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Radon In Home

Radon in Your Home – Symptoms, Mitigation Systems & Cost

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil and bedrock underlying huge swathes of the continent. Fortunately, radon is easy to detect and not particularly costly to mitigate. Learn the basics about radon in your home, including how to detect and mitigate it.
Best Cities Buy Home

10 Best Cities to Buy a Home – Buyer’s Markets in...

In the world of real estate, the term "buyer's market" describes a local or regional market in which the supply of housing outweighs the...
For Rent Research Searching Property Laptop Desk

15 Best Cities to Buy a Rental Property for Investment in...

"I want to buy a rental property, but the numbers don't work in the city where I live." It's a common conundrum for would-be rental...
Hand Holding Bank Note Real Estate Cash House Expensive Financing

9 Types of Real Estate Investments Compared

You have plenty of real estate investment options to choose from, whether you want a fast one-time payout, hands-on work, or completely passive income. Here are some popular options to help you start building your real estate empire.
Miniature House On Top Of Cash Money

How to Pull Equity Out of Your Home – 5 Best...

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, pundits loved to gripe about “homeowners using their homes as ATMs.” Sure, just because you can take...
Upside Down House Mortgage

What to Do If You’re Underwater (Upside Down) on Your Home...

Also known as being upside-down, to be underwater on your mortgage means to owe more than your home is worth. A drop in the housing market, falling behind on your mortgage, or new information about the home’s condition can put you underwater. Here’s what to do if you’re underwater on your mortgage.
Eviction Notice Illustration Losing House

Eviction Process for Tenants – What to Do If You Get...

Eviction is a trying process for everyone involved. Knowing your rights as a tenant ahead of time helps you navigate the process with less confusion and stress, especially if you feel that you’re being unfairly evicted. Follow these tips to protect yourself as a tenant during the eviction process.
Sold House Real Estate Family Home Moving

7 Ways to Sell Your Home Without Hosting an Open House

Although open houses might be great fun for curious neighbors and looky-loos, do they offer any value to sellers? Maybe, but there are also better options in our technology-driven day and age. Read about some of your choices and learn the top ways to sell your home without hosting an open house.
Home Decor Rustic Lavender Lantern

25 Vintage Home Decor Ideas to Add Rustic Charm to Your...

You don’t have to buy and renovate an old Victorian beauty to have a vintage-feeling home. In fact, you don’t even need to spend much money, especially if you’re willing to get your hands dusty. Here are 25 ways to create true vintage charm in even the blandest cookie-cutter home.
Welcome Home Door Mat Shoes Sneakers Family House

Urban vs Suburban vs Rural Living – Differences to Consider Where...

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many American cities hard. In fact, many city dwellers are thinking about moving to a less populated area. But is that really the smartest move for your health or finances? Before selling your home, first examine the true cost of living in urban, suburban, and rural areas.
College Towns Live Forever

22 College Towns That You Can Live in Forever

Big cities are exciting and full of opportunity, but they’re also expensive. Dozens of smaller U.S. college towns offer economies and cultures that mimic large coastal cities without eye-popping housing costs or long commutes. Here are our picks for the top college towns for nonstudents.
Rent Strike Women Protest Fists

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: 1 in 3 Americans Would Join a...

As a result of financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, rent strikes have cropped up in many cities. But tenant strikes can be a divisive topic. To get a better read on where people stand on them, we asked Americans what they would do if they had the opportunity to join the movement.