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Buy Passport Citizenship Residency

15 Countries Where Your Investments Can Buy Citizenship or Residency

There are several benefits of getting a second passport or residency in another country, including easier travel, higher pay potential, and the ability to take advantage of a lower cost of living. Check out these 15 countries with the most reasonable residency and citizenship programs.
Spousal Ira Rules Eligibility

What Is a Spousal IRA – Rules, Eligibility & Benefits

For families with a nonworking spouse, the IRS allows both spouses to contribute to IRAs based on the joint household income to help them save more money for retirement. Learn about spousal IRAs, their rules, who is eligible to contribute, and the benefits of using these tax-sheltered accounts.
Retire On One Million Dollars

Can You Retire on $1 Million? – How to Live on...

When it comes to a retirement nest egg, $1 million isn’t what it used to be. So how far does a million dollars really take you in retirement — and what can you do to stretch your savings or retire with less? Read on to find out how far your money can go and how to set up a longer retirement.
403b Retirement Plan Rules

What Is a 403(b) Retirement Plan – Contributions, Withdrawals & Taxes

A 403(b) retirement savings plan is a tax-advantaged way for public school and nonprofit employees to save for retirement. What is a 403(b) plan, how does it work compared to other retirement accounts, and should you participate if your employer offers one? Find out here.
Self Directed Ira Rules

Self-Directed IRA Definition – Pros & Cons, Prohibited Investments

Self-directed IRAs offer flexibility to enjoy tax benefits while investing in alternative assets such as real estate and franchises. But they come with significant restrictions and cumbersome administrative hurdles. Learn more about self-directed IRAs and their pros, cons, and limitations.
Retirement Jar Cash Savings Investment Funds

Should I Cash Out My Retirement Account to Pay Off Debt?

It’s hard to get ahead when thousands of dollars in debt is diverting your money and attention from investing and building wealth. That leaves many borrowers wondering if they should raid their retirement accounts. But that can come with a lot of downsides — and there are better alternatives.
Soldier Putting Money In Bank Saving Investing American Flag

Best Investment Strategies & Accounts for Active-Duty Military Members

Military pay can’t make you rich, but it does provide excellent saving and investing opportunities, including some unavailable to civilians. By understanding how to take advantage of them, you can secure your future and potentially even retire young.
Elderly Couple Calculator Tax Pennies Calculating Cost

Why Your Taxes Could Go Up in Retirement and How to...

Many people believe retirement means lower taxes. But just because you’re no longer earning a paycheck doesn’t mean the taxman's out of your life forever. And with major economic and demographic challenges on the horizon, it’s time to start laying the groundwork now for lower taxes in retirement.
Elderly Couple Tax Calculation Retirement Pennies

Taxes on Retirement Accounts – IRA & 401(k) Distributions & Withdrawals

You must understand the tax implications of your retirement accounts so you know how much money you’ll have available when you need it. When you retire and start withdrawing money from your IRA and 401(k), the taxes you owe can take a big chunk out of your total. Learn what to expect here.
Stagnant Growth Money Timing

13 Retirement Planning & Savings Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Financial professionals have been sounding the alarm for a while, warning that a retirement crisis is coming. You can take steps to prepare and avoid common planning pitfalls to ensure a financially secure retirement. Learn the most common retirement planning and savings mistakes you need to avoid.
Various Options Of Saving Piggy Bank Arrows Diversified Portfolio

How to Choose the Right Investments for Your 401(k) Plan Allocation

A 401(k) plan is one of the best ways to save for retirement. But it can be hard to decide precisely how to invest these retirement savings. We walk you through everything you need to know to invest your money in a way that fits your financial goals and priorities.
Roth 401k Postit Desk Cash

What Is a Roth 401(k) – Retirement Plan Rules & Limits

For years, the traditional 401(k) plan has been the most popular workplace retirement account. However, there’s a new alternative that’s been growing steadily in the past decade: the Roth 401(k). Learn how a Roth 401(k) works and whether it’s right for you here.