Personal Finance Round-Up: Working Nine to Five

preparing for the daily grindAmerica was built on the entrepreneurship of our forefathers, but these days, it takes more gumption than ever to dive into the murky waters of small business ownership. That’s why Tom over at Stupid Cents is turning the idea of what makes someone an entrepreneur on its head. In his post Do You Have the Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur?, Tom says, “In the end, entrepreneurship is about detaching yourself from the idea that someone else is in charge of all of your income.”

You don’t have to own your own chain of sandwich shops or even a small at-home business in order to control your financial destiny. Tom outlines five traits that make someone a successful entrepreneur, whether or not they earn a W-2 from an employer.

Here are some other posts that caught my attention this week:

Should I Consider Becoming a Temp? [Money Walks]
With 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans, many workers are turning to jobs they’ve never before considered – including temp work. But taking a short-term job doesn’t always improve your long-term prospects.

5 Things I Learned From my First Year Freelancing [WordCount]
“Hey Carrie, wondering if you’d like to look over this email and make some suggestions?” Is it a job offer, or a ploy for free help? As a freelancer myself, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered a similar situation. Here, the author finally puts this – and many other concerns freelancers face – to rest.

5 Giant Companies That Brainwash Their Employees [Business Pundit]
Can’t turn away from a title like that, can you? Neither could I. We’ve all encountered companies whose employees seem a little too in step, like somebody put funky Kool-Aid in the water cooler. So who claims the top spot?

Quit the Day Job? [Funny About Money]
How many times have you heard someone say “Don’t quit your day job”? But sometimes, quitting your current line of work is the only way to get ahead in something new.

Interview Advice for Shy People [Work Goes Strong]
Interviewing can put even the most outgoing person under heavy stress. It’s unnerving having someone else not only look over your life and past achievements, but also having them determine whether you’ll be able to pay your bills. For those who are shy, interviewing can be a nightmare – but this post can help you get through it.

5 Great Jobs for University Students [Financial Highway]
Maybe you need a job to put yourself through college, but you don’t want to work off-campus. No problem, says Miranda. “If you are looking to make good connections, as well as learn professional skills, working in an alumni affairs office can help,” she suggests. It’s just one of five options she has for undergraduates.

The 10 Most Stressful Jobs [Wealth Pilgrim]
There are the jobs you want to have, and then there are the jobs you’d rather not have. Want to avoid working long hours, irregular schedules, and finding yourself in compromising – even dangerous – positions? Neal’s got the 10 jobs you want to avoid.