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What Is The Sunk Cost Fallacy

What Is the Sunk Cost Fallacy – Examples and How to...

As investors, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. There are numerous cognitive biases that cost us money; the sunk cost fallacy is one of these costly quirks of the human mind. Read on to learn about the sunk cost fallacy, some examples of the phenomenon in action, and how to avoid falling into it.
Curb Financial Anxiety

10 Ways to Curb Financial Anxiety When You’re Stressed About Money

Finances are a common source of stress. If you’ve ever experienced middle-of-the-night anxiety over money, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you have the power to regain control of your financial thoughts and actions. Here are several ways to curb your financial anxiety when you’re stressed about money.
Invest In Yourself Board Clips Sign

11 Best Ways to Invest in Yourself & Build a Better...

Investing in yourself provides a great return on investment in a myriad of areas of your life, including your physical and emotional, career, education, goals, creative pursuits, passions or interests, and relationships. Find free or low-cost ideas for investing in yourself to build a better life.
Net Worth Chart Graphs Beads Climbing Pink

How to Separate Your Self Worth From Your Net Worth

If you feel like your self-worth is contingent on your financial standing, know that you’re not alone. Thankfully there are ways to overcome this way of thinking. Learn how to separate your self-worth from your net worth so you can focus on being the person you want to be regardless of money.
New Years Resolution List Goals Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions by Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Breaking New Year’s resolutions is so common it’s become a cliche. But the trouble with your resolution isn’t you. It’s the resolution itself. If you want to stick to your resolutions this year, shift your thinking. A SMART goal is a road map to help you finally keep your New Year’s resolution.
Financial Success Growth Money Climbing Cityscape Horizon Graph

How the Wealthy Think Differently About Money – Mindsets for Success

The self-made wealthy think differently about money, and it shows in the results they can achieve with it. Learn how the wealthy think about personal finances and investing and how you can adopt these mindsets to improve your finances and your life.
Failure Success Lightbulb Switch Light

The Importance of Failure in Life and How to Learn From...

Failure feels terrible. It's demoralizing, embarrassing, and can wreck your self-confidence if you let it. However, failure can be one of your most valuable...
Persuasive Type Writer Letters Black And White

How to Be More Persuasive – Get What You Want in...

Knowing how to influence others can pay off big in your life and career, whether you're a recent college grad, manager, or stay-at-home parent....
Self Care Teal Paperpink Background

How to Practice Self-Care on a Budget – 7 Types &...

Our modern lives are hectic and stressful, and it’s easy to burn out. Enter: self-care. You don’t need pricey splurges like spa treatments or professional massages to boost your physical, mental, and emotional health. Check out these ways to enjoy some self-care that are low-cost or even free.
Standing On The Line Think On Feet Sneakers

How to Think on Your Feet to Make Better Decisions &...

Do you freeze up when you're under pressure? Many people do. It's a natural reaction to a stressful situation, whether you're facing tough questions during...
Personal Development Concept Soaring Flying

10 Personal Development Lessons I’ve Learned From 200 Hours of Audiobooks

I've listened to a lot of personal development audiobooks over the years. Despite listening to hundreds of hours, I've always been reluctant to write about...
Public Speaking Microphone Blurred Lights

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills and Overcome Your Fear

If you're like most people, you'd rather get a root canal than speak in front of a crowd. Public speaking is one of those...