10 Websites That Help You Earn Extra Money

We are all searching for new and innovative ways to make extra money. I have spoken many times about the importance of not relying on one stream of income. I worry greatly about families that still rely on one income. If that income goes away in the form of being laid off, then your life will be severely altered. If you were able to create one or two other streams of income, then losing your day job would not be quite as big of a hit.

Wisebread.com has a great list of websites you probably never heard of that could help you save and earn extra money

I had never heard of Zilok.com, the site that lets you rent out your stuff for cash. I checked it out, and there wasn’t much being rented in my area, but I don’t think the buzz about this site has spread yet. If you are worried about liability, most homeowner’s policies will cover your liability for loaning your stuff out to others. If you find yourself renting out your stuff frequently, consider buying an umbrella liability policy. The other site that caught my attention was Cross Loop. I always find myself helping people with their computer problems. I am thinking about creating an account and possibly doing PC repair and help desk support as an extra source of income. If you are a computer whiz as a hobby, you should consider taking advantage of this website as well.

Think outside the box, and don’t rely solely on your paycheck to provide for you.

  • http://fabulouslybrokeinthecity.blogspot.com Fabulously Broke

    Those are some pretty creative sites to make money. I like the one where you trade your skill for cash. Makes me think of the old way of doing things by bartering..

  • Charissa Arsaoui

    I like the idea of making money while I sleep! I do a lot of side work online–mystery shopping, product reviews, freelance writing and really enjoyed this article. There were even a few websites that I had never heard about that I plan to check out.

    Walletboosters.com is a great place to find additional income sources as well. It is highly informative and up-to-date. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for way to make some extra cash.

  • Elizabeth I

    Thanks Charissa for posting walletboosters.com I have never heard of them. People often times forget about temporary employment agencies. Sometimes they need people on a Saturday. Also, some retailers let you work “on call”. Thus, if they need you, you can come in from time to time for a few hours. You can keep your discount, yet not be overwhelmed with a part time job.