• Casey Slide

    Very interesting article! I never knew any of that. My son loves to hold a dandelion in his hand when we go for walks around the block, and I am always nervous he is going to eat it. I guess I don’t need to worry too much as long I give him a safe one. Thanks for the tips!

  • Beth

    If I fertilized last year, would it be OK to pick the dandelions before I fertilize again this spring?

  • Heather Levin

    @Casey, yeah, he should be fine eating the flower, although it will likely taste a lot better once it’s cooked! :)

    @Beth, it would probably be ok since your lawn has rested (and gotten rained/snowed on) all winter. But definitely don’t eat anything once the fertilizer has gone down.

  • Si

    Nice article!!! I TOTALLY LOVE Dandelions did some research on them a few years ago when I was searching for a healthy way to increase my Iron consumption

    • Heatherllevin

      @Si, thanks so much! It’s almost dandelion season here in MI. :)

  • Tstott6010

    I just introduced my grandson and some of his friends to the wonderful taste of dandelions at his first b-day today! They loved it. Much to the dismay of our neighbors we don’t use weed killer so we have plenty. Thanks for the article, people just don’t know what they have in their own backyard!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CADSY67K4FUPYVVIWXY34I3L3Q GloryGirl

    Put them in your green smoothies. .

  • Melissa03144

    Never tried them but will try them in a heart beat! I am always looking for natural food/medicine sources at low cost to add to my life style! thanks!

  • Dgcarsten

    Hi, Heather,
    While I fully understand how/where to harvest dandelions (love them in salad!) I think your article sends kind of a mixed message. First you say: Never harvest any dandelions close to a road. They can pick up pollution. Then you say: Dandelions often grow where land has been disturbed. So, roadsides and medians are common places to find them.
    All in all, however, a great article. I never knew about eating the flowers or using the roots for coffee.

    • Heatherllevin

      Dgcarsten, Thank you so much for writing in! And you’re right; I included where to find dandelions (pointing out that they do often grow in medians) and also said never to eat them there. It does send a mixed message, and I appreciate you pointing that out.

  • madonna

    I remember my grandfather taking me for a walk in the backyard and picking them . He told me how delicious they were. My grandmother would also take me to pick burdock which is a great blood purifier.

  • MB

    A childhood friend’s mom would take us wild greens hunting. Never knew how important those lessons were, and didn’t pay attention. How I longed for access to the medicinal plant in rain forest, not understanding I got much of these similar plants in my own back yard. Thanks. This is another majesty of God’s creation I didn’t know to appreciate.

  • EMarie Garner

    Prepared dandelions for very first time today! Very happy with the end result and looking forward to playing with this new, for me anywAy, food in the kitchen.

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