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Home Depot Storefront

25 Home Depot Shopping Tips & Tricks to Save Money

Whether you’re tackling a major renovation or a small DIY project, The Home Depot has you covered. And there are tons of coupons, deals, and programs to help you save money at America’s largest home improvement superstore. Use these Home Depot hacks to slash your expenses on everything from paint to plants to lumber.
Unemployed Jobless Crisis Recession Man Sitting On Steps

How to Prepare Financially & Survive Unemployment or Job Loss –...

Many people are facing the prospect of reduced hours or losing their jobs as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the globe and companies are shutting their doors or reducing staff. If you’re worried you’re going to lose your job, it’s essential you start financially preparing to survive unemployment.
Pug Eating Dog Food Blue Bowl

What to Feed Your Dog – Cheap, Healthy Dog Food Brands...

Do you ever wonder if you’re choosing the best dog food? Many owners wrestle with this question, but the array of options is overwhelming. That’s why it’s essential you understand those options, including the ingredients in manufactured foods and what human foods your furry friend can eat.
Cut Cost Scissor Table Letters

12 Simple Costs to Cut in Your Life Now for $12,963...

Think there's nothing you can cut in your budget? Think again. "Invisible" expenses are as dangerous as they are hard to spot at first. And cutting them can add up to significant savings. Here are the most common hidden expenses in your budget and exactly how much they cost you every year.
Hungry Jack Russell Terrier Dog Food Bowl Water

How Much Does a Dog Really Cost? – Where to Save...

Dogs bring a vast array of benefits to their owners. These benefits come with a price tag — an average of $2,883 per year. But owning a dog doesn’t have to be this expensive. There are some dog care products and services you don’t need to spend big bucks on. Just don’t skimp on the wrong ones.
Wine Glass Luxury

Luxury Items for Less: 4 Affordable Alternatives to Luxury Goods

Luxury items like wine, diamonds, prescription eyewear, and shampoo can add up and be too expensive for the average budget. These alternatives can help you get the high-quality product you want from a luxury item without the high price tag. With these luxury item substitutes, you don't have to sacrifice the luxury experience you want to stay within your budget.
Online Shopping Free Shipping Laptop Bags

22 Online Shopping Sites With Free Shipping & How to Get...

Online shopping is convenient. But sometimes, those steep shipping rates make the traffic and crowds at brick-and-mortar stores seem a little more tolerable. Fortunately, some of the most popular online stores ship your order without charging you an extra cent. Is your favorite on the list?
Thousand Dollars 100 Bills

8 Ideas to Make & Save an Extra $1,000 Fast (in...

Build your emergency savings account with these fast and easy ways to make extra money. Simple changes like cutting your monthly expenses, lowering your loan payments, getting a side gig, and trimming your monthly bills can save you up to $1,000 or more per month.
Basic Guide Filing Tax Returns

How to File Your Tax Return – 2020 Basics & Guide

Doing your own taxes can be confusing, but it's a life skill that all financially informed people should develop. We've gathered information to help...
Online Shopping Coupon Codes

How to Save Up to $1,465 per Year Shopping Online With...

Although extreme couponing can save you a lot of money at checkout, it's also a big hassle. You have to amass a large collection of...
Instagram Phone Money

How Instagram Influencers Are Making You Overspend and How to Resist

While our real-life friends may not give us immediate opportunities to purchase the products they share with us, some of our online “friends” do. If you’re on Instagram, it’s likely that some of the people you follow are constantly showing you new products to buy and a lifestyle to aspire to. Instagram has a whopping one billion active monthly users worldwide and growing. It's easier than ever to fall into the trap of keeping up, and overspending as a result. Here's how you can avoid that.
Couple Bedroom Balloon Hearts Staycation Valentines Day

21 Ideas for a Cheap, Romantic Staycation

The daily grind is not romantic. If you've ever found yourself in a relationship rut, you've probably thought about interrupting that grind - perhaps...