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Meal Prep Dinner Lunch Grilled Chicken

How to Prepare Make-Ahead Freezer Meals That Are Easy & Healthy

The homemade freezer meal is an increasingly popular alternative to store-bought or takeout meals, reducing prep requirements without compromising flavor, quality, or healthfulness. Learn about this budget-friendly tactic for cooking dinner for a hungry, impatient family after a busy day.
Hands Taking Plate Frozen Food Out Ice Cube Freezer

8 Make-Ahead Freezer Meal Recipes for Healthy Food Storage

Many healthful family meals are easy enough to prepare on the cheap. But the most interesting seem to require significant time commitments. The freezer meal solves perhaps the most vexing challenge for weeknight cooks: creating innovative meals when time and energy are short. These recipes can help.
Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich Cranberry

40 Leftover Turkey & Chicken Recipes – Food Ideas That Are...

Chicken and turkey are two of the most popular meats in the U.S. But there are always so many leftovers, and eating the same chicken or turkey sandwich gets tiresome. Thankfully, these recipes let you repurpose leftover turkey or chicken into new and exciting meals.
Thanksgiving Dinner Table Aerial View Turkey Vegetables Family

12 Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Day Dinner

It’s easy for Thanksgiving dinner costs to spiral out of control. Turkey, sides, casseroles, pies, and cakes all add up to an enormous grocery bill. But simple changes in your shopping habits and menu can provide significant savings if you plan ahead and do it right.
Online Shopping Groceries

5 Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites With Delivery Service

Grocery delivery services are convenient, and there are plenty of options to choose from. But how do you know which is right for you? We’ve broken down five of the best online grocery sites to give you everything you need to know to decide.
Thanksgiving Family Celebrating Dinner Holiday Tradition

25 Thanksgiving Potluck Food Dishes & Recipe Ideas (Budget-Friendly)

To help save money and reduce labor over Thanksgiving, many hosts ask guests to bring dishes to share the burden and cost. But if you’re only bringing one dish to the table, you want it to wow without breaking the bank. Try one of these budget-friendly Thanksgiving potluck recipes.
Thanksgiving Roasted Chicken Oranges Rosemary Cranberries Pine Cone

12 Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner – Substitute Food Ideas

Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey. But it’s also synonymous with excess and food waste. When holiday leftovers end up in the garbage, you’re throwing away money and the energy that got it into your oven. These Thanksgiving turkey alternatives can help you reduce food (and cash) waste.
Halloween Treats Healthy Fruits Bananas Apple Orange

50 Halloween Party Food Ideas & Recipes for Snacks & Appetizers

Despite the implication of personal choice in children’s whimsical door-to-door seasonal query, Halloween is more about treats than tricks. And there’s no reason that can’t go beyond candy. Even if you’re not an expert cook, there are tons of easy and inexpensive Halloween recipes to choose from.
Pile Of Food Scraps Vegetables Leftovers

How to Regrow Vegetables, Fruits & Others Foods From Kitchen Scraps

Regrowing food from scraps is an effective way to save money on food and eliminate food waste. It can also help you keep fresh food on the table if there are supply shortages. With a sunny windowsill and a bit of patience, you can turn these castoffs into healthy produce for your family.
Poor Child Eating Dinner Not Adequate Sad Family

7 Food Assistance Programs to Feed Your Family When in Financial...

Right now, families are struggling to keep food on the table in nearly every corner of the country. So what do you do when you’ve tried every strategy to save money on food but still can’t make ends meet? That’s when it’s time to ask for help, and these are the places you can get it.
Asian Woman Wearing Mask Grocery Shopping Store Aisle Cart

Generic vs. Name Brand Products at the Grocery Store – How...

Buying store-brand products is a great way to save money on groceries. They're nearly always cheaper than name brands, and they're often equal in quality. But not all store brands get top marks. Here's how to tell when store brands are truly bargains and when it's worth spending more.
Cook Book Eggs Dishes Lemon

Creating a Family Cookbook of Recipes: Cost, Benefits & Tips to...

If you're not utilizing your kitchen as much as you'd like to, consider making a cookbook or recipe book your whole family can enjoy. When used regularly, a recipe book can help you cut your grocery costs, simplify meal planning, and create a valued family heirloom.