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Citi mtvU Platinum Select Credit Card Review for College Students

Advertiser Disclosure: This post includes references to offers from our partners. We receive compensation when you click on links to those products. However, the opinions expressed here are ours alone and at no time has the editorial content been provided, reviewed, or approved by any issuer.

This offer is no longer available.

Obtain a student credit card to develop your personal finance skills. Receiving rewards for charging more purchases to a credit card may seem tempting, but students should limit their spending, and pay their balances in full every month.

The Citi mtvU Platinum Select card rewards students for good grades. Students can redeem awards for MTV-branded merchandise and events.

Key Features

  • Earn ThankYou Points. For each dollar spent, students earn a point in Citi’s proprietary rewards program. Students earn five ThankYou points for spending in categories popular with students including book stores, movie theaters, music stores, restaurants, and video rental stores. Students can earn up to 75,000 ThankYou points each year.
  • Redeem Points for Exclusive Rewards. In addition to the normal ThankYou points reward options, cardholders can redeem points towards sponsored events and products from MTV. Otherwise, ThankYou points are worth .63 cents each when redeemed for cash, or between 0.71 and 1.00 cents each towards various gift card options.
  • Receive Rewards for Good Grades. Twice a year, student cardholders have the opportunity to submit their transcripts to Citi and receive additional reward points for their good grades. A 4.0 GPA is worth 2,000 points, and students with lower GPAs can also earn some bonus points.
  • Reward for On-Time Bill Payment. Cardholders receive another 25 points each month for paying their bill on time, and not exceeding their credit limit.
  • Interest Rates. Cardholders receive an introductory APR equal to the Prime Rate plus 9.74% to 17.74%, depending on the applicant’s credit score.
  • Introductory APR. Card members receive a 0% introductory APR on new purchases for the first seven months.
  • Annual Fee. There is no annual fee for this card.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee. There is a 3% foreign transaction fee on purchases made outside of the United States.


  1. Bonus ThankYou Points Spending Categories. Earning 5 points for every dollar charged in the various categories of merchants can quickly add up to a respectable award.
  2. Interesting Redemption Options. Fans of the MTV networks appreciate the opportunity to attend special events with their reward points, and cardholders also have many other travel and gift card redemption opportunities. Cardholders can redeem points for merchandise and exclusive events, including a tour of the mtvU studio, a meet and greet with an mtvU VJ, MTV Movie Awards show tickets, or MTV Video Music Awards show tickets.
  3. Introductory APR. A seven-month introductory financing period can help you meet your personal financial goals, but only if you pay off your debt before it expires.
  4. Rewards for Good Grades. Rewarding students for receiving good grades helps students to keep priorities in the proper perspective.


  1. Limited Rewards. This card offers limited bonus points for good grades and for on-time payments. “Up to” 4,000 points a year sounds great, but only students who maintain a 4.0 grade point average qualify for this offer. Students who let their grade point average slip to 3.99 or lower only receive 1,500 points, or less.
  2. Complex Rewards System. The restrictions and limitations in the rewards program make it less than straightforward.
  3. Trivial Bonus for On-Time Payment. The 25 points for on-time payments is only worth a quarter, or less. The 29.99% penalty APR, applied when late payments are made or payments are returned, can apply to new transactions indefinitely. Students should focus on avoiding the 29.99% penalty APR and the $35 late fee, rather than earning 25 points.
  4. High APR. This credit card has a high interest rate when compared to many other low APR interest credit cards.
  5. Foreign Transaction Fees. Students should leave this card at home when they visit Mexico for spring break, as there is no justification for paying the outrageous 3% foreign transaction fee on purchases.
  6. Open to College Students Only. Only applicants currently enrolled in college are eligible for this card.

Final Word

Despite some disadvantages, Citi’s mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card still makes our list of the 10 best credit cards for college students. By offering an introductory finance period and generous rewards with no annual fee, this card can help students to learn personal finance skills before leaving college. Before applying for any credit cards, students should discuss credit and debt with parents or guardians to get some perspective and advice on using credit cards.

Are you a student with a Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card? What do you think of the credit card rewards program?

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