Personal Finance Roundup: 50 Healthy Food Items for Under $1 Per Pound

Affordable healthy food optionsFinding food that is both healthy and affordable can be a big challenge, and one that can result in people buying the less healthy options purely because they might be cheaper. This great post on Wisebread lists a whole host of foods that can all be bought for $1 per pound or less, so you can be confident that you’re eating things that are good for you without spending a small fortune in the process. Check it out and see if you can find some options that suit your tastes and your budget!

Before we get to the posts, we are excited to announce that we are joining the Yakezie Challenge! This is an exciting challenge with some awesome blogs so it should be fun. You’ll also find other Yakezie members’ posts in our weekly roundups since the content is great! This week, among some other great posts from the personal finance blogging world that impressed this week, includes fellow Yakezie member Rainy-Day Saver:

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(photo credit: MJorge)