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Barista Making Latte Art Coffee Shop

Latte Factor – Giving Up Lattes Won’t Make You Rich But...

The famous “latte factor” refers to all the small, hidden budget busters, like a daily latte, that are stealthily siphoning away your cash. Some claim the key to wealth is to give up these small luxuries and channel that money into investments instead. But will this really grow your wealth?
Leanfire Vs Fatfire

Lean FIRE vs. Fat FIRE — Differences in Early Retirement Strategies

The “financial independence, retire early” (FIRE) movement has many adherents. But there’s a big difference between having enough money to live in a van down by the river and enough money to live the rest of your life in style. Find out the differences between two approaches: lean FIRE and fat FIRE.
Financial Regrets Older Americans

7 Greatest Financial Regrets of Older Americans & How to Avoid...

It often takes decades for the consequences of your actions to become apparent. Those are decades you can’t get back, and the lost time impacts your lifelong wealth. Learn from the financial mistakes of those who’ve gone before you with these top financial regrets reported by older Americans.
Financial Independence Not Early Retirement

FIRE – Why Financial Independence Doesn’t Have to Equal Retiring Early

Short for “financial independence, retire early,” the FIRE movement has spread like a blaze among many younger and middle-aged workers. But should you quit working entirely just because you can afford to? Learn why financial independence doesn’t require retiring early, and what you could do instead.
Retired Wooden Sign On Door

11 Unorthodox Retirement Planning Tips & Savings Strategies

Americans are increasingly on their own for retirement planning. However, you don’t necessarily need to save millions of dollars to have a comfortable retirement. Here are 11 ideas to approach your retirement planning more creatively and ensure you have the income you need in your golden years.
What Is The Sunk Cost Fallacy

What Is the Sunk Cost Fallacy – Examples and How to...

As investors, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. There are numerous cognitive biases that cost us money; the sunk cost fallacy is one of these costly quirks of the human mind. Read on to learn about the sunk cost fallacy, some examples of the phenomenon in action, and how to avoid falling into it.
Curb Financial Anxiety

10 Ways to Curb Financial Anxiety When You’re Stressed About Money

Finances are a common source of stress. If you’ve ever experienced middle-of-the-night anxiety over money, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you have the power to regain control of your financial thoughts and actions. Here are several ways to curb your financial anxiety when you’re stressed about money.
True Bill Vs Trim Cut Expenses

Truebill vs. Trim – Which App Can Help You Save the...

Truebill and Trim can both help you manage your money and cut monthly expenses. The apps have many similar features, but their costs and user experience differ significantly. Which is best for you? Find out here.
Reduce Homeownership Costs

12 Ways to Reduce Homeownership Costs & Budget-Busting Expenses

Homeowners face an uphill battle against rising costs that gets steeper all the time. But homeowners do control many of their own housing expenses and have plenty of options to save money — particularly if you get creative. Read on to learn several creative ways to reduce your homeownership costs.
Wow Factor Overpay

The “Wow” Factor: Do You Overpay For It?

One of the great things about buying new gadgets and toys is that you get to show it off, right? All around me people...
Great Songs About Personal Finance

8 Great Songs about Personal Finance

Rock stars didn't start out rich, and they often bring a certain mindset about money and finances to their songwriting. Believe it or not,...
Debt Addiction Defined

What Is Debt Addiction?

For many people, our personal demons show up in many areas of our life, including our finances. Some of us try to make ourselves feel...