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Young Girl Holding Dress Department Store

15 Back-to-School Clothes Shopping Tips to Save Money on Kids

After a summer of adventure, the time has come for kids to get ready to head back to school — and that means spending a couple hundred dollars or more on back-to-school clothes. But it doesn’t have to. With these strategies, you can survive the back-to-school season without breaking the bank.
Online Shopping Paper Parcel Cart Boxes Credit Card Laptop

11 Online Shopping Hacks You Can Use to Save Thousands of...

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that helps shoppers save money online. And its features give rise to several clever online shopping hacks that could significantly reduce your annual retail bill when paired with other common e-commerce savings strategies. Are you ready to save?
Woman Using Smartphone Holding Canned Good

4 Best Coupon Matchup Sites for Groceries – Our Real-World Test

There’s no shortage of coupon matchup sites out there. But which ones net you the most significant savings? We compared top contenders based on features, accuracy, and ease of use to figure out once and for all which coupon site is the best of the bunch.
Woman Holding Shopping Basket Smartphone Grocery Store

14 Best Grocery Coupon and Cash-Back Apps to Save Money

You can’t avoid food spending altogether. But there are numerous ways to save money on groceries and everyday essentials without sacrificing products you enjoy. Reduce grocery costs with your smartphone by downloading a few of these money-saving cash-back grocery apps.
Blue School Uniform Hanging Dresser

10 Ways to Save Money on School Uniforms for Kids

The percentage of public schools that require uniforms is on the rise. They provide many benefits for kids and schools, but uniforms have one big downside for parents: the cost. If your kids wear a uniform to school, these tips can save you lots of money from now until they graduate.
Young Woman Sitting Backpack Yoga Mat

15 Ways College Students Can Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies

If you’re heading to college, you’re likely experiencing a whole new level of sticker shock, even if your parents are helping you pay. College is expensive — really expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on back-to-school and dorm room supplies.
Free Neon Sign Brick Wall

16 Things You Can Get for Free – How to Get...

Believe it or not, you can get many things you buy every day for free. From necessities like food and clothing to fun stuff like travel and entertainment, an amazing number of things can be yours for nothing. These ideas won’t slash your budget to zero, but they’ll free up a nice chunk of cash.
Mother Packing Daughters Backpacks

16 Tips to Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies & Shopping List

Back-to-school time has become its own shopping season, second only to Christmas. If you’re stressed out about this upcoming drain on your bank account, take a deep breath. There are plenty of ways to avoid spending $1,000 per child this back-to-school season.
Ikea Warehouse Store Tables Lights Chairs

23 Ikea Shopping Tips & Tricks to Save Money

Ikea is best known for its modern, budget-friendly furniture, contemporary home decor, and tantalizing Swedish food offerings. But their giant stores are intimidating. If a trip to Ikea makes you feel adrift in a sea of sofas, what you need to get you back on solid ground is a little planning.
Finger Holding Contact Lens

12 Best Places to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses (Online & In-Store)

Like anything else you buy, if you want to save money on contacts, shopping for deals from the right retailers is crucial. Thankfully, numerous retailers can help contact lens wearers save money. If you’re tired of overpaying for this necessary expense, these are the places to shop.
Cyber Monday App Cellphone Credit Card

7 Best Credit Cards to Use on Black Friday & Cyber...

The end-of-year shopping season is upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday - North America's two biggest retail holidays - are nigh. There's just one item of...
Bicycle Pink Yelow Background White Green Bike

9 Tips for Saving Money When Buying a Bicycle

Owning a bicycle can be a money-saver — in the long run. It comes with a significant upfront cost. A good-quality new bike can cost anywhere from $400 to upward of $15,000. But by shopping strategically, you can find the best bike for you on a budget you can afford.