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Economic Policy

Raise Minimum Wage 15 Dollars

Should the Minimum Wage Be Raised to $15? – Pros &...

Should the minimum wage be raised? The question has triggered debates in legislatures and at dinner tables for decades. Read on for a brief history of minimum wage legislation, the factors influencing the wage debate, and the primary arguments for and against raising the minimum wage today.
Medicare For All Sign

What Is “Medicare for All” – Features, Costs, Pros & Cons

Medicare for All was a proposal that featured prominently in the 2020 campaign, with strong and conflicting opinions being voiced. Learn the basics of Medicare for All, how it compares to health care systems in other nations, and the pros and cons of implementing such a program in the United States.
Man Packing Boxes Home Dog

40% Against Free Low-Income Housing, Even If It Saves Taxpayers Money

What prevents people from supporting social programs: taxpayer cost or anti-welfare bias? We surveyed 1,500 Americans to find out.
Tax Coins Pennies Stacked Block Letters

What Is the FairTax Act Explained – Pros & Cons

Anyone who’s filed a tax return knows the U.S. tax system is complex and difficult to understand. Many say corporations, wealthy individuals, and special interest groups use loopholes to avoid paying their fair share. One idea for fixing the system is called FairTax. But would it really work?
African American Mom Feeding Infant Newborn Formula Milk

How to Get WIC for Pregnant Women & Infants – Eligibility...

Many people struggle to feed their family at some point. Fortunately, many state and federal programs can help you through a challenging time. WIC, which helps feed pregnant and postpartum parents and their young children, is one such program. Find out how it works and how to sign up.
Unemployment Rate Magnifying Glass Research Analyze Newspaper

What Is the Real National U.S. Unemployment Rate?

During the current unrelenting viral pandemic, the U.S. unemployment rate has shot up more than 10 points, the sharpest increase since the Great Depression. Yet these sobering figures could understate the reality. That’s because the unemployment rate may never be as accurate as you think.
Inflation Rising Time Dollar Graph

What Is Inflation (Definition) – Causes & Effects of Rate on...

People tend to think of “inflation” as a dirty word and a phenomenon to avoid. But a gradual increase in prices and wages over time is inevitable and — if kept in check — positive for the overall economy. What is inflation, what causes it, and what does it mean for you? Learn all about it here.
Loan Shark Tight Rope Business Risk

Loan Shark Prevention Act – What It Is and How It...

A 2019 study by Northwestern Mutual revealed some sobering statistics on consumer debt in America. It found that the average American adult has nearly $30,000 in debt,...
Affordable Care Act Pills Prescription Needles

Obamacare History – Past, Present & Future of Affordable Care Act...

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was among this century’s most influential — and hotly debated — pieces of federal legislation. Learn the history of the legislation popularly called “Obamacare,” how the law has been implemented and modified since its passage, and preview what comes next for the ACA.
Minimum Wage Signage Clouds Sky

Living on the Minimum Wage – Is It Possible in 2021?

Almost 2 million Americans live on minimum wage, which despite inflation hasn’t increased since 2009. But is that a living wage? Explore the ins and outs of living on just $7.25 per hour through both a fictional American named Kai and the stories of real-life Americans who do it every day.
Us Tax History Federal Income Tax

United States Tax History – Federal Income Tax History in America

Few Americans find taxes fascinating, but taxes play a critical role in U.S. history. Since the Revolution, national events have had a major influence on tax rates. Understanding these effects can help you better understand your tax situation and how everyone benefits from the taxes you pay.
Medicaid Dollar Torn Hole

What Is Medicaid – How It Works, Criticisms & Future

The Medicaid program is a major bone of contention in Congress. Some argue it’s too expensive and inefficient. Others want to expand it to provide better coverage for more Americans. Before you decide, take a closer look at how this program works, how it’s funded, and how many people it helps.