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    I recommend doing a Google search for your state’s health department and the annual or biannual restaurant checks by health dept. workers. In some areas, the health inspection workers are paid off to give the restaurant a passing rating, but in other areas, you can see the inspection scores and read the comments by the inspection worker.

    After my nephew got seriously ill and was in the hospital for four days with severe food poisoning due to eating crawfish in a Chinese buffet restaurant, and I read the health dept. reports for that restaurant, it made me almost physically sick to see that it was taking 24 hours to drop the temp of macaroni salad down to an acceptable level in their cooler, instead of a couple of hours, or reading that raw chicken was stored in racks in the cooler above salad bar items, with the raw juices of the chicken dripping down onto the salad bar offerings.

    I got online and checked out the restaurants in my county, and was very surprised to see that a few of the restaurants that we thought were excellent had horrible ratings and bad comments, while others that we thought were probably not so good had scored really, really well.

    And yes, of course, the chain restaurants ALL scored almost 100% on everything. You’re right; they don’t want their reputation harmed, so they are training their workers how to do things right.

    It was very interesting to look at our county’s scores on restaurants in our area. I highly recommend doing this for your safety.

    • Heather Levin

      Julieanne, thanks so much for writing in with that idea! That is horrible about your nephew, and really, REALLY disturbing that the restaurant failed on so many accounts. I agree with you 100% on checking the health department before visiting a restaurant.

      I’m sure that tip will be eye opening for a lot of readers; it sure was for me.

  • Leha

    Thank you, Heather, for this posting. I’ve learned some things from all of these ideas. And I *need* to learn, because I get food poisoning from restaurants more than anyone I know! I was starting to think it was something wrong with me, except that I have never gotten sick after eating at home.

    I’m pretty sure salads are the number one culprit for me, because I already have to be so careful with my diet due to other factors that I end up eating mainly some kind of salad when I go out. So I suspect more and more places are making them up in advance and then letting them sit around, or possibly not washing their produce properly.

    I do choose fish over other animal foods, too, so that’s another possible problem. Now I know to only order the fish on Friday or Saturday!

  • Joy2b

    When you’re healthy, and have time to get sick, indulging in small risks makes sense. (Most adults handle illnesses from their local food sources well, because they have some immunity. If you protect yourself perfectly, you may start losing that immunity.)

    If you’re fighting off a cold, pregnant, feeding someone who doesn’t have a healthy adult immune system, or planning to jump on a plane in two days, then it’s reasonable to play it safe.

    • Mike Robins

      you should always play it safe. all it takes is one bad illness and it can really mess you up and cause long term problems.

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