worth the trouble? Find out how to check your credit score using paid credit subscription services or free credit monitoring services.
she finally has her dream car

How to Buy a Car – 15 Essential Tips to Get...

I loathe the process of buying a car. Dealing with pushy, overbearing salespeople can be infuriating. As a result, I do whatever I can to avoid buying a car. I perform all recommended DIY car maintenance checks, keep my vehicle for as long as possible, and consolidate my trips both to save on gas and decrease wear and tear on my car.
Cosigning Loan Reasons Risks

Cosigning a Loan – Understanding the Reasons & Risks

Cosigning on a loan is a common way people try to help a friend or family member with poor or no credit. But before casually agreeing to cosign a loan, consider the risks. Cosigning a loan is no small favor, and you may be surprised when you learn what’s at stake for you.
Cash House Refinance Equity Down Payment Laptop Mortgage

Cash-Out Refinance Loan – Definition, Pros & Cons of Taking One...

There are several ways to tap into your home equity when you need extra money. A cash-out refinance can be an effective source of funding, but it’s not for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of cash-out refinancing to determine if it’s right for you.