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Personal Finance Round-Up: Preventing Identity Theft While Holiday Shopping

Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year has just past. Some of you may have hit the stores and stayed up all night to get the killer deals. Others of you may be planning for the biggest online shopping day, Cyber Monday.

No matter what your plans though, these big shopping days don’t always end well and you need to do what you can to protect yourself.

I’m talking about identity theft – which Cyber Monday and Black Friday are prime targets for. Identity theft is a rampart crime these days and anyone can become a victim. Using these tips published in an infographic on Identity Hawk, you can take measures to protect yourself during the holiday shopping season.

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Cash versus credit will always be a debate. One way works for some, the other for others. Whatever you do, stop following the rules and discover what works best for you.

The Winners in Life Are the Masters of Time [Unconventional Thinking Blog]
Time – it’s something we all have to obey…or do we? If you really want something to happen, or accomplish a goal, you must make time for it.

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For every door that closes, another one opens up. That goes for job loss as well. If you lose your job, look for the opportunities that you’ve just been given and pursue those.

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Jesse Michelsen
Jesse Michelsen is a 23 year freelance writer with a passion for personal finance. Without any formal education in finance, he writes about his own experiences in managing money, budgeting and investing with the goal of retirement at 40 always in mind. He resides in Utah with his wife, 2 girls, and baby boy on the way.

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