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Coupon Cactus Review – Online Deals & Coupons with Cash Back Shopping


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I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the coupon/deals site They offer coupons to over 3,700 stores, helping you save money every time you shop online. Additionally, they have a cash back feature which allows you to get additional savings back in cash for all purchases made through their site.

Before I begin, I just want to say that I am no stranger to online shopping. In another business endeavor of mine, I do a great deal of online shopping. There are a wealth of so-called “coupon sites” out there. I am here to tell you that Coupon Cactus seems to be head and shoulders above the rest.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Nothing is more annoying than checking some coupon site that claims to offer online discounts, only to find that the stores that they have listed are stores that you probably wouldn’t shop at in a million years. Or even worse, you take the time to investigate, find a coupon you want to use, and then come to find out that the coupon has already expired, or the coupon code they provide simply doesn’t work.

This is not the case with Coupon Cactus. I found that they have more stores on their site than most. Granted, a great deal of these are stores that I might only rarely shop at, but they also have coupon codes and discounts for many major retailers, in addition to some online retailers as well. I have yet to find the selection of stores I found at Coupon Cactus at any of the other online coupon sites.

The Perks

There is no membership required to use Coupon Cactus. However, to be eligible for the cash back option, you do need to sign up. The process took less than a minute. I confirmed my membership and I was ready to go.

The site lists the expiration date of all their coupons, so you know that the coupon you’re thinking of using is still good. Their site is broken down so you can shop by category or by store. They also have tabs for new coupons, expiring coupons, ones that offer the biggest discounts, and a “most popular” tab. Also, they have a tab for coupons advertising free shipping, sales and clearance items, and a Cactus Club Exclusives section.

The Process

If you’ve never used a coupon site before, I would highly suggest signing up for one, and I would recommend Coupon Cactus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Besides groceries, I am a firm believer that you should never pay full price for anything! Find the coupon that you’re interested in using and most of the time you don’t even have to enter a code. Simply clicking on the coupon will apply the discount. Sometimes, a code is required, but that is a simple copy and paste process.

The Stores

Coupon Cactus seems to set themselves apart from other coupon sites because of their  inclusion of some of the more popular retailers.

Here is a short list of some of the stores that you can find there:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • Staples
  • Old Navy
  • Kmart
  • HP
  • Sears
  • Toys “R”  Us
  • Babies “R” Us
  • The Children’s Place

And, something else I don’t think I ever saw on other coupon sites is that they offer discounts for other online retailers as well. I found coupons for,, and Tiger Direct too.

The Particulars

I really tried to dig into this site so I could get as much info as possible for our readers. Here are some other pertinent facts that you may find of interest.

Regarding your cash back reward, it is mailed in the form of a check once every three months, and the check is sent six weeks after the quarter ends. This may sound like a long time but it is actually shorter compared to other cash back reward programs. They have an option to be paid through PayPal if you like, and another key feature that I found is that if your reward for any one quarter is less than $10, they just roll it over to the next quarter. In a lot of cash back programs, you would lose this money if you didn’t meet their minimum threshold.

Don’t try to combine multiple coupons on a single purchase, as sometimes it will invalidate both coupons, or at least one of them. It’s better to buy multiple items separately and enter your coupons separately.

I found some other restrictions as well, but  nothing out of the ordinary and nothing you wouldn’t expect. The discounts don’t apply towards the purchase of gift cards, taxes on your purchases are not discounted nor do they count towards your cash back rewards. There are other restrictions, but nothing crazy.

Referral Program

Coupon Cactus also has a referral program. You can send an email to your friends and family to get them to sign up and you will receive a bonus of all cash back earned by the people you refer for life. In one part of the site they state that this bonus is 10%, in another place they say its 25%. I am not sure which one is accurate.

But they also offer another clever option. There is a link under your account page that you can simply add to the signature line of your emails. The link has your account number embedded into it; so therefore, you would receive this bonus cash back for anyone who clicks on that link and signs up. You don’t even really have to send out any annoying invitations, just include it at the bottom of all your emails.

My Take

It seems like Coupon Cactus has identified all of the faults and negatives associated with most of the other coupon sites out here and solved them. All the coupon links that they had listed that I checked were not expired, and I checked on quite a few, and they have some great stores associated with their site.

The process to sign up could not be simpler or faster, and their cash back option is great. You should at least check them out. And if you’re still paying full price for anything that you buy online, becoming a member of Coupon Cactus could solve that issue for life.

Their referral program is great, and their inclusion of the link that you can add to your emails is a nice touch.

I have already signed up for Coupon Cactus, and during the writing of this review, I even bought something! Take a few minutes and check them out, I doubt you’ll be sorry you did.

Anybody out there already a member of Coupon Cactus? If so, please share your experiences with our readers below.


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