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Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – Coverage & How It Works

In 1996, 10.6 million American children - one out of every seven kids in the country - had no health insurance, according to a report from...
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What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

Nearly all states require car owners to carry auto insurance, not none require comprehensive coverage. But that doesn’t mean this coverage lacks value — it can reduce the net cost of major repairs to your vehicle. Learn more about comprehensive coverage auto insurance and whether it’s right for you.
Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim

Filing A Claim On Your Homeowner’s Insurance Will Not Increase Your...

When I am doing inspections for property damage to residential property, I get this question about 75% of the time: Will filing this claim cause...
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Is Pet Health Insurance Worth the Cost for Veterinary Care?

To most pet owners, their animals are full-fledged family members. It makes sense to invest in pet health insurance to protect your furry friend’s health without breaking the bank. But it’s not the best option for all pet owners. Learn more about the pros, cons, and alternatives before you buy.
Divorce Insurance Coverage

What Is Divorce Insurance Coverage?

One of the latest products to be rolled out by the insurance industry is divorce insurance. Yes, you heard me correctly, divorce insurance. The...
Car Insurance Inclusions

What’s In Your Car Insurance?

When you buy car insurance, you're actually buying a whole bundle of different insurances for different situations, some of which don't apply to your...
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COBRA Health Insurance Guide – Continue Coverage After Ending a Job

Because most Americans get their health insurance through an employer, losing your job often means losing your health coverage with it. COBRA coverage can offer a useful alternative to a marketplace plan in some situations. Learn about COBRA and how COBRA coverage can help you if you lose your job.
Dealing With Claims Adjuster

How To Deal With A Claims Adjuster When You Disagree On...

A reader sent this question to us about a water damage claim she is dealing with that occurred in her home. I was a...
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What Is Medicare – How It Works & What It Covers

People often talk about Medicare as if it were a single plan that covered millions of Americans. In reality, it’s a highly complicated system with many different types of coverage. Once you understand your choices, it’s easier to find the one that’s right for you.

Evaluate Your Insurance Policies When Money Is Tight

When money is tight, it is a good idea to review your budget for expenses that you are able to cut back on. One...
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9 Ways to Get Health Insurance Coverage Without a Job

Whether you’re unemployed, self-employed, employed without health coverage, or aiming to retire before you’re eligible for Medicare, it’s risky to go without health insurance. The good news is that you’re not alone. And when millions of people find themselves in the same quandary, solutions tend to emerge. Here are the best solutions for you to consider if you don’t get employer health benefits, don’t yet qualify for Medicare, and don’t like the idea of going without health insurance.
What's Umbrella Insurance

What Is Umbrella Insurance – Do I Need a Policy?

Imagine that you're just a few years away from a well-deserved retirement. You've got a sizable retirement account, plus a house and car that are fully...