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10 Ways to Volunteer Your Time and Give Back to the...

There are many worthwhile and rewarding volunteer opportunities in the world, but how do you choose? It can be helpful to create a list of possibilities and vet them before deciding which are the best fits. Here are 10 easy ways to find volunteer opportunities that are right for you.
Volunteer Help Search Team Work Support

13 Good Places to Volunteer – Opportunities & Organizations

The world is filled with deserving organizations that depend on the efforts of unpaid volunteers. No matter your strengths or which causes you care about most, there’s no shortage of organizations that would welcome your help. Here’s how to find good places to volunteer your time and energy.
Teamwork Joined Hands Fist Join Hands

6 Benefits & Reasons to Volunteer Your Time or Work for...

Not all volunteering activities are voluntary. Court-mandated community service, often in lieu of financial penalties, is a common component of criminal and civil judgments...
Give Word Letters Hands Holding

How to Help & Support Charities Without Donating Money

Giving back doesn’t always have to mean donating money. There are many ways to support charities and nonprofits even when you’re low on funds. Find out how to support charities when you can’t make a cash donation, including giving of your time, skills, involvement, or even your space.
Charitable Giving Tax Deductions Money Bills

Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions & Donations

Charitable contributions help you improve the world — and your tax bill. The rules can be complicated, but it’s worth your time to know what you’re entitled to deduct to get your maximum refund.
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10 Ways to Shop for a Cause and Give Back This...

‘Tis the season for shopping. After all, what is the holiday season for if not the joy of giving? And many people also want to set aside some funds for charitable giving. But even if your coffers are running low, these tips can help you support good causes this holiday season.
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8 Ways to Handle Gift Giving on a Tight Budget

Between yearly events like birthdays and Christmas and infrequent milestones like graduations and weddings, buying all the gifts you need each year can get expensive. But there are loads of tips and tricks you can use to spend less on gifts all year long.
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26 Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Already Has Everything

We all have them in our lives: friends and family members who seem to have everything. They can feel impossible to shop for. But all is not lost. It’s easier than ever to buy outstanding gifts for even the most challenging recipient. Here are 25 practical, thoughtful ideas anyone will appreciate.
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How to Give Back to the Community & Be Charitable on...

In early 2020, America’s economy took a sudden dive, leaving millions out of work. Even if money’s tight for you, it’s hard knowing there are so many out there who have it even worse. But many excellent charities are providing relief. And fortunately, there are ways to give no matter your budget.
Join Americorps Benefits Drawbacks Service

Should I Join AmeriCorps? – Benefits & Drawbacks of Service

Interested in volunteering? What about giving back to the community, gaining a leg up in the workforce, and meeting like-minded people? AmeriCorps is a...
Time Banking Trade Services

Time Banking Explained – How to Trade Services With a Time-Based...

Suppose you've got a leaky toilet in your bathroom. After trying without success to repair it yourself, you call a plumber who gets the job done...
Unwanted Holiday Gifts

What to Do With Unwanted Holiday Gifts – How to Return,...

In National Retail Federation surveys about which gifts people want for the holidays, the number one answer, year after year, is a gift card. Many people...