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Creating Couples Unified Budget

Five Steps to Creating a Unified Budget for Couples

It is hard enough to create and stick to a budget on your own. Add another person to the mix and you have some...
Fat Tax Revenue

Is A Fat Tax A Legitimate Source of Tax Revenue?

I was reading an article today about how the governor of New York David Paterson is including a "fat tax" in the 2010 budget. According to the...
Save Money Without Even Trying

5 Ways To Save Money Without Even Trying

Saving large sums of money can often be a really difficult and time consuming task. It's a lot easier to talk about saving $1,000,...
Dealing Lost Reduced Income

Dealing With Lost or Reduced Income

Reduced Income Is A Common Problem, But So Are Expenses In the current economic environment, with the quoted unemployment rate above 10% and the real unemployment rate closer to 18%, more and more people have either lost their total household income, their spouses income or had their income cut down due to reduced hours.
Discount Cards Danger

The Danger Of Discount Cards

Store discount cards are popping up everywhere now, from your local grocery store to warehouse clubs. These cards are promoted as a way for...
Have Money Talk Upon Engagement

Have The Money Talk When You Get Engaged

Congratulations! Depending on your situation, you either popped the question or accepted a proposal, either way now you're engaged. While this is very exciting...
Live Stylishly Tight Budget

How To Live Stylishly on a Tight Budget

I initially titled this post "Live Stylishly Within Your Means," but upon further investigation, I found that little phrase had no less than 267,000...
Money Management Tips

Money Management Tips for Living With Friends

Living with friends might seem like a good idea on paper, but it won't always work so well in reality. While you may have...
Best Parental Financial Advice

Best Financial Advice That You Got From Your Parents

I still remember those long talks from my parents that I used to get about being financially responsible. From teenage years onwards my parents...
5 Things Learn Early Age

5 Things That You Wish You Learned At An Early Age

I recently wrote a post about the best financial advice from your parents. These topics ranged from getting out of debt to buying a...
Tightward Conservative Person

Are You a Tightwad or Just Conservative?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word "tightwad" means "a close or miserly person." Let's take that a step further: "miserly" means "of, relating to or...
Consolidate Student Loans

How To Consolidate Your Student Loans

When it comes to student loans, the landscape has certainly changed. Lenders who used to be major players in the game have disappeared, and...