• Karen

    Customer Service is very good. Prices are high! Do not understand, where does Jewel fit in to all of this. Why not the same items as in Jewel store? Why do some products have less Use by or buy by less than the store? Why have some items and then they are gone. Are these items from peapod, come from Jewel? Items they cannot sell or have to use by? Why now so many Peapod brands, if this is Jewel? thought it was merchandise from Jewel and Peapod was a delivery service that Jewel used. Less and less brand names and more Peapod brands. I recently found a grocery store that can order online or call order in and they deliver. the prices are the same as at the store and even sell at sale price for that week. So, i feel, this is not such a great thing, after all. Also, Peapod was talking about same day delivery, and that did not happen. I have requested items many, many times and that never happened. Once I had Oberweis milk delivered. Oberweis milk has a long use by date. two weeks at the very least. When ordered from Peapod, the date was only a week. asked if they take from store, because they customers will not buy after a certain date. Their answer was, We go by the government’s standards which is 7 day after sale date. But when i have purchased in store, the date is longer than 7 days, always. that is just one of the reasons, i use oberweis. These are all questions!!!!! and situations, i have experienced. not accusations.

    • Pinky’s Mom

      Sounds as if you are in the Midwest. I am on the East Coast—New Haven County, CT. Around here, Peapod has its own warehouse but uses the Stop & Shop supermarket chain as their affiliate. Essentially, they order from Stop & Shop to stock their warehouse, and so they have what Stop & Shop has—but not all of what that store has. It’s an edited selection. And because they are not keyed to what is in store at any given Stop & Shop at any given time, but what is in their own warehouse (that is serviced by S&S as a provider), they would not match the expiration dates or even the sale prices you would find in a S&S store. I suspect it is the same for your Peapod service, which is apparently supplied by Jewel.

      I too have had parts of orders that could not be filled, as so many customers wanted the same thing, they simply ran out of it. If they can, they substitute. But that’s just part of the mix. If something is a very popular, on-sale special (Peapod runs its own weekly specials, separate from Stop & Shop), things sell out quickly. It’s annoying but, to me, not fatal. When I can afford it, I use the service, and have used it for four years now.

    • Dave_in_RI

      OK, I just have read a bunch of comments on various Peapod reviews, and this issue about “sell-by” dates comes up often. Folks, you really need to get over this paranoia about “sell-by” dates!! Your bread, or your milk, or whatever, is not suddenly going to become toxic the moment it hits the “sell-by” date! These dates are not related to food safety. They just give you a benchmark for knowing, approximately, how long the product will last–which depends on the type of product, of course, and whether you store it properly. If you leave milk out in the sun, it’s going to go bad quick, no matter what the sell-by date is. But if you keep it refrigerated and agitate it periodically, it’s going to last many days past the sell-by date. Many studies have been done to show that eating things past the sell-by date is perfectly safe. Read this short, helpful article: http://www.stilltasty.com/articles/view/5

  • Max

    What if you don’t have a computer?

  • cj

    Ridiculously bad service. They never have several items you ordered. When they arrive they sometimes tell you that they didn’t deliver them and sometimes they don’t Often they substitute with the weirdest inappropriate items. You must look at everything that might have an expiration date because they arrange to send out the fresh items with the closest delivery dates that will spoil within a day or two of delivery. WORST…there is no record of what you ordered. and when you call up and tell them that you didn’t get what you ordered, they argue with you and tell you that it was YOUR mistake and not theirs and want to charge you to come and exchange. Ridiculous. I tried this four or five times and it never got better, just worse.

  • Dee C

    I would be more likely to use them if they offered same day delivery which they never do. First time I ordered Peapod they gave me a delivery time and called an hour before the scheduled delivery time saying they were on their way…. well there was no one home to receive the groceries. Yes the prices are higher and they don’t have a lot of items in stock. Fantastic idea just needs better implementation. Also they will let you pick-up the order but it is never anywhere near me… it’s usually a 30 minute drive out of my way so I guess Peapod is not good for my needs.

  • herecomestrouble

    I love the Peapod service near me. The drivers are polite and quickly bring the bags into my home (even going up the stairs and into the kitchen), their customer service is phenomenal—I’ve only had a few orders where something was unavailable or they gave me the wrong item but they never fail to make it right by not giving me the mistaken item in addition to crediting my account or card with a refund, even the one time that it was my fault (I used a store coupon rather than a manufacturer’s coupon). Sure, there aren’t many promotional codes but they do offer discounted delivery and fair prices (and it saves me time—time that I can spend taking care of other things that need to be done and that, to me, is worth any money I spend on delivery…especially when I’d be spending that money in gas to get to the grocery store anyway). I still go to the store for milk and small purchases but I’m no longer there for 2 hours trying to find everything on a huge list. The only drawback to this is that they do not accept in-store coupons but the other benefits far outweigh this tiny snag.

    • herecomestrouble

      I meant that they give me the mistaken item for free. Sorry I did proofread but that one little *not* snuck its way in there.

  • Joanna

    Wonderful website for purchasing organic food online. At such online health food stores the home delivery option sounds great, when order is delivered on exact time. A similar online health food store operates from Australia known as Just Health. Being an Australian i would like to explore new online shopping websites. But its hard for me to order from online food store operating from other countries.

    Anyway much respects to your services Peapod :)

  • Kitty’s Mom

    If I did not have to use this service out of total necessity, I would not use it under any circumstances. I have been using it for quite a while, and each time I receive an order they are OUT OF STOCK in at least 2 items or more. It is so frustrating and when I contact them, they apologize and offer me a Coupon off my next order. I want my items, not a coupon off future items. There food is usually good, but the way they handle there stock is horrible any very annoying.

  • Kcl

    What I did not like is it asks for your credit card info BEFORE it tells you there is no service in your area. That strikes a suspicioucord to me.

  • peapodder

    Peapod is excellent: orders, delivery, customer service; perfect!

  • confused


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