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Scott Burns Margarita Portfolio – Guide to Asset Allocations, Pros &...

Financial expert Scott Burns created an investing model following his idea that building a portfolio should be like mixing a margarita — balanced, easy to make, and satisfying. Learn how to build the Scott Burns Margarita Portfolio using a three-part recipe designed to be simple and effective.
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7 Best Health Care Stocks to Buy in 2021

The United States spends more than 10% of its gross domestic product on health care, making the health care sector a massive opportunity for investors. What are the best health care stocks to consider buying now? Here are several intriguing picks to consider.
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9 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now (September 2021) – Investment...

Once you’re ready to invest, you want to choose the best stocks. There are a whopping 6,100 different stocks to choose from listed on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. With so many choices, where do you start? Use this guide to identify the top stocks to consider buying this month.
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9 Best Stock Market Simulators & Virtual Paper Trading Platforms

Experience is the best teacher, but mistakes are painful when you’re learning how to invest and trade using your hard-earned money. Trading simulators let you invest in the real market using virtual money. Find out the best platforms that let you simulate trading to learn to trade without the risk.
Man Day Trading Using Computer

11 Best Online Day Trading Platforms of 2021

In order to trade actively in the stock market, you’ll need a brokerage account and trading platform that supports day trading and the kinds of trades you wish to make. Learn about the best online trading platforms for day trading to help you choose the one that’s the best fit for you.
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What Are Blue Chip Stocks – Investing in Stocks That Pay...

Blue chip stocks that represent large, established companies are popular investments among several cohorts, including new investors and the risk-averse. Learn what blue chip stocks are, who should invest in them, their advantages, how to find them, and what to consider before investing.
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10 Best Vanguard Index Funds to Buy in 2021

With more than $7 trillion in assets under management, Vanguard is one of the biggest investment firms in the world. Its name is practically synonymous with the practice of passive investing using low-cost index funds. Learn the best Vanguard index funds to consider for your investment portfolio.
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Is Investing in the Stock Market Gambling With Your Money? –...

Markets are unpredictable, and successful investing might seem to be based on luck. You’ve probably heard — and maybe believe — that investing is no different than gambling. Is there any truth to this, and if not, how can we take reliance on luck out of our investment strategy? Read on to find out.
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What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) – Stock Market...

Dow Jones Industrial Average, also commonly called the Dow or DJIA, is a market index designed to give a real-time view of the state of the market at a glance. Learn what the Dow Jones Industrial Average is and how you can use it as an investor.
Investor Watching Stock Market On Tablet And Laptop

9 Best Stock Picking Services of 2021

Investors seeking an edge often look for individual stocks that will beat the market. Although some research stocks themselves, others prefer to lean on equities experts to analyze stocks for them. What are the best stock-picking services available? Read on for our list.
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Selling Put Options Guide – Understand Risk vs. Rewards & How...

Put options let investors buy or sell the right to sell a specific stock at a set price. Some investors choose to sell put options as part of their trading strategies. What are the benefits and risks of selling puts and how do you set up the contract? Learn more in this guide to selling put options.
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David Swensen Portfolio – Asset Allocations & Investment Strategy

The David Swensen Portfolio, also commonly called the Yale Model, is a tried and true portfolio model that has a history of outpacing average market returns while limiting risk through diversification. Learn about the David Swensen Portfolio, its pros and cons, and whether it’s a fit for you.