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Child Care Money

Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit – Deductions for Child Care...

If you pay for day care, you may be eligible for a tax credit to offset some of your federal income tax bill. It applies to certain children under the age of 13, as well as any child, spouse, or other dependent who is physically or mentally unable to care for themselves. Learn more here.
Family Under One Roof Concept Kids Parents

Claiming Qualifying Dependents on Taxes – IRS Definition & Rules

Claiming a dependent can be worth several thousand dollars. Plus, several of the tax credits available to taxpayers with qualified dependents are refundable, meaning they don’t just offset the tax you owe, but they can also increase your refund. Can you claim a dependent? Read on to find out.
Parents And Child Walking On Calculator Expenses Cost Family Tax

How Parents Can Maximize Child-Related Tax Deductions & Credits

Raising a family is expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of child-related tax deductions, credits, and planning strategies that can help reduce your bill come tax time. Learn all about them here.
Household Head Filing Status Qualification

Head of Household Filing Status Qualifications vs. Single – IRS Tax...

Filing your income taxes with the most beneficial status can result in a significantly larger refund – or less money due to the IRS. And for single parents, every penny counts. As a single parent, you may be able to file as single or head of household. Here’s how to know which one applies to you.
Gavel Cash Money Judge Lawyer

Filing Taxes After Divorce – Tax Implications & Claiming Children

Following a complicated divorce, filing taxes sometimes becomes even more complex than when you filed as a couple. Here are some of the issues you need to consider when filing your taxes after a divorce.
Kid Glasses Business Taxes

Filing Taxes for Kids: Does My Child Have to File a...

Your children face different rules for determining whether they need to file a federal income tax return. However, unlike adult taxpayers, children have some flexibility in choosing how to report their income. Here are the key points you need to know when helping your children file taxes.
Family Tv Vacation Running Matching Sweaters

How to Road-School Your Kids While RVing Full Time (Homeschooling)

While the RV life is an exciting one, it’s a major lifestyle change for families with school-age children. Road-schooling comes with many benefits. But if you’re a road-schooler, you have to make special considerations to ensure your children receive the education they deserve.
Child Playing On Pile Of Fallen Leaves Autumn Fall Outdoors

7 Outdoor Activities for the Fall Season – Fun Budget-Friendly Ideas

Fall is a great time to get outside. No matter where you live, the great outdoors in the United States becomes a playground in the fall, and budget-friendly activities are plentiful. Here is a list of ideas for the best fall activities to try with your family and friends for little to no cost.
Toddler Girl Sorting Through Her Clothes Rack Stylish

12 Ways to Save Money on Cheap Kids’ Clothes for Boys...

As any parent will tell you, young children grow like weeds. They’re continually outgrowing their clothes, making new clothes a significant expense for parents. But if you adopt these smart shopping and care strategies, you’ll save money — and your sanity.
Trick Or Treat Cookies Ghosts Bats Candy Corn Web

17 Tips to Save Money on Cheap Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treating

The price of candy for trick-or-treating is enough to scare off any Halloween shopper. We all want to be generous with every adorable princess, superhero, witch, and vampire that comes to our door. But we also don’t want to break the bank. So try these tricks to save on all your Halloween treats.
Child Care Magnet Drawing Board Letters Lego Blocks

Day Care Costs – 12 Ways to Save Money on Child...

Child care is notoriously expensive in the United States. More than half of parents pay more per year for day care than the average cost of in-state college tuition. These tips can save you money on child care and keep it affordable despite rising costs.
Little Children Halloween Costumes Pumpkins Trick Or Treat

28 Ways to Save on Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids &...

In 2019, Americans spent $3.2 billion on Halloween costumes, often paying an average of $40 each. If you’ve got an entire family to buy for, that’s over $100. If the cost of costumes at the average retail store is beyond your budget, it’s time to look for ways to slash the expense.