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40 Push Presents on Every Budget – Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

When it comes to starting a family, babies are usually the ones who take home the bulk of the presents. And that’s understandable. Babies need a lot of stuff — from onesies, blankets, diapers, and bottles to nursery furniture, strollers, and monitors to specialized equipment like swings and gliders to help soothe them through the fourth trimester. That’s why baby showers have become such a staple of modern parenthood.

Yet new and expecting moms deserve a little something special too. They’re either starting or have just been through a considerable ordeal, after all — pregnancy and childbirth. Neither is easy, and they leave moms with lingering physical effects, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. There are also lasting psychological effects, according to Mental Health America. Both take a while to heal.

And as if that weren’t enough, brand-new parents are on the verge of an even greater ordeal — actually parenting a newborn. As much as we love our kids, it’s undeniable the task is akin to a marathon that lasts for months — or maybe closer to 18 years.

To acknowledge that, many people give new moms gifts that are just for them. Sometimes referred to as “push presents,” they’re about giving her something special to mark the momentous occasion or helping make her transition into motherhood just a little more comfortable.

But if you’re looking to treat a new or expecting mom in your life and can’t spring for the ultimate gift — a night nurse — there are plenty of other ideas at all price points. And whether you’re shopping for her first Mother’s Day gift or just because, she’ll be thrilled beyond belief you thought of her.

Gifts Under $20

Young Babysitter Teenager Holding Adorable Newborn Baby

Getting a new or expecting mom a special gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. In fact, the best gift of all doesn’t cost anything but time. Additionally, you can treat her to gifts that help her relax, record memories, and tote around supplies.

1. Babysitting

It’s tough for parents to get time to themselves in the first several years, much less the first few months. So any gift that lets them take some well-deserved “time off” is always appreciated. And although parents can certainly hire a babysitter through a company like, they don’t come cheap. So offering them a gift that allows them to get a break and save on babysitting is like two gifts in one.

Just be mindful that as much as parents could use it, new parents are generally reluctant to leave behind their little ones — even if only for an hour or two. In fact, the first night out without their baby is a milestone in any parent’s life.

But if Mom isn’t ready to go out without Baby, it doesn’t mean it can’t still be a useful and welcome gift. Even if a new mom doesn’t want to go out on her own, she could likely use some occasional help — if only to hold the little one while she grabs a nap or shower.

2. A Journal

You’ve likely heard every parent mention how fast the first few years fly by. But it truly is remarkable how quickly little humans transform from helpless babies that can’t hold up their own heads to walking, talking toddlers. Along the way, there are so many little moments new parents appreciate keeping records of — from their first food to their first word to their first steps. Help Mom keep track of all Baby’s milestones with a customized journal. Have it embossed with her name, Baby’s name, or even a special quote.

Alternatively, go with the “Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book,” which lets her chronicle Baby’s first five years with just a few words a day — perfect for time-pressed moms. If Mom could use the help of daily prompts to record her baby’s first few years, go with “Q&A for Moms: A Five-Year Journal.” Or try “Letters to My Baby.” This booklet of ready-to-mail stationery and envelopes helps Mom document Baby’s first moments in time capsule fashion. And she can give them to her little one when they’re all grown up as a sweet memento of their childhood.

And if the new mom you’re shopping for only just announced she’s expecting, “Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal” is a sweet and thoughtful gift. It helps moms-to-be keep track of their entire pregnancy journey. In addition to giving her blank pages to reflect on and record her experiences, emotions, and physical changes, it also includes specific month-by-month prompts.

3. A Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Kit

It’s exciting to see little ones grow into the people they become, but it’s also a bit sad to say goodbye to those years. A handprint and footprint photo frame kit lets her forever remember those tiny fingers and toes tangibly. For just a little bit more, have Etsy designer Necklace Dream World make a custom necklace personalized with Baby’s name and their actual fingerprint.

4. Mom- & Baby-Safe Tea or Coffee

Moms-to-be need something to help them relax during all those sleepless nights caused by pregnancy hormones. And new moms could use a pick-me-up when they’re up for late-night feedings. Although neither pregnant moms nor breastfeeding moms can consume much caffeine, herbal teas can help them relax, and low-caffeine coffee lets them savor a flavor reminiscent of their favorite prepregnancy beverage.

For herbal teas, go with the Stash’s herbal tea sampler. This gift set includes 50 tea bags in 25 different flavors. Plus, it comes in a gift-ready reusable canvas bag. For coffee, go with a bag of Mommee Coffee. It’s quarter-caffeinated and low-acid — qualities the makers say make it safe for both Mom and Baby. And for eco-conscious moms, it’s also organic and fair-trade certified.

5. A Beverage Warmer

Between near-constant feedings and diaper changes, hot beverages are likely to get cold before moms have the chance to finish them. A beverage warmer  is a practical gift that keeps Mom’s hot beverage of choice at the optimal temperature, no matter how long it takes her to get through a cup.

6. A Collapsible Mug

Moms who are always on the go need a cup that can keep up with them — one that’s easy to stash in the diaper bag with all the other stuff they now have to carry. The collapsible silicone cup from Stojo fits compactly in her bag when she’s not using it so she’s always got a mug at the ready.

7. A Personalized Tumbler

Water is essential for all new and expecting moms, especially if they’re breastfeeding. But with all the focus on her newborn, she’s likely to forget to keep herself hydrated. Give her a cute and portable reminder with a custom Mama Bear tumbler from Etsy designer Angel City Lasercraft.

8. Cozy Socks

In the last months of pregnancy, a mom’s feet get so swollen they won’t fit into most of her shoes. Plus, she could probably use something to keep her toes warm while she’s in the hospital or something comfy to wear around the house after she brings Baby home. So treat her to some soft and cute Sherpa fleece-lined slipper socks with gripper treads.

And if you’re shopping for a mom who’s still pregnant, her swollen legs and feet will greatly appreciate a set of compression socks in fashionable colors.

9. A Facial Gift Set

Even if a spa day is way beyond your budget, you can still treat new moms to a pick-me-up with a gift set of sheet masks like the Saturday Skin: Your Future Looks Bright set or a gift box containing seven curated Korean sheet masks from the subscription service FaceTory. Or go with a set of firming eye gels like the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels from Skyn Iceland, which help get rid of the dark circles under Mom’s tired eyes. For a natural alternative, look to Clark’s Botanicals’ new-and-improved line of “clean skincare” products.

Likewise, a gel eye mask Mom can warm up or keep cool helps refresh tired, puffy eyes. And if she suffers from hormone-induced migraines, it can provide soothing relief during a time when painkillers are off the table.

10. Custom Artwork

Get the new mom one-of-a-kind art to adorn her walls with a print of the baby’s heartbeat from Etsy designer O and B Studios. They turn any audio file into custom artwork ready for digital download and printing — a unique memento of Mom’s pregnancy journey.

Gifts From $20 – $50

Snack Box Nuts Cereal Raisin Healthy

If you have a little more room in your budget, you can treat new and expecting moms to useful stuff like gifts of nourishing food, rejuvenating bath and beauty products, or helpful tech.

11. A Snack Gift Box or Subscription

During those first few weeks, while she’s still getting used to the constant care her little one requires, it’s easy for a new mom to forget about caring for themselves — including remembering to eat. And even if her stomach gives her reminders, it can be hard to put a newborn down long enough to make herself something. So a gift of healthy snacks helps Mom stay well-nourished.

Put together a DIY gift basket of snacks or opt for one of these preassembled snack boxes:

  • Bunny James. Bunny James specializes in snacks designed for special diets like vegan, paleo, keto, and gluten-free. Two of their more universal boxes contain healthy snacks and high-protein snacks, which are particularly beneficial. Even if Mom’s not a fitness buff, breastfeeding mothers need protein to drive milk production. Plus, protein helps all moms’ bodies heal from the physical trauma of delivery.
  • Cravory. If the new mom you’re shopping for is breastfeeding, go with a gift box from Cravory. They make special cookies for new moms to help keep up milk production. Or opt for a subscription. At this budget level, she can enjoy three months of a half-dozen signature cookies delivered straight to her door.
  • Love With Food. The snacks in a Love With Food box have all-natural organic ingredients free of artificial additives. Plus, they donate to food banks with every box sold, so this is a gift you can feel doubly good about giving. For just $1 over budget, you can give a new mom six months of the tasting box, which includes seven healthy snacks per month.

12. Freezer Meals

New parents highly appreciate any gifts of food. It’s difficult enough to pause for a snack, much less cook an entire meal. Knowing this, in the last few months of my pregnancy, I prepped a month of freezer meals. My only regret was that I hadn’t made more.

With $50, you can stock her freezer with a week’s worth of oven-ready or slow cooker dump meals — marinated meat and veggies she can dump into the slow cooker.

13. A Self-Care Gift Box

Few new moms have the time or ability to treat themselves to a full spa day, but she can steal a few minutes of well-deserved R&R while Baby’s napping. Help her get some relaxation with a gift of bath or beauty products.

Put together a DIY basket of spa goodies, including care essentials like candles, body lotion, belly butter, nipple balm, and bath salts — many of which come in pregnancy-safe versions. Or design something just for her with the Mad Optimist. They make all-natural body products fully customizable with your preferred scents and ingredients and even personalized labels.

Alternatively, go with a gift box or subscription designed just for new and expecting moms. A few to try include:

  • Bump Boxes. Bump Boxes curates each of their boxes with fun and practical gifts suitable for moms at different pregnancy stages. For example, first trimester boxes include things like fun belly stickers that compare the baby’s size to various fruits and vegetables and a useful antinausea band to combat morning sickness. They also have boxes designed for new dads and new babies. Give Mom a single gift box or — if you have more room in your budget — a six, nine, or 12-month subscription.
  • Bluum. Bluum fills their boxes with only the best-reviewed products on Bluum and Amazon. Additionally, each expert-curated box arrives at the right development stage, from pregnancy through preschool, and includes goodies like books, toys, and skin care products for both Mom and Baby. You have to sign up for a subscription to get a single box, but you pay monthly and can cancel at any time.
  • Ecocentric Mom. Ecocentric Mom offers a mix of organic, natural, and eco-lifestyle products for both new and expectant moms, including pregnancy-safe tea, bath salts, and helpful essential oil blends. Like the others, the company tailors the box to the child’s due date, and they continue to offer useful products through age 2. Get Mom a single gift box or any number of monthly or quarterly deliveries.

14. An On-the-Go Make-Up Kit

Moms with newborns don’t have time for long make-up routines. And pregnant and breastfeeding moms need baby-safe products without a lot of harsh chemicals. A portable make-up kit from an all-natural and organic beauty line like Honest Beauty carries Mom from pregnancy through the early months of new motherhood. Put together a collection of on-the-go essentials and present them to her in a stylish pouch she can easily stash in her purse or diaper bag.

15. Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

Once Baby arrives, photo ops become a new constant. Prep Mom for all the cuteness to come with a set of Mommy and me matching outfits. There are a ton of options for these — from funny sets to sentimental sets to matching family sets.

16. A Back & Neck Massager

A variety of aches and pains plague pregnant moms. According to Today’s Parent, hormonal changes cause their ligaments to loosen so their insides can literally shift to make room for a growing baby, leading to a lot of sore muscles. Additionally, Baby’s weight, pressure, and movement can cause pinched nerves. And the body aches don’t end once Baby arrives. It takes months for Mom’s body to return to normal. Add to that the stress of being a new parent. According to a 2018 study published in the journal Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, stress is a more significant risk factor for neck pain than any kind of physical movement or posture. So, it’s no wonder massages are highly appreciated gifts.

But as much as a new mom would enjoy a SpaFinder gift card, a home device means access to a daily massage. The Nekteck Shiatsu neck and back massager gets deep into where we all hold tension most. Plus, it features eight different massage patterns to target neck stiffness, upper shoulder strain, and lower back pain and a heat feature for soothing comfort and increased blood flow.

17. A Personalized Keepsake Box

A new baby means plenty of precious moments to cherish, and moms want to keep tangible mementos to remember them all. A customized memory box she can set  on her dresser or nightstand is a special place to store her most treasured keepsakes — from tiny socks to sentimental jewelry to a lock of hair from Baby’s first haircut.

18. Yoga Accessories

Yoga is a perfect activity for keeping new and expectant moms fit and healthy. Prenatal yoga is gentle enough for pregnant women and includes specially designed stretches and strength poses for every trimester. And new moms who aren’t able to put Baby down long enough to get a shower can still keep up their fitness routines while bonding with their newborns with mommy and me yoga sessions filled with poses Mom can do with Baby.

So help a new or expectant mom stay fit with some yoga gear. Gaiam’s Sol dry-grip yoga mat features extra cushioning that helps keep Mom as comfortable as possible well into her third trimester. Plus, it features a stay-dry topcoat designed to wick away moisture, helping ensure a good grip that reduces the risk of slips and falls — extra important for pregnant moms. Additionally, a good pair of yoga grip socks and gloves help prevent slips.

A yoga bag helps her transport her mat, props, and workout clothes. And when Baby is old enough to do their own poses — starting in the toddler years — it’s good to know Gaiam also makes mats specially designed for kids.

19. Tile Mate Trackers

Mom brain is real. If it weren’t for all the organizational systems and routines I created out of sheer necessity after my son was born, I’d never find anything.

So a gift of Tile Mate trackers that help Mom keep track of all her stuff through an app on her smartphone are particularly useful gifts. It even comes with a backup method to help her find her phone.

20. A Smart Home Hub

An Echo Dot is inexpensive tech that helps any new mom who suddenly finds herself with a baby in her arms most of the day. With simple voice commands, this entry-level smart home hub plays lullabies or controls other smart home devices like light bulbs. It can also set alarms, schedule feedings and diaper changes, make phone calls, order things like diapers from Amazon, and even tell Baby bedtime stories. She can also listen to the news or check the weather. It’s like giving a mom her own personal assistant.

Gifts From $51 – $100

Woman In Pajamas Loungewear Happy Comfortable

A budget in this range affords gifts that make a new or expectant mom’s life significantly more comfortable or functional. Think comfy clothes, easy-wear shoes, appliances or meal kits, luxury gear to help her sleep, and tech that keeps her entertained and awake during all those middle-of-the-night feedings.

21. Comfy Loungewear

Yoga pants are probably the most stereotypical garment in any mom’s wardrobe. But they’re a cliche for a reason. They’re incredibly comfortable for lounging at home and easy to dress up for a night out. That makes them highly versatile while you’re expecting. And a quality pair like Blanqi’s Everyday maternity belly support leggings can even last Mom into her first few postpartum months while her body slowly transitions back to “normal.”

And for new moms, yoga pants are functional, washable, and perfect for sleeping in — which is crucial when you need to steal a few moments of sleep whenever you can. Mom can wear them to the grocery or out for a walk and then stop and drop for a five-minute nap without the need to change into something more comfortable. The Zella Studio Lite high-waisted pocket leggings come with high-waist compression for postpartum bellies — especially if Mom had a cesarean section, which requires compression for the first several weeks. The pockets are also practical.

Or opt for a cozy open-front cardigan, which instantly elevates any pair of yoga pants from gym clothes to casual wear.

22. Slip-On Shoes

Moms are on their feet and on the go a lot, so comfy shoes that are easy to slip on and off are a must. A pair of Dr. Scholl’s slip-on sneakers comes with built-in anatomical cushioning and arch support, so Mom’s feet stay happy whether she’s out running errands or taking a walk around the neighborhood. Or for something a bit more trendy, go with a pair of Sketcher’s Go Walk 5s, which come with the bonus of being machine washable.

23. A Chic Diaper Bag or Backpack

Mom-life might completely change her priorities when it comes to appearing stylish — or it might not. If you’re shopping for a new mom not crazy about the idea of lugging around a giant diaper tote covered with images of teddy bears, get her something more fashionable — yet still equally functional. The crossbody diaper clutch from TwelveLittle looks like a regular crossbody purse. And it has convenient compartments for holding necessities like diapers and wipes.

Alternatively, opt for a stylish diaper backpack. The Freshly Picked diaper backpack is large enough to hold everything a mom needs, including diapers and wipes plus a spare bottle, change of clothes, and a small toy. And Mom will look chic wearing it.

24. A Convenient Phone Charger

While many people feel they can’t live without their smartphones, they become indispensable in parenthood — and not just in case of emergency. These days, our phones do it all: from giving us the ability to play music, videos, and games to answering any question we can imagine — like “How late is Target open?” or “How do I get spit-up out of silk?”

Perhaps most important for new parents, they’ve replaced our cameras and video recorders. That means smartphones enable us to capture every too-fleeting moment of our kids’ childhood instantly. Make sure Mom never misses out on a photo opp by giving her a convenient backup charger. For one that’s stylish enough to keep it — literally — on hand, whether she’s at work or out for a walk, go with the beautiful Mark & Graham bracelet phone charger. For just a little bit more, you can even have it monogrammed. Or, if she’s a road warrior, surprise her with a dual-port Anker PowerDrive III Duo car charger.

25. A Sleep Kit

It’s no secret new parents don’t get much sleep. Newborns need to feed every few hours, so it will be a while before parents get a night of uninterrupted rest. In fact, 2019 research published in the journal Sleep found that parents experience disrupted sleep for at least the first six years after having kids. So help her get every moment of rest she can whenever she can by assembling a sleep kit full of relaxing luxury sleep aids.

Some things to include:

  • A Silk Pillowcase. A luxurious 100% silk pillowcase helps Mom get some actual beauty sleep. According to the dermatologists interviewed by Good Housekeeping, silk pillowcases do everything from combating wrinkles and frizzy hair to helping keep skin hydrated. Moisture retention is a particularly important benefit for new and expecting moms, as pregnancy hormones tend to dry out the skin. They can also help keep moms cool throughout all those hormone shifts. The silk pillowcase from Fishers Finery earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. It’s made of 100% mulberry silk — the highest grade of silk.
  • A Silk Eye Mask. Likewise, a silk eye mask helps soothe Mom’s tired eyes. Plus, since it blocks out the light, it helps her get some sleep any time of day. And that matters when you have to grab it whenever you can.
  • Pajamas. Whether new moms birth vaginally or by C-section, clothing rubs in all kinds of uncomfortable places. So pajamas made of soft material are essential. Plus, in addition to the massive hormonal changes, continually holding a baby makes many new moms hot. So breathability is also crucial. A nightgown from Leena & Lu fits the bill. All their pajamas are made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton and so comfy reviewers liken them to sleeping on a cloud. For a more budget pick — which allows you to put more products in her sleep kit — go with a GYS bamboo pajama set. Bamboo is also soft and breathable, and the button-down top allows for easy access if Mom is breastfeeding. Plus, they’re stylish enough that Mom won’t feel self-conscious if a surprise visitor drops by to meet the baby.
  • A Robe. Moms who’ll be spending those first few weeks in their pajamas could likely use a soft and pretty robe as well. Robes are also highly useful for post-delivery recovery time in the hospital. No one wants to spend all that time in a hospital gown — especially if they have newborn photos taken, an event that often happens before moms leave the hospital. If you have the room in your budget, a matching robe for Mom and a swaddle blanket for Baby will make the photos extra adorable. Find the perfect set at Posh Peanut or Milkmaid Goods.
  • A Blanket. Get Mom a plush one perfect for curling up on the couch. The Kennebunk Bliss throw is cozy and chic, so it’s ideal for both napping and decor.
  • Lavender Aromatherapy. Lavender is the go-to essential oil for sleep. According to a 2013 meta-analysis published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, multiple studies point to lavender’s effectiveness for improving sleep — from helping individuals fall asleep faster to improving their sleep quality. Add this scent to her sleep kit in the form of linen spray she can spritz on her pillowcase or some soothing aromatherapy balm.
  • Luxurious Sheets. If it’s in your budget, a luxurious set of performance sheets from Sheex keep new and expecting moms cool during the night.

26. A Foot Spa

A foot spa helps Mom relax and soothes her tired feet at the same time. The Ivation foot spa is a luxury pick featuring adjustable heating massage rollers, water jets, and a programmable timer. Pair it with some lavender bath salts to treat Mom to some serious R&R.

27. A Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker

Moms short on time can benefit from an appliance that does most of the work for them — a slow cooker or pressure cooker. The 6-quart programmable slow cooker from Hamilton Beach lets moms choose from three temperature settings (warm, low, and high) and five timer settings (two, four, six, eight, and 10 hours). Even better, it automatically switches to the warm setting when the timer is up, so Mom doesn’t have to babysit the pot. And it comes with a stove-top and oven-safe insert, so Mom can sear meat on the stove to lock in flavor without dirtying an extra dish and adding yet another chore to the list.

Using a slow cooker requires planning, though. So to help Mom out on days she forgets to put dinner in, treat her to an Instant Pot instead. The Instant Pot Duo seven-in-one electric pressure cooker lets her drop in some ingredients, press a few buttons, walk away for 20 minutes, and come back to a delicious meal. Plus, she can also steam, saute, cook rice, make yogurt, and even slow cook with it, making this an ideal appliance for any parent’s busy lifestyle.

28. A Meal Delivery Service

A meal kit delivery service cuts down on cooking time and effort. Even better, because all the ingredients needed to cook one or a week’s worth of meals arrive in one handy box, she doesn’t have to figure out how to grocery shop with a newborn either.

A few to try include:

  • Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh delivers all the prechopped and premeasured ingredients needed for making easy and delicious, home-cooked meals. Plus, they have an option for sending a family gift box, which makes giving to the new mom in your life easy. At this budget level, you can send her two meals for four people.
  • Blue Apron. Similar to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron also delivers prechopped and premeasured ingredients to make delicious chef-designed recipes. Rather than giving a family box, though, Blue Apron offers the ability to send a gift card. At this budget level, you can get her a gift card that funds three meals for two people.
  • Freshly. Freshly delivers healthy gourmet meals, already prepared, so new parents won’t have to bother with cooking at all. They can just heat and eat. And these aren’t your typical frozen dinners. The meals are delivered fresh, never frozen, and are made with no refined sugar, gluten, peanuts, or artificial ingredients. At this budget level, you can give a gift of nine Freshly meals. Each meal contains a single portion for one person to eat in a single sitting.
  • Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest delivers smoothies, overnight oats, bowls, soups, cookies, and lattes full of superfood ingredients. With a gift box of smoothies, Mom can fuel her body on healthy fruits and veggies one-handed with only 30 seconds of prep. This budget level gets her a Daily Harvest gift box with nine meals or snacks or a gift card she can use to select her own.

Alternatively, you can treat new parents to ready-to-eat meals with a gift card to a restaurant delivery service like DoorDash, UberEats, or GrubHub, which can deliver food from any participating local restaurant of Mom’s choice.

29. A Streaming Service or Device

It’s not just challenging to find the time to do things like shower or sleep. You also have to figure out how to do it all with a baby in your arms. Whether you’re holding Baby while they feed or until they fall asleep, depending on the baby, that could be hours of baby holding.

So get her a Roku Ultra, a gateway into the virtually unlimited world of streaming movies and shows. Although she’ll need to subscribe to individual streaming services, the device lets her access hundreds of streaming channels and services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, SlingTV, and HBO Now. Plus, it features 4K, high-definition, and High-dynamic-range video and a useful search functionality and has lightning-fast speed. Get her the Roku Ultra with included wireless JBL headphones, and she can watch all her favorites without disturbing a sleeping baby.

If she already has a streaming device, subscribe her to a streaming channel. You can buy gift cards for Netflix and Hulu in any amount. Probably the best buy for a new mom, though, is Disney+. At this budget level, you can get her a year’s worth of streaming. And although Baby is too young to understand anything that’s going on in a Disney or Pixar movie, that won’t last long. So it’s a subscription she can keep for a very long time. Plus, there’s plenty of content for adults on the service, including Marvel movies and many animated Pixar creations adults also love.

30. An Instant Photo Printer

Thankfully, we live in the age of digital photography. The ability to share photos online and text them to friends and relatives makes sharing cherished memories so much easier. But some moms — and especially grandparents — prefer to kick it old-school with physical prints. Plus, actually printing a photo helps Mom get it off her phone and onto her wall or refrigerator, which she’s likely to want to do a lot of once Baby arrives. A compact instant photo printer makes that easy.

To print vibrant, 2-inch-by-3-inch sticky-back photos for posting on refrigerator doors, go with the Polaroid Zip wireless mobile photo printer. It connects with Android and iOS  devices, with no wires or ink required. And it’s so compact, she can easily slip it into her purse or diaper bag to print photos for friends or relatives right on the spot.

If she’d prefer pictures in a more traditional size, go with the Kodak portable Wi-Fi instant photo printer. It’s less compact but still relatively portable. And she can choose to connect her Android or iOS device wirelessly or through the printer’s docking station for instantly sharable prints.

Gifts Over $100

Cleaning Service Wiping Table Yellow Gloves

The first weeks after bringing home a new baby are all about getting used to new schedules and routines — and are often a whirlwind of winging it. So it’s easy for new parents to feel overwhelmed. Plus, moms are dealing with a sudden and dramatic hormone crash after delivery that causes even minor issues to leave them curled up in a ball of tears. So any way you can help them feel less overwhelmed or give them a little pampering is always appreciated. And a budget over $100 can go a long way toward giving these kinds of gifts.

31. Cleaning Services

When trying to take care of a newborn, cleaning is typically the first thing that gets pushed to the bottom of a new mom’s to-do list. If your budget is tight, you can always offer to clean and organize her house yourself. But if it’s in your budget, get her a gift certificate for a professional cleaning service — one that’s licensed, bonded, and insured, such as something through

32. An In-Home Beauty Appointment

She’s likely reluctant to take time away from her little one to visit a salon, but it’s equally likely she could use a little pampering. So call in the Glam Squad to pamper her at home. They have stylists to cater to Mom’s every beauty need, whether that includes a haircut, styling, make-up session, or a manicure and pedicure.

33. An In-Home Massage

Though pregnancy is a different journey for every woman, most women suffer through any variety of aches and pains — including sore muscles — thanks to hormone and body changes, according to Today’s Parent. And once Mom delivers the baby, the physical changes aren’t over. Mom’s body still has to heal and return to “normal,” which can take months for most women. But massages can provide relief through those changes.

If she’d rather not leave her baby while she takes off for a spa, treat her to an in-home massage through Zeel. They can send a professional masseuse to give Mom a soothing 60-, 75-, or 90-minute massage right in the comfort of her home.

34. A Foot Massager

While regularly getting a professional massage can be costly and time-consuming, Mom can get a relaxing foot massage every day — even while holding Baby — with an electronic foot massager. Even if she’s not on her feet a lot, a good foot massage can improve circulation, which is helpful for expectant moms with swollen feet and ankles. Plus, it can relax your entire body, which is good for helping all moms get some rest.

The Miko shiatsu foot massager offers multiple levels of intensity so she can find the one that suits her needs. It also features an optional heat setting for additional relaxation. Two independent foot chambers offer a deep-kneading massage experience for all sides of the feet. And, perhaps one of the best features for new moms, it comes with two wireless remotes so she doesn’t have to worry about bending down to push buttons if she’s holding her little one.

35. An E-Reader or Reading Subscription

When my son was an infant, reading books on my Kindle kept me awake during nighttime feedings so I wouldn’t accidentally drop him. Plus, I could read it without needing to turn on a light. Even better, an e-reader gives moms access to a virtually unlimited library of books in one compact device she can toss in her purse or diaper bag.

If all Mom wants to do with her e-reader is read, the Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal device. Its screen features antiglare technology, so she can clearly see, whether she’s reading in the dark or bright sunlight. Plus, it’s waterproof, so Mom can read while she’s soaking in the tub — if she’s ever able to break away for a little R&R.

For more functionality, like surfing the web, checking emails, chatting on Facebook, or playing games, opt for a tablet like the Kindle Fire. It comes enabled with Alexa, so Mom can also access thousands of Alexa skills — including playing music, reading bedtime stories, setting timers and alarms, and answering questions — using no hands at all.

If Mom already has an e-reader, go with a subscription to Scribd instead. Easily the best deal for online reading, for just over $100, you can treat her to a year’s worth of unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines. And for only a few extra dollars per month, she can also get The New York Times.

36. A Smart Home Hub With Video Calling Features

Once Baby arrives, everyone will want to meet them — including friends and relatives that live far away. Help keep new moms connected to loved ones with a Facebook Portal. The hands-free device features Alexa, so it functions as a smart home hub — the same as any Alexa device.

But the Portal also comes with extra features specifically designed for enhancing video calling. That includes a smart camera that automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in view. And if more people join in, it widens to include everyone. It also features noise-canceling technology that filters out background noise, so everyone’s voice is clear. Plus, Mom can call anyone hands-free — even if they don’t own a Portal — through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, including several people at once.

Other features handy for moms include Story Time, which allows callers — like Grandma or Grandpa — to read stories as one of the characters using animation and augmented reality effects. It also comes in a variety of sizes, including one that connects to your TV and doubles as a streaming device. And the standard version doubles as a digital picture frame that can display Mom’s favorite Facebook and Instagram photos.

37. An Amazon Prime Membership

Taking a newborn baby on any kind of errand is a logistical nightmare. There are diaper bags to pack, car seats to maneuver, and a baby to carry — all while you’re trying to manipulate shopping carts and bags and worrying about germs. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic had us all worrying about them, doctors warned moms not to expose their babies to the “world” for the first six weeks because their immune systems are so new.

It’s so much easier for Mom to stay home, so help her do that with a gift membership to Amazon Prime. A Prime membership opens a whole new world of convenience. She can order virtually anything — whether that’s more diapers or a bottle of wine — and have it delivered in two days (or less) with no shipping costs and without ever having to leave the house.

38. Wireless Headphones

While Baby’s content sleeping in her arms — or a nearby play yard — a pair of wireless headphones lets her listen to whatever she wants without fear of waking them. Plus, she can make or take calls hands-free.

If she has an iPhone, get her the AirPods Pro. They’re customizable to fit her ears, easy to set up and sync with her devices, and feature active noise-canceling.

If she carries an Android phone or uses Alexa or Google Assistant smart home devices, go with the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds. They feature an ergonomic shape designed to fit every ear, call technology that filters out ambient noise, wireless technology that promises a reliable connection without audio dropouts or interruptions, and an equalizer that lets you customize your sound. Plus, they come with one-touch access to your voice assistant of choice — whether that’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

39. A Smart Watch

A smart fitness tracker is incredibly useful tech that can serve as a personal assistant. Plus, it stays with Mom as she moves from room to room. The Fitbit Versa 2 is an ideal new-mom choice. It features built-in Alexa, so she can use it to access everything an Alexa device can do: set alarms for middle-of-the-night feedings, check the weather or news, control her smart home devices, play music, and get call, text, and app alerts. Plus, it’s one of the best fitness trackers available. Even if she can’t get to the gym, new moms can still count their steps, keep tabs on their overall activity, track their heart rate, and even analyze their sleep.

40. Jewelry

Jewelry remains the gold standard of new-mom gifts. Few objects quite mark a special occasion like fine jewelry. And there are few special occasions quite like becoming a mom. You don’t have to go overboard with high-carat diamonds, though. What matters more are elements that mark her new-mom status, like a mother-child necklace or a birthstone necklace. Just make sure if you opt for jewelry customizable with birthstones or names that it’s something she can add to if she has more kids, as she’s likely to want to wear this special piece long into the future.

Final Word

While new moms don’t expect a gift, it’s fun to help celebrate such a joyful occasion. And while she’s likely to be inundated with gifts for the new baby — many of which are highly welcome and useful — she’ll be awestruck that you thought to get something just for her. And with all those sleep-deprived nights and the lack of opportunities for self-care coming her way, there’s no question new moms deserve a special treat.

So take some time to think about what a new or expecting mom needs to feel comfortable, relaxed, and celebrated. Your thoughtfulness can help you find a memorable gift to help her enjoy her most perfect gift of all — her new little bundle of joy.

What are your best ideas for new-mom gifts? If you’re a new mom, what’s the best push present you received?

Sarah Graves
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