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9 Best Places to Sell Your Old Laptop Online and Make Some Extra Cash


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Whether you work from home, live as a digital nomad, or simply use your laptop for enjoyment, having a slow and overloaded device is frustrating.

According to HP, most mid-range laptops only last for three years or slightly longer if you try to maintain them. Even high-end laptops don’t last forever. Hardware deteriorates, software becomes outdated, and you inevitably have to replace your laptop every few years.

Chances are, you probably have an old laptop collecting dust somewhere in your home. Used laptops are easy to hold onto. After all, it’s hard to throw something away that originally cost hundreds of dollars.

Best Places to Sell Your Laptop Online

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to sell old laptops for cash. If you’re tired of your old tech taking up space and want to turn your clutter into cash, use any of the following options to sell your laptop online.

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1. Decluttr

  • Pros: Free shipping; direct deposit available; competitive offers
  • Cons: Macbook only; U.S. only
  • Verdict: Compare offer prices between Gazelle and Decluttr before selling your old Macbook

Decluttr is another marketplace that lets you sell used electronics for cash. Decluttr claims they pay the most for tech and have paid more than $300 million dollars to more than 6 million sellers.

Like Gazelle, Decluttr only buys used Macbooks. You can sell Macbook minis in addition to original, Air, and Pro models. Decluttr provides free shipping and pays you the next day after receiving your laptop. You can choose direct deposit, PayPal, or a charitable donation for payment options. If you prefer Amazon gift cards, Gazelle is a better option.

Decluttr doesn’t lowball you for your old laptop. For example, a 2016 Macbook Pro Core i5 in good condition can sell for around $400.

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2. Gazelle

  • Pros: Free shipping; multiple payment options; fast selling process
  • Cons: Macbook only; U.S. only
  • Verdict: Check Gazelle for an offer if you live in the U.S. and want to sell an old Macbook

Gazelle is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling used cell phones. However, if you have an old Macbook to sell, there’s a decent chance Gazelle will buy it from you.

Selling on Gazelle takes three steps:

  1. Get Offer. Select the device you’re selling and get an offer from Gazelle.
  2. Accept Offer and Ship. Gazelle provides prepaid shipping labels.
  3. Get Paid. Choose PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, or check for payment. Selecting Amazon pays a 3% bonus on top of your offer price.

You don’t have to provide much information about your laptop when selling it. Gazelle accepts original Macbooks, Macbook Airs, and Macbook Pros. Once you enter the laptop model, year, screen size, processor, and condition, you get an offer. Gazelle pays within three to five business days after receiving your laptop.

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3. Facebook Marketplace

  • Pros: Can set your price; flexibility to sell online or meet in person; can sell any laptop
  • Cons: Requires monitoring and possible negotiations; must be comfortable meeting buyers if you sell in person
  • Verdict: Use the Facebook Marketplace to get the best price for an old laptop

Chances are, you already have a Facebook account. If you want to sell your old laptop or almost anything else, you can use the Facebook Marketplace to connect with local and online buyers.

Facebook Marketplace has numerous advantages over selling a laptop through a third-party marketplace. First, you set your own price on Facebook. Although you should be realistic, you can potentially make more money selling independently because there isn’t a middleman. Alternatively, you can mark your listing price as “best offer” to let buyers bid on your laptop.

When selling, it’s important to take high-quality photos, write a comprehensive description of your laptop, and quickly respond to questions. The Facebook Marketplace is full of listings, especially in large cities. In order to remain competitive and sell, you need to put in some effort.

If you meet a buyer in person, meet in a public place and bring a friend if you’re uncomfortable selling to strangers alone. Ultimately, if you don’t need money immediately and want to get the best price for your old laptop, Facebook Marketplace is worth the work.

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4. Swappa

  • Pros: Can set your price; multiple laptop brands are eligible; instant payment
  • Cons: Requires monitoring and possible negotiations; responsible for resetting and shipping your laptop
  • Verdict: Use Swappa if you can’t sell your laptop on websites like Decluttr or want to set your own price

Swappa is similar to marketplaces like Decluttr or Gazelle and lets you buy and sell a wide variety of electronics, including:

  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Tablets
  • Video games
  • Wearable technology
  • Smart home systems

Swappa is slightly less formal than Decluttr or Gazelle because you sell directly to other consumers, not a reseller. Swappa still lets resellers use their platform, but plenty of independent consumers are also buyers. You can also try Swappa Local to sell in person. This flexibility makes Swappa a middle ground between a website like Decluttr and the Facebook Marketplace.

Selling your old laptop is free. Once you add photos, a price, and details about your laptop, Swappa reviews your listing before approving it. Swappa also provides price suggestions to help you list competitively.

You get paid through PayPal once you make a sale. You’re responsible for erasing laptop data, shipping within two business days, and packaging the device properly. Remember to factor in shipping costs to determine if an offer is worth it.

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5. Mac of All Trades

  • Pros: In-depth seller form; free shipping if you live in the U.S
  • Cons: Apple products only
  • Verdict: If you’ve made upgrades to your laptop or have a laptop that’s in excellent condition, check out Mac of All Trades offers before trying alternatives

If you want to sell old Apple products, Mac of All Trades is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, Mac of All Trades lets you buy and sell old and refurbished Apple products online.

Selling an old Macbook goes through Mac Me An Offer, a division of Mac of All Trades. Getting an estimate for your used laptop and selling it takes four steps:

  1. Get Estimate. Choose your Mac model to get an immediate estimate.
  2. Complete Seller Form. Add additional information about your computer, including cosmetic condition, battery life, whether you’re selling an Apple AC adapter, and whether you’ve made any hardware upgrades.
  3. Accept Offer. You receive an offer within one business day after completing the seller form. Mac Me An Offer provides a free shipping label after you accept the offer.
  4. Get Paid. Receive payment through PayPal or check within three business days following delivery.

Mac of All Trades also accepts damaged laptops. The option to mention upgrades or additional information about your laptop is useful if your laptop is in excellent condition or has hardware improvements.

Mac of All Trades erases your laptop’s data and makes the selling process simple. Plus, you can also sell other Apple products, like used phones or even Mac desktop computers. If you have several Apple products to sell at once, this is your best option.

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6. Gadget Salvation

  • Pros: Immense variety; free shipping; multiple payment options
  • Cons: U.S. only; must reset your laptop before selling it
  • Verdict: If you can’t find a marketplace that accepts your old laptop, Gadget Salvation has a decent likelihood of buying it

While many websites that let you sell old laptops only accept Macbooks, Gadget Salvation is more flexible. Some eligible laptop brands include:

  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Lenovo
  • MSI
  • Samsung

This range of options makes Gadget Salvation one of the easiest ways to sell your laptop, especially for non-Mac users. Gadget Salvation also provides instant quotes once you select the laptop you’re selling and enter basic information about the model and condition.

If you like the offer, Gadget Salvation lets you print out a prepaid shipping label for free shipping. After Gadget Salvation receives and tests your laptop, you get paid within 48 business hours. Payment options include check, PayPal, Venmo, and bank transfer.

Gadget Salvation has an extensive list of laptops you can sell. If the limitations of other laptop marketplaces frustrate you, Gadget Salvation is the perfect solution.

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7. Trade-In Programs

  • Pros: Easy way to get free gift cards and Visa rewards; in-store trade-in options are sometimes available
  • Cons: No cash payments; lower trade-in valuations than selling directly to another consumer
  • Verdict: If you plan to shop at a merchant with a laptop trade-in program and want to save money, trading in old electronics is a smart move

If you want to sell an old laptop but prefer earning free gift cards or in-store credit, many major retailers offer trade-in programs for older electronics.

Several trade-in programs to consider include:

  • Amazon Trade-In. Earn free Amazon gift cards for trading in old laptops or other electronics. As long as your laptop is functional and doesn’t have any cracks, Amazon typically accepts it. You also get an instant quote and can ship your laptop for free.
  • Best Buy. If you shop at Best Buy, trade in your old laptop to earn Best Buy gift cards for future purchases. Best Buy accepts a wide variety of laptop models ranging from broken to excellent condition. Note that some estimates return $0. In this case, you can let Best Buy recycle your laptop or try an alternative selling option.
  • Staples. Staples also accepts several popular laptop brands and lets you trade in online or in-store. Staples provides an immediate quote based on your laptop’s model and condition. You get paid via Staples electronic gift cards within 15 to 30 days following your trade-in.
  • Lenovo. If you have a Lenovo laptop, you can trade your laptop back to Lenovo for a virtual Visa reward card. Lenovo also accepts several other brands and provides instant quotes.
  • Dell. You can trade in old Dell laptops and several other brands to Dell for a virtual Visa reward card.

If you decide to use a trade-in program, compare the offer to online marketplaces to ensure you get the best deal.

8. EBay

  • Pros: Set your price; active marketplace; international availability
  • Cons: No free shipping; competition for your specific laptop model might lower prices
  • Verdict: Sell on eBay if you want cash for your old laptop and wish to control your price

Selling on eBay as a serious side hustle requires time and practice, but selling individual items is simple. EBay lets you list your first 50 items per month for free, and you only pay a small fee if you make a sale. EBay doesn’t cut into your profits with listing fees or lower offers from marketplaces that act as a middleman.

To make your listing stand out, take high-quality photos, write a clear description, and follow eBay’s listing best practices like pricing your laptop competitively. EBay has plenty of buyers, but the same is true for sellers, so you must price your laptop reasonably if you want a fast sale.

Once you make a sale, print a shipping label provided by eBay and ship your laptop. EBay only offers shipping rate discounts, not free shipping, so consider this when pricing your laptop. You get paid through PayPal after making a sale.

If you pay for shipping and print labels on eBay or ship with USPS, UPS, or FedEX and manually enter tracking information, eBay pays you within 24 hours. If you don’t upload tracking information, you get paid in seven days. If you forget to mark your laptop as shipped and don’t upload tracking information, it takes 21 days to get paid.

If you want a fast sale, websites like Decluttr are a better option. However, eBay gives you more control. Besides, you might enjoy the process and discover that flipping items on eBay is your next lucrative side hustle.

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9. Letgo

  • Pros: Can set your price; easy listing process; available in the U.S. and Canada
  • Cons: Must be comfortable meeting buyers if you sell in person
  • Verdict: Use Letgo as an alternative to the Facebook Marketplace

Letgo is an app that makes it easy to sell things you own for extra cash. You can buy and sell almost anything on Letgo, including cars and rooms for rent. Additionally, Letgo makes it easy if you want to sell your old laptop locally.

Once you download the Letgo Android or IOS app, you list your laptop by taking a photo, writing a description, setting a price, and adding it to the marketplace. You can also list your laptop from Letgo’s website.

You can sell your laptop to online buyers, but Letgo is truly meant for local buying and selling. The in-app chat feature makes it easy to arrange a meeting time and negotiate with buyers. As with any local selling app, always meet in a public place and bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Selling on Letgo is free. You can pay to sponsor a listing, which increases visibility, but this isn’t necessary for selling a single laptop. If Facebook Marketplace doesn’t lead to any sales, Letgo is a perfect alternative.

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Final Word

If you want to make some extra cash, it’s hard to beat selling stuff you already own. There are plenty of lucrative side gigs out there, but most jobs don’t have the potential to make money within 24 hours or a few days without much effort.

If you want to make the most of gadgets you don’t use anymore, online marketplaces and selling apps are a useful resource to turn to.

As long as your laptop is in decent condition and you have realistic expectations for pricing, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a buyer. Just remember to clear your laptop of personal information if you sell directly and to shop around to compare offers.

Have you sold an old laptop or electronic device before? Was it worth it in the end?

Tom is a freelance writer originally from Toronto, Canada. Tom's passion for finance and discovering methods to make money originally sparked in college when he was trying to make ends meet on a tight budget. Outside of freelance writing, Tom also manages the blog This Online World - a personal finance website dedicated to helping young adults make and save more money.