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Boy Holding Credit Card Banking Kids

10 Best Bank Accounts for Kids Under 18 (Checking & Savings)...

Opening a bank account for your kids and becoming a joint account holder is a great way to teach kids basic money management skills like budgeting, saving, and setting long-term financial goals. We round up the best checking and savings accounts for kids under age 18.
Online Banking Devices

35 Best Online Banks of 2021

With more online banks to choose from than ever before, how do you decide which one to pick? Start with this list breaking down the best online banks available today.
Irs Schedule B The Tax Form (1)

Schedule B (Tax Form 1040) Instructions – Interest and Dividends

One of the main reasons to invest your money is to make more of it by earning interest and dividends. But that income isn’t free — you have to pay taxes on it. That’s where IRS Schedule B comes in. Learn about Form 1040 Schedule B, the tax form for interest and dividends, and how to complete it.
Money Transfer International From Laptop Remote

7 Best Ways to Send or Transfer Money Internationally With Less...

People send money overseas for many reasons. Unfortunately, the world of international banking is a byzantine mess of regulations, fees, and different ways of sending money. Learn how to send money overseas and the best ways to transfer funds internationally to cut down on fees.
Cash Management Account

Cash Management Account – What It Is, Pros & Cons of...

A cash management account combines many of the best features of checking, savings, and investment accounts into one product. What are cash management accounts, why would you consider one, and where can you find them? Find the answers here.
Woman Holding Paper Cut Out Of Family With Pink Heart

8 Common Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Life insurance can be a vital financial safety net for your spouse and children. But death is an uncomfortable subject, and misconceptions about life insurance make it easier for us to delay thinking about it. Learn the truth behind these myths today to better protect your family in the future.
Financial Literacy Notebook Graphs

Are You Financially Literate? – Tips & Resources for Education on...

If you feel like an incomplete understanding of basic personal finance concepts cost you last year, you’re not alone. Thankfully, financial literacy isn’t rocket science. You can overcome whatever knowledge gaps you face today and cease leaving money on the table. Start here.
Credit Cards Notebook Calculator Keyboard

11 Best Credit Cards to Use to Pay Your Taxes in...

Paying taxes with a credit card isn’t always ideal, but it does make sense for certain taxpayers, especially those who’ve recently signed up for new cards with long 0% APR introductory promotions or generous sign-up bonuses. Read on for suggestions of the best credit cards to use to pay your taxes.
How To Draft A Freelance Invoice

Freelance Invoice Templates – What to Include & How to Draft

For freelancers, being highly skilled in your given area of expertise doesn’t necessarily equate to knowing your way around the financial aspects of working for yourself. Learn how to draft a professional freelance invoice, how to build an invoice template, and what clauses and terms to include.
Female Student Siting On Bench Checking Account Online Browsing

9 Best College Student Checking Accounts in 2021

If you’re a student looking for a place to park your money without excessive fees or unrealistic balance requirements, check out the impressive array of low-cost, low-balance checking accounts available to students. These are among the top FDIC-insured checking accounts for U.S.-based students.
Banks Vs Credit Unions

Credit Unions vs. Banks – Differences, Pros & Cons

Banks and credit unions have much in common, but they are hardly interchangeable. Each has strengths and weaknesses you need to understand before opening an account or applying for a loan. Learn about the differences between credit unions and banks, and the pros and cons of each.
Wine Glass Luxury

Luxury Items for Less: 7 Affordable Alternatives to Luxury Goods

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. But sometimes, spending more doesn’t get you anything in return. That’s often the case with these luxury items. And you can save big money buying alternatives that offer the same look or performance at a much more affordable price point.