What Is Free Open-Source Software – Pros & Cons, Best Options

free softwareTools are an important part of any job. But what if the tools you need are out of your price range?

When searching for industry-leading software, people often end up with their jaws on the floor due to sticker shock. Software programs that large organizations use may be ideal, but many small businesses and self-employed individuals cannot justify spending thousands of dollars to use a package of programs, no matter how useful.

Fortunately, in many instances you can find software tools that meet your specific business needs – all for free.

Free Software

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Pros & Cons of Biometrics and a Cashless Society

being cashless may not be a bad thing in the futureUntil President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard in the 1970s, American cash was redeemable for gold or silver. Currently, the U.S. is on a system using fiat currency via the Federal Reserve, as the value of money is based on faith in government and law. While the Federal Reserve maintains control of the physical cash system, some powerful industry forces are trying to change that.

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5 Best Financial Education Websites & Resources

financial educaton websitesAcquiring an economic and financial education is important, but traditional methods – like books and college courses – cost time and money. And if you’re like me, you prefer to not pay for things.

However, there are many great resources (in addition to Money Crashers, of course) to help you take control of your personal financial education – all without cost. You simply need to get online, and know where to look. While the Internet is loaded with bad – even dangerous – misinformation, you can take advantage of the following five sites.

Best Financial Information Websites

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