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If you’re trying to save money on a tight budget, shopping for shoes can cause dread rather than enjoyment. If you want to reduce your footwear expenses, one of the best strategies is to buy discount shoes online rather than shopping in a store. These are the best discount shoe websites around.
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Chances are your cellphone bill takes up a noticeable portion of your monthly expenses — which makes it a great place to look for meaningful savings. A few changes to your plan and altering some habits can do the trick. Read on for a list of creative ways you can lower your monthly cellphone bills.
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21 Ideas for a Cheap, Romantic Staycation

A romantic vacation or weekend getaway you can't afford can do more harm to your relationship than good. Luckily, there's another option: a staycation. If you're planning an intimate day, romantic weekend, or something in between, consider these budget-friendly date ideas.
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Hotels and other accommodations can get expensive quickly, but there are many ways for travelers to stay inexpensively or even for free. You can do plenty to reduce your lodging costs anywhere in the world. Learn how to find cheap accommodations and lodging anywhere your travels may take you.
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American drivers spend staggering amounts of money on gas for their cars. You can’t control the price of gasoline, but you can follow these simple tips to reduce your overall fuel consumption.
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No matter how well you treat your home appliances, they're all destined for the scrap heap sooner or later. You can avoid pricey emergency purchases and reduce your final cost by buying at the right times of year and following these money-saving tips.
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If you’re looking forward to the Super Bowl as a welcome break from the gloom of winter, you don’t need a couple hundred dollars to celebrate it. In fact, hosting a Super Bowl bash is one of the easiest ways to throw a party on a budget. And these tips can save you even more money.