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7 Best Vanguard Funds to Save for Retirement

Many investors entrust the management of their retirement portfolios to the experts by buying into funds. Vanguard operates some of the most popular low-cost index funds, ETFs, bond funds, and mutual funds available. Here are some of the best Vanguard funds to consider for investing for retirement.
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Retirement Savings Contribution Credit – Get a Tax Credit Just for...

There are significant tax benefits to low- and moderate-income families who save for retirement. The Retirement Savings Contributions Credit ("Saver’s Credit") could help you reduce your tax liability. A reward for building your financial security? That’s what we call a win-win.
401k Vs Ira Question

IRA vs. 401(k) Differences – Which Retirement Plan Is Better?

When you’re planning for your retirement, understanding how 401(k)s and IRAs work is essential. Each has an important place in your retirement saving strategy, and using them to their full potential can help you build your retirement nest egg. Here’s what you need to know.
Roth Ira Keyhole Key Cash Retirement Investing

What Is a Roth IRA Retirement Account – Benefits, Rules &...

Two of the most common financial mistakes are failing to save enough for retirement and failing to take full advantage of tax-sheltered accounts. Fortunately, one solution can help with both problems: the Roth IRA. Learn what a Roth IRA is and how can you invest in one.
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Traditional IRA Retirement Account – Benefits & Restrictions

A staple of modern American retirement planning, the traditional IRA remains one of the easiest and most popular tax-sheltered accounts. Here’s a crash course on how traditional IRAs work, and how you can take advantage of them at any age as part of your personal retirement strategy.
Target Date Retirement Funds

What Is a Target-Date Mutual Fund? – Pros & Cons Saving...

Balancing your investments between stocks and bonds helps you manage risk as you near retirement. Target-date mutual funds automatically rebalance your portfolio toward less volatile investments as you approach your target retirement age. Read on to find out if target-date funds are right for you.
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6 Retirement Planning Challenges for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

There are more self-employed Americans now than ever before. According to Upwork's 2018 survey of the industry, the gig economy has swollen to include...
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How Much to Save for Retirement – Planning Strategies for Every...

How much is “enough” when it comes to retirement savings? How do you know how much you should be saving, and at what ages, to reach your financial goals? While the answer varies from person to person, some universal rules apply.
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18 Best Post-Retirement Job Opportunities for Seniors & Retirees

Once upon a time, when you reached 65 or so, your colleagues threw a party for you, you ate a slice of store-bought cake,...
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Living in an Independent Senior Living Community During Retirement

Once upon a time, retirement homes were synonymous with nursing homes - places people went when they were no longer able to care for...
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11 Ways Retirement Has Changed Over the Last 25 Years

The only constant in life is change. But it's shocking how quickly the notion of retirement has changed in recent memory. A century ago, there...
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Here’s How to Live 14 Years Longer – and How to...

Want to live forever? Sweeping scientific research published in 2018 found that five specific behaviors extend life expectancy by 14 years for women and...