• Tracy

    I think people need to be more accepting of the idea that going to college or just starting college later in life is ok. A lot of people have no idea what career they want right out of high school, and may benefit more from a steady job first, and college later. My first degree was just a shot in the dark, and I didn’t discover my true calling until a decade later, for which I went back to college for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Choate/100000526946089 William Choate

    College Degrees for us were well worth it. In jr. High I knew a young father with polio,
    bedridden, whose family did not have to give up their home because he had previous
    disability insurance, but I resolved to be able to earn a living even if handicapped. I used
    my parents’ examples and working their rooming house near campus to make it happen.
    No fraternity, car, nor fancy clothing were required. When Drafted, the B.S. allowed me
    critical positions, so that timely release from active duty was denied because of “selective
    retention”, which we turned into a career. Now retired and partially disabled, we still have
    income from the professional certifications my degrees and military service provided.
    We had learned to take care of those who would be taking care of us.

    • KalenSmith

      Thanks for the feedback William! Glad you were able to get something out of it!

      • rathana

        when did you wrote this article?

  • Alex


    I was wondering where you got the numbers $41k vs $46k. Numbers I have pulled from census data paint a very different story…with a batchelor’s degree creating a doubling of salary for 35-44 year olds
    (my age) and a 50% increase for 18-24 year olds.

  • marlen

    lame -_-

  • marlen

    n yanno wat I was wondering? we n this convo would get interesting ..-_-

  • Jimenezz Mia

    Thanks for the info! I’m using this for my essay.

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