• Jason V

    For #4, with modern desktop systems you’ll need a decent dedicated (non-integrated/Intel GMA series) video card, like the ones from AMD and nVidia. Split monitor cables are either old or manufacturer-specific. Onboard or very cheap video will often have limited outputs, whether you’re trying to connect two monitors or a monitor and HDTV or projector. Thankfully, nearly all modern laptops will have a monitor (15-pin) or HDMI output built in.

  • not given

    My first computer had a 20 megabyte hard drive.

    The only one I had that I upgraded was a 386, I went from 2 megabytes RAM to 8, added a modem and installed windows.

    I bought one of the last computers that came with XP. I’m wanting a larger monitor to make things easier to read, or so I can stream movies or TV shows while I do other things on the one I have. I want to expand RAM from 2 gigabytes to 4 and get an external hard drive.

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