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What Is a No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance Policy?

A no-exam life insurance policy is often more expensive than a comparable policy that requires a medical exam, but the added cost may be worth it for people concerned about what a thorough exam might reveal about their health. Learn about no-medical-exam life insurance and how it stacks up.
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37 Best Online Banks of 2021

With more online banks to choose from than ever before, how do you decide which one to pick? Start with this list breaking down the best online banks available today.
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32 Online Shopping Sites With Free Shipping & How to Get...

Online shopping is convenient. But sometimes, those steep shipping rates make the traffic and crowds at brick-and-mortar stores seem a little more tolerable. Fortunately, some of the most popular online stores ship your order without charging you an extra cent. Is your favorite on the list?
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Living on the Minimum Wage – Is It Possible in 2021?

Almost 2 million Americans live on minimum wage, which despite inflation hasn’t increased since 2009. But is that a living wage? Explore the ins and outs of living on just $7.25 per hour through both a fictional American named Kai and the stories of real-life Americans who do it every day.
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16 Best Banks With the Highest-Interest CD Rates in 2021

No investment or savings vehicle is entirely without risk, but certificates of deposit (CDs) offer more security and predictability than most. If you're on the hunt for above-average CD rates, take a look at these banks.
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10 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food for Your Dog...

There are benefits to pet ownership aside from having a lovable companion. However, these benefits come at a cost. But there are many ways to save money on pet food and enjoy the joys of pet ownership without the financial strain. These tips can help.
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12 Tips to Buy a Great Mattress at a Bargain Price...

Getting a better deal on the best mattress for your budget is about more than finding the best price. That’s why it pays to have a mattress buying guide that includes more than just traditional deal-hunting strategies. Follow these tips the next time you go mattress shopping.
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13 Best Online Games & Apps to Teach Kids About Managing...

To get along in today’s world, kids need to learn about things like electronic banking, compound interest, and the importance of staying debt-free. Fortunately, the Internet has a wealth of educational websites, games, and banking apps to help kids of all ages master the basics of personal finance.
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How to Best Use Your COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment

The United States Senate passed broad economic stimulus measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while not everyone has the luxury of saving their $1,200 stimulus payments for a rainy day, there are several ways those who do can put it to good use — for themselves or others.
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How to Show Proof of Income – Common Sources & Situations

There are many occasions in which you may need to prove your income, whether you’re attempting to get a mortgage, auto loan, a new apartment, or a public welfare benefit. Read on to learn how to show proof of income from the most common income sources in a wide range of situations.
Bank Account Promotions

29 Best New Bank Account Promotions & Offers – September 2021

There's no shortage of enticing opportunities for banking clients right now. But sorting through the best offers can be tricky. So we've done the work for you. Read on for our roundup of the best bank promotions for this month and the requirements you must meet to qualify for each.
Best Free Checking Account

37 Best Free Checking Accounts at U.S. Banks

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find truly free checking accounts. At many banks, you're now required to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the privilege...