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peapod logoPerhaps you dislike grocery shopping, or you’re unable to frequently leave your home due to an injury or a new baby joining the home. Or maybe you have a schedule that is so busy you have trouble making it to the supermarket. If this is the case, you may want to start using an online grocery service such as Peapod.

My family first began using Peapod in the winter of 2008 after my second child was born. She was a sickly baby, and that winter was a cold one, so rather than taking her out to the grocery store, I utilized Peapod and enjoyed having groceries delivered right to my home. I was especially surprised by the fresh fruits and vegetables available.

No matter your situation, Peapod has you covered with home grocery delivery. Learn about the benefits of Peapod, as well as the downsides, and determine whether using the service is right for you.

History of Peapod

Peapod was founded in 1989 in Evanston, Illinois by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson. Originally, the Parkinson brothers partnered with Jewel-Osco supermarkets, picking up the groceries and delivering them themselves. In 1996, Peapod set up virtual shop at, the same year they made the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies. In 1999, the company stopped working with Jewel-Osco, and in 2001, Peapod was purchased by Royal Ahold.

Peapod is currently available in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Peapod has made 20 million deliveries since being founded, and the average customer gets deliveries from Peapod twice per month. The average order price is $157.

peapod screenshot

How It Works

With more than 8,000 items in stock, Peapod offers as much variety as your local grocery chain store. In addition, they offer a variety of products for many lifestyles, including organic foods and kosher foods, as well as fresh sushi delivery. In some large markets, Peapod tailors offerings to reflect hometown tastes. For instance, in Chicago, they offer frozen Gino’s East Pizza.

Peapod works with local suppliers to fill their state-of-the art food center. Place your order before 8pm, and a Peapod personal shopper will fill your order and have it ready to deliver as early as the next day. Here’s how to use Peapod:

1. Sign Up

Enter your email as your username and create a password. Registration is free, and once you sign up, you are not obligated to buy from Peapod, though most people who sign up do ultimately place orders.

Peapod will not share your information unless it is necessary to fill your order with a third-party vendor. Peapod, like many other online retailers, utilizes cookies to track your purchases. This allows you to return to the site at a later date and pull up a previous order.

2. Choose Your Shopping Method

If you would like to shop quickly, choose Express Shopping and simply type or paste your grocery list into the list box. Next, pick your grocery items from the selections available. For instance, if you have ham lunch meat on your grocery list, you can choose between brands such as Applegate, Boar’s Head, Krakus, and Sarah Lee, in addition to choosing between smoked, honey-sweetened, brown sugar, and reduced sodium.

Peapod will keep your list so when you return for future shopping “trips” your list will be available. Furthermore, when shopping, you can select past shopping purchases to speed up the shopping process. This is a great benefit if you buy certain items regularly.

If you would like a more leisurely shopping experience, choose “browse aisles.” On the sidebar, you will find categories for groceries such as “general grocery,” “produce,” and “the deli,” among others. When you click on a subcategory, Peapod will show the items in that category that are on sale – you can click on other subcategory links to see all items available.

3. Track Your Purchases, Savings, and Current Bill

As you add items to your virtual cart, you will see both the item description and the total purchased in the right-hand side bar. You will also see the total price and, if you have added any items that are on sale, the total amount you have saved.

When you click on the link for each product, you will see a small pop-up screen that shows you the nutritional label as well as suggested items you might want to buy.

4. Review Your Order

When you are done choosing items, simply click “review order.” You will see your entire order and have the opportunity to change the quantity of each item, or to eliminate particular items. In addition, you will see your total bill including the groceries, delivery fee, fuel surcharge, and tax. You will also see your total amount saved.

5. Choose Your Delivery Date and Time

Peapod offers shoppers the opportunity to have their groceries delivered as soon as the following day (this option is usually available if the order is placed before 8pm), to as late as two weeks from the order date. They offer delivery seven days a week, from as early as 6am to as late as 10pm. Simply choose a two-hour window that is most convenient.

Peapod also offers you the chance to ask for an unattended delivery. If you can’t be home for the delivery, choose this method and simply tell Peapod at which secure location you would like the groceries to be left, and Peapod will pack the groceries in refrigerated boxes to keep your items fresh. The next time you order, leave the refrigerated boxes out for your driver. If you don’t return the boxes, you will be charged $5 per box and $1 per ice pack.

6. Choose a Payment Method

You must put your credit card information on file when you begin the checkout process, but when you check out, you can choose between paying by credit card or paying by check withdrawal. As an added incentive to pay by checking account withdrawal, Peapod will give you $5 off your first order and $1 off each additional order paid via check withdrawal.

Peapod utilizes VeriSign to encrypt and protect all of your personal information, and your information is stored in a secure data center.

Cost and Pricing

Peapod does charge a delivery fee, which is partly calculated according to the amount of groceries you order. If you buy more than $100 in groceries, your delivery fee is $6.95. An order between $75 and $100 has a $7.95 delivery fee, and an order between $60 and $75 has a $9.95 delivery fee. There is a minimum order amount of $60.

However, there are ways to lower your delivery fee. While there are a wide range of delivery times available, some windows of time offer a $1 discount. These are often delivery times that are in a four-hour window instead of a two-hour window, though Peapod will contact you to give you your two-hour estimated time of arrival within the four-hour window.

Another way to lower the delivery cost is to have your groceries delivered every other week, or only once per month, which reduces the amount of times you need to pay a delivery fee. If you want to do your part to help the environment, Peapod also identifies “greener” delivery dates and times, which will help them bundle all deliveries in a certain geographical area on the same date.

Peapod is currently offering a special to new users. Place your first order over $100, and Peapod will give you a special code good for free delivery on all orders placed during the first 60 days after signing up.

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  1. Use Filters for Easier Shopping. Shopping with Peapod is already easy, but they seek to make it even easier by offering the “Nutrifilter” feature, which allows you to filter the grocery offerings to prioritize or eliminate certain items from the choices you are offered. Filters to choose from include weekly specials, new items, and nutrition, to name a few. For instance, if you have special dietary needs, you can choose the Nutrifilter and filter for dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and peanut-free items. Other Nutrifilters include healthy ideas, good fiber, low fat, and low sodium.
  2. Use Coupons to Lower Your Cost. In addition to identifying sales items, Peapod also lets customers use manufacturer’s grocery coupons. Simply clip them and give them to the delivery driver, and the total amount for the valid coupons will be credited to your account. Online coupons are also available at
  3. Benefit From a Flexible Ordering and Delivery Process. Peapod offers great flexibility. You can place your order from the comfort of your home whenever you like, and you can choose the delivery time that best suits you.
  4. Enjoy a Reliable Delivery Schedule. I have shopped with Peapod several times, and in each instance my delivery was on time. Also, the driver carries all of your groceries into the house.
  5. Limit Impulse Buys. Many people are guilty of making impulse buys when grocery shopping. Grocery stores are arranged to appeal to the impulses of consumers, but you can avoid the temptation by shopping online. Furthermore, many people do not add up their purchases as they put items into their cart. Peapod, however, keeps a running total as you add items to your cart, making it easy to stick to a set grocery budget.
  6. Customer Service Is Easy to Contact. Unlike some companies that make you search their website for contact information, Peapod makes their customer service number readily available, and finding information about your order is very simple. Your driver can also help you troubleshoot if you have problems with your order – which, from my experience, is rare.


  1. Sale Prices Are Only Valid for a Week. If you place an order for items on sale and would like it to be delivered 10 days from the order date, you will not receive the sale prices since the items are no longer on sale when the delivery is made. Pay close attention to the dates that sales end, and make sure to have your items delivered before the sale is over.
  2. You Must Pay Attention to Price. Peapod’s produce listings are not always uniform. For instance, you may find three pounds of McIntosh apples on sale for $3.99, but the Rome apples are listed on sale at $0.50 per apple. The variation in pricing is a bit deceptive; carefully read quantities to avoid any surprises.
  3. Peapod Won’t Save You as Much as Cherry-Picking the Sales. If you are someone who shops at several stores a week picking the best bargains, you probably won’t save as much using Peapod. While Peapod does have good sales – such as a recent sale of Birds Eye frozen vegetable steamers for $1.00 a bag – their prices are not as low as loss leaders advertised at brick-and-mortar stores. To save money on groceries, you may want to stick to your local shops.
  4. May Not Have All of the Items You Would Like to Buy. While Peapod has an excellent selection that rivals many supermarkets, there are some items you may not be able to find. For instance, while they do offer Just For Men hair dye, I did not find hair dye for women. Therefore, even if you use Peapod, you may still have to venture to a grocery store every now and then.

peapod 10 off

Final Word

Since Peapod offers free shipping for the first 60 days after your initial trial, it is worthwhile to try it for a month or two. Just like shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, you may not be able to buy everything you need at rock bottom prices. Yet if you search diligently and load up your cart with sale items, you should be able to get good deals, week-after-week.

If you give it a try and decide Peapod is not for you, there is no obligation, and you are not tied to a membership fee or any other subscription. You can simply stop shopping at Peapod.

Have you used Peapod? How does it compare to shopping at the local grocery store?

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  • Karen

    Customer Service is very good. Prices are high! Do not understand, where does Jewel fit in to all of this. Why not the same items as in Jewel store? Why do some products have less Use by or buy by less than the store? Why have some items and then they are gone. Are these items from peapod, come from Jewel? Items they cannot sell or have to use by? Why now so many Peapod brands, if this is Jewel? thought it was merchandise from Jewel and Peapod was a delivery service that Jewel used. Less and less brand names and more Peapod brands. I recently found a grocery store that can order online or call order in and they deliver. the prices are the same as at the store and even sell at sale price for that week. So, i feel, this is not such a great thing, after all. Also, Peapod was talking about same day delivery, and that did not happen. I have requested items many, many times and that never happened. Once I had Oberweis milk delivered. Oberweis milk has a long use by date. two weeks at the very least. When ordered from Peapod, the date was only a week. asked if they take from store, because they customers will not buy after a certain date. Their answer was, We go by the government’s standards which is 7 day after sale date. But when i have purchased in store, the date is longer than 7 days, always. that is just one of the reasons, i use oberweis. These are all questions!!!!! and situations, i have experienced. not accusations.

    • Pinky’s Mom

      Sounds as if you are in the Midwest. I am on the East Coast—New Haven County, CT. Around here, Peapod has its own warehouse but uses the Stop & Shop supermarket chain as their affiliate. Essentially, they order from Stop & Shop to stock their warehouse, and so they have what Stop & Shop has—but not all of what that store has. It’s an edited selection. And because they are not keyed to what is in store at any given Stop & Shop at any given time, but what is in their own warehouse (that is serviced by S&S as a provider), they would not match the expiration dates or even the sale prices you would find in a S&S store. I suspect it is the same for your Peapod service, which is apparently supplied by Jewel.

      I too have had parts of orders that could not be filled, as so many customers wanted the same thing, they simply ran out of it. If they can, they substitute. But that’s just part of the mix. If something is a very popular, on-sale special (Peapod runs its own weekly specials, separate from Stop & Shop), things sell out quickly. It’s annoying but, to me, not fatal. When I can afford it, I use the service, and have used it for four years now.

    • Dave_in_RI

      OK, I just have read a bunch of comments on various Peapod reviews, and this issue about “sell-by” dates comes up often. Folks, you really need to get over this paranoia about “sell-by” dates!! Your bread, or your milk, or whatever, is not suddenly going to become toxic the moment it hits the “sell-by” date! These dates are not related to food safety. They just give you a benchmark for knowing, approximately, how long the product will last–which depends on the type of product, of course, and whether you store it properly. If you leave milk out in the sun, it’s going to go bad quick, no matter what the sell-by date is. But if you keep it refrigerated and agitate it periodically, it’s going to last many days past the sell-by date. Many studies have been done to show that eating things past the sell-by date is perfectly safe. Read this short, helpful article:

  • Max

    What if you don’t have a computer?

  • cj

    Ridiculously bad service. They never have several items you ordered. When they arrive they sometimes tell you that they didn’t deliver them and sometimes they don’t Often they substitute with the weirdest inappropriate items. You must look at everything that might have an expiration date because they arrange to send out the fresh items with the closest delivery dates that will spoil within a day or two of delivery. WORST…there is no record of what you ordered. and when you call up and tell them that you didn’t get what you ordered, they argue with you and tell you that it was YOUR mistake and not theirs and want to charge you to come and exchange. Ridiculous. I tried this four or five times and it never got better, just worse.

  • Dee C

    I would be more likely to use them if they offered same day delivery which they never do. First time I ordered Peapod they gave me a delivery time and called an hour before the scheduled delivery time saying they were on their way…. well there was no one home to receive the groceries. Yes the prices are higher and they don’t have a lot of items in stock. Fantastic idea just needs better implementation. Also they will let you pick-up the order but it is never anywhere near me… it’s usually a 30 minute drive out of my way so I guess Peapod is not good for my needs.

  • herecomestrouble

    I love the Peapod service near me. The drivers are polite and quickly bring the bags into my home (even going up the stairs and into the kitchen), their customer service is phenomenal—I’ve only had a few orders where something was unavailable or they gave me the wrong item but they never fail to make it right by not giving me the mistaken item in addition to crediting my account or card with a refund, even the one time that it was my fault (I used a store coupon rather than a manufacturer’s coupon). Sure, there aren’t many promotional codes but they do offer discounted delivery and fair prices (and it saves me time—time that I can spend taking care of other things that need to be done and that, to me, is worth any money I spend on delivery…especially when I’d be spending that money in gas to get to the grocery store anyway). I still go to the store for milk and small purchases but I’m no longer there for 2 hours trying to find everything on a huge list. The only drawback to this is that they do not accept in-store coupons but the other benefits far outweigh this tiny snag.

    • herecomestrouble

      I meant that they give me the mistaken item for free. Sorry I did proofread but that one little *not* snuck its way in there.

  • Joanna

    Wonderful website for purchasing organic food online. At such online health food stores the home delivery option sounds great, when order is delivered on exact time. A similar online health food store operates from Australia known as Just Health. Being an Australian i would like to explore new online shopping websites. But its hard for me to order from online food store operating from other countries.

    Anyway much respects to your services Peapod :)

  • Kitty’s Mom

    If I did not have to use this service out of total necessity, I would not use it under any circumstances. I have been using it for quite a while, and each time I receive an order they are OUT OF STOCK in at least 2 items or more. It is so frustrating and when I contact them, they apologize and offer me a Coupon off my next order. I want my items, not a coupon off future items. There food is usually good, but the way they handle there stock is horrible any very annoying.

  • Kcl

    What I did not like is it asks for your credit card info BEFORE it tells you there is no service in your area. That strikes a suspicioucord to me.

  • peapodder

    Peapod is excellent: orders, delivery, customer service; perfect!

  • confused


  • Goldendog1234

    Here’s my take. Figure out how much your time is worth per hour and how long it takes to drive to the store, go down the aisles, get items, stand in line, put the bags in your car, drive home, take them out of the car and put everything away. It takes me at least an hour to do all that, usually more like two hours.

    Don’t forget to calculate your gas and wear and tear on your car. It adds up over the course of a year. And by the way, check out the info on how many car accidents happen in parking lots. I have walked outside the store and seen my car dented by a shopping cart flying across the lot on a windy day.

    As far as I am concerned saving a couple of hours of shopping and driving time is like getting cash in my pocket. Saving two hours of my time is certainly worth enough to cover the delivery fee for Peapod and even a tip. Plus the time I save can be used to do laundry, get in a quick workout, pay bills, squeeze in a haircut, whatever. And if you have a colicky baby or a toddler with an unpredictable nap schedule Peapod can be a lifesaver. Less stress.

  • cupid92

    I used it twice so far. First order-fantastic (got Monday delivery). Got another order Sunday morning and it was wrong-missing items, small produce and items in the bag I did not order at all.

  • p mack

    I followed one of your drivers today 7/26/15 from Ridge Pk in Limerick up thru New Hanover Twp. The tag number on the truck was Pa ZDP4885. He turned right from Ridge Pk onto Swamp Pk. which is a 40 MPH road. He was following a Ryder truck that was in front of him do not know if it was someone else from your company in a loner truck but the two of them were going over 60 miles or more on this road that is posted 40 miles. Due to his excessive speeding when the Ryder truck would hit their breaks he was so close to the truck in front of him that he had to keep hitting his breaks. He finally turned on New Hanover Square RD. and I continued straight but on one of the curves on Swamp Pk. he just about flipped the truck not slowing down to go around the curve. This person is going to cost your company a lot of money one day when he injuries some other driver or kills some one. The time was 3 pm when I followed this driver.

  • Annmcarr1118

    Today was my first time having my groceries delivered by pea pod due to having the flu and not being able to go grocery shopping, I see the truck at my neighbors all the time so I figured why not give it a try. The delivery man was very friendly, asked where I would like my bags and brought everything in and put the bags where I asked him to. They bagged the items neatly and had all deli products in one bag and all breads in another and so on. The only thing I was a little upset about , especially with this being my first order was the fact that they had forget 2 items in my order and substituted 2 other items when I had requested no substitutes. I have To say that this is a very unsatisfactory way to start out service with a new customer, when I called the 800 number they were kind enough to credit me for the items they forgot but that still left me without the items I really needed that I am too sick to go out to the store and get right now. They didn’t even offer some sort of discount or coupons towards my next order for the inconvenience. Not good!

  • Lexor

    I have been ordering from Peapod for about a year. I don’t order every month but I check their website weekly. I notice their prices increase slightly every three months on items and if you order their meat items the order price and the final price will be drastically increased. Read your final invoice carefully.