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    Yes, I really do believe this, money really affects human behavior. My friend was very simple when he had nothing financially, but now he really changed a lot, from a very simple guy to a very boastful person.

  • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • Simple Money Concept

    The expectation of money can also change a person. I used to deal with a person who was expecting to inherit a small fortune from her uncle. Before he died, she already had plans for that money.

  • Brian

    I believe that a person becomes more of what they already are if they get more money. A drinker will become more of a drunk, and a kind person will have more money to give.

  • Smath56

    I am poor, but I still donate money to certain things, whenever I can. I might do without, but I know that what little money I donate, will be put with some other donations to make it all worthwhile. If I did have wealth, I would use it to help people that are needy, for whatever reason they have been put into such a horrible position. Money does not define who you are. Money is the root of all evil. It is only dirty pieces of paper, unless you choose to do good with it, it becomes worthless.

  • Brett Vaughan

    This is such an important topic for so many reasons. People love to think that money won’t change them, but inevitably, with more money comes a lot more responsibilities and expectations from society. It is important to remember however, that not everyone subscribes to this mentality and are strong willed enough to resist the changes that come with money. Take actor Johnny Depp for instance. You never read about him or his family linked with any sort of gossip, and it is because he has refused to sell out his humanity. While this article is great for getting to the bottom of why this happens, it’s also important to stress that it need not happen at all.

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