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Reduce Homeownership Costs

12 Ways to Reduce Homeownership Costs & Budget-Busting Expenses

Homeowners face an uphill battle against rising costs that gets steeper all the time. But homeowners do control many of their own housing expenses and have plenty of options to save money — particularly if you get creative. Read on to learn several creative ways to reduce your homeownership costs.
Barista Making Latte Art Coffee Shop

Latte Factor – Giving Up Lattes Won’t Make You Rich But...

The famous “latte factor” refers to all the small, hidden budget busters, like a daily latte, that are stealthily siphoning away your cash. Some claim the key to wealth is to give up these small luxuries and channel that money into investments instead. But will this really grow your wealth?
Wow Factor Overpay

The “Wow” Factor: Do You Overpay For It?

One of the great things about buying new gadgets and toys is that you get to show it off, right? All around me people...
Why Do We Save

Why Do We Save?

Why do we save our money and not spend everything we have the second we have the money? What is it we are accomplishing...
Anti Budget Less Stressful Way

The Anti-Budget: A Less Stressful Way to Manage Your Finances

I believe that budgets are a wonderful tool for really getting a good, close-up view of your financial picture. With a budget, it's easy...
Great Songs About Personal Finance

8 Great Songs about Personal Finance

Rock stars didn't start out rich, and they often bring a certain mindset about money and finances to their songwriting. Believe it or not,...
Debt Addiction Defined

What Is Debt Addiction?

For many people, our personal demons show up in many areas of our life, including our finances. Some of us try to make ourselves feel...
Money Learned Kindergarten

All I Need to Know about Money I Learned in Kindergarten

There's an interesting poem by Robert Fulghum from a book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I first came...
Things That Lose Value

8 Things That Lose Value as Soon as You Buy Them

There are plenty of things we buy that increase in value over time. Unfortunately, not everything we purchase will gain value. Here are the...
Finance Do Not Do

The Do Not Do’s Of Finance

Have you ever made a stupid financial decision that you came to regret later? If so, then join the club. We have all made...
5 Things Learn Early Age

5 Things That You Wish You Learned At An Early Age

I recently wrote a post about the best financial advice from your parents. These topics ranged from getting out of debt to buying a...
Best Parental Financial Advice

Best Financial Advice That You Got From Your Parents

I still remember those long talks from my parents that I used to get about being financially responsible. From teenage years onwards my parents...