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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Financial Relief & More


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At Money Crashers, we’ve been on top of the financial implications of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Whether you’re dealing with temporary unemployment, wondering how to help your employees, or contemplating the best investments in this unprecedented time, consider this your master resource.

Financial Resources

Coronavirus Emergency Financial Aid & Stimulus Measures (Latest) – Bookmark this regularly updated list of all the actions the U.S. government has taken to bolster the economy and how they affect you.

COVID-19 Stimulus Payments Eligibility & How to Get Yours – Thanks to the federal government’s March 2020 economic stimulus package, most Americans received one-time cash payments beginning in April 2020. Will there be a second stimulus payment? We update you on the latest here.

Second COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment – Eligibility & How to Get It – The U.S. government is sending another round of COVID-19 stimulus payments. The vast majority of American adults and children are eligible, but not everyone qualifies. Find out if and how you’ll receive your stimulus payment — and most important of all, when.

Third COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment – Eligibility & How to Get It – The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic spurred lawmakers to complete another stimulus package in early 2021. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a third round of direct payments to Americans — the biggest stimulus checks yet. Learn who is eligible and how to get it.

How to Best Use Your COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment – While not everyone has the luxury of saving their $1,200 stimulus payments for a rainy day, there are several ways those who do can put it to good use — for themselves or others.

Does Life Insurance Cover Coronavirus (COVID-19)? – One of the many sources of uncertainty for Americans these days involves a form of financial protection people usually regard as a sure bet: life insurance. Millions of us are wondering whether life insurance covers deaths attributable to COVID-19. On that front, there’s good news and bad news.

How You Can Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates Right Now – Interest rates are near historic lows due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact, which has brought whole sectors of industry to a standstill. While that’s bad news, there may be a silver lining for well-positioned borrowers. Here’s how you can take advantage of the current low interest rates.

Credit Cards Rewards & Benefits for the COVID-19 Era – The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted society and the economy on a global scale. And well over a dozen credit cards have temporarily added rewards categories (or increased existing rewards rates) and valuable fringe benefits to reflect their newly homebound users’ changing spending habits.

Resources for Employees & Independent Contractors


How to Prepare Financially & Survive Unemployment or Job Loss – 9 Tips – Many people are facing the prospect of reduced hours or losing their jobs as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the globe and companies are shutting their doors or reducing staff. If you’re worried you’re going to lose your job, it’s essential you start financially preparing to survive unemployment.

Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Guide – The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented spike in jobless claims. But the vast majority of workers are eligible for state unemployment benefits. Follow these steps to apply.

Employees Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Job Opportunities – It seems every new headline spells certain doom for the global economy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But many organizations have seen a spike in demand in the wake of the outbreak. If you worry your job is on the chopping block, explore these job options.

Worker Protections

Workers’ Compensation & COVID-19 – What You Need to Know – Work-related COVID-19 illness is eligible for workers’ compensation — but determining whether an infection is eligible and whether it warrants a claim isn’t always clear-cut. If you’ve been diagnosed with the virus, find out what you need to know about filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Disability Insurance & Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Are You Covered? – Among the many sources of trepidation for working Americans these days is whether their disability insurance will cover pandemic-related work loss. The answer is: It depends on the circumstances.

Compassionate (Paid) Family Leave – What It Covers & How to Use It – Compassionate leave or paid family leave gives flexibility to workers with family obligations and dependent care needs, and it’s fairly common in the developed economies of the world. What is compassionate leave and what would it look like in the U.S.? Learn more about it here.

Protections for Gig Economy Workers – Current & Proposed – State and local governments are proposing and enacting new laws to force companies to offer gig workers protections like health insurance and paid time off. Find out if you’re eligible for any here.

Resources for Employers

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – Guide for Small-Business Owners – The Small Business Administration is disbursing more than $600 billion in low-interest forgivable loans to many American small businesses, freelancers, and nonprofits through the Paycheck Protection Program. Find out if you qualify and how to apply before the money runs out.

PPP Loan Repayment & Forgiveness – Common Questions Answered – The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act allows borrowers to use up to 40% of their loans’ proceeds for certain nonpayroll expenses without jeopardizing forgiveness eligibility provided they use the remainder for payroll expenses. But many borrowers still have questions. Get the answers here.

Compassionate (Paid) Family Leave – What It Covers & How to Use It – Compassionate leave or paid family leave gives flexibility to workers with family obligations and dependent care needs, and it’s fairly common in the developed economies of the world. What is compassionate leave and what would it look like in the U.S.? Learn more about it here.


COVID Stocks – What They Are & Why You Should Invest in Them – COVID-19 stocks represent companies that provide products and services designed to prevent or treat the novel coronavirus. Do these stocks represent a good investment opportunity, and should you consider investing in them? Read on for more about the pros and cons of investing in COVID-19 stocks.

8 Investments to Protect Against a Post-COVID-19 Inflation Spike – With trillions of dollars announced in the COVID-19 stimulus, economists have sounded the alarm on rampant future inflation. Prices could spike, and the dollar’s value could collapse. But not all investments get hit evenly by dollar decay. Find out which investments can protect your portfolio.

5 Stocks to Buy as the Market Recovers From the COVID-19 Pandemic -COVID-19 has changed the world and many consumer behaviors and trends. The stock market, too, has been on a wild ride, with many sectors and companies still well below their pre-COVID valuations. What stocks should you buy in anticipation of the COVID-19 recovery? Here are several ideas to consider.

9 Best Investments to Make During a Recession With Volatile Markets – Even with market volatility, there are still investment opportunities. Understanding what those opportunities are and how to take advantage of them can leave you poised to succeed when the economy returns to normal.

How to Invest During a Stock Market Bubble and Cash in Before It Pops – Most people have heard of the dot-com bubble. Many believe it was the only bubble ever to inflate the market. But bubbles happen all the time, including now as we deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. And making your share of coin as these bubbles inflate — and even after they pop — isn’t as hard as you think.

Other Resources

COVID-19 Testing & Treatment – How Much Does It Cost? – With the pandemic showing no signs of abating, millions of Americans will face crushing COVID-19 treatment bills before it’s over. Even if you can’t control how the disease affects you, informed health care consumers owe it to themselves to know what to expect financially after a turn for the worse.

Coronavirus Scams – Real-World Examples & What to Watch Out For – History is rife with stories of tragedy bringing out the best in people. It’s also scarred by examples of the opposite. COVID-19’s arrival and corresponding economic shock have given rise to a host of scams. But you can learn how to spot the telltale signs of each grift and avoid falling victim.

How to Get Affordable Mental Health Treatment & Therapy on a Budget – Living through a global health crisis can take a toll on your mental health. Fortunately, there are ways to get help even if you’re short on money. Don’t struggle alone; check out these treatment options.

16 Charities and Nonprofits Providing COVID-19 Relief (Highest-Rated) – The one-two punch of the pandemic and recession has caused widespread suffering, as people worry about their health and finances simultaneously. You can help by donating to one of these top charities for COVID-19 relief.

How to Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Social distancing is causing many small businesses to close or scale back. That means there’s now less money going back into local economies. Thankfully, if you want to support local business owners while complying with social distancing, there are still plenty of options available.

Deals & Discounts for First Responders – First responders and essential workers are the glue that holds society together, particularly in times of crisis. Many American businesses recognize how important they are and are giving discounts to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Permanently Change Society & the Economy – One thing about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is already clear: It has dramatically changed societies and economies the world over. Many changes will outlive the pandemic, though to what extent depends on the eventual duration and toll it takes. Which ones will impact your life the most?

Final Word

The future is unpredictable in the best of times, and these are certainly not the best of times. While more of the population gets vaccinated and some areas of the world begin to return to “normal,” other areas are still struggling with surging infection rates. And the possibility of new variants continues to concern scientists and citizens alike.

We here at Money Crashers do know one thing for sure: We’ll keep abreast of the latest developments and continue to answer the most urgent questions at the intersection of COVID-19 and personal finance.